Had busy time now just want to sit!!!

not been online for a while , so Hi all.

Have been busy, what with hos appt to get told my cancer not back YAY and then had to go to my sister in laws funeral in Sleaford and the drive was terrible , luckly my daughter shared the driving . Stayed at my sisters over night then went on to his next morning , Then on way back got a flat tyre that split and had to get a new one as spare had a nail in .lol

Then we had a couple of weeks where i felt like rubbish , prob from the drive , and just wanted to rest but we had booked a holiday to Malta , and so my son ,daughter and sister went for a loverly week ,glourious weather , and my son to use as a walking stick, lol, Two previous holidays have ended up in hospital with hip dislocations,my sis had cope alone , this time we just waved at the hospital as we went by .

Then easter weekend my brother and sister came to me . all out and about and hectic, and after they went i collapsed in a chair and did not want ot move ...ever .... all this done as dosed on morphine and anti inflams .

not sure if Rhiximib working but my hands not tooo bad and rhumy did say can take up to 6 months for it to kick in . so am hoping ..that this summer I will be able to do somethings that tooo tired to do last , like walking along the pier . And maybe even some of the house work , that get kicked to touch if I want ot go out and do anything as just can not do both , tried over the years and something had to go and it used to be the going out , but now its the housework, as got to make the most of what mobility I have as it will get worse in time not only cos of the RA but due to the Stenosis in my spine and neck, and not allowed to have an op to sort it . so am trying to make the most of it before ,legs give out and the pain worse than it is now. hope it will take a long time to get that bad , but have had it proved can not sit and wait , do it now, as may wait too long and then it too late .

Now going out to shops as got to look for a dress to wear as my eldest is getting remarried .In August ,..... not much notice but hey its a party lol

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Hello Pam,Just reading your blog and thinking what a Courageous Person you are.Great news about the cancer! I agree with you, Housework comes second to living your life.You seem a very positive person which is wonderful.Hope you had a good time shopping.Keep well.



Hi Pam,

Great blog, nice to hear you have been busy and got a holiday, well not nice the funeral :( but you know what I mean.



Good news about the cancer, sorry to hear of your loss, but great news re a wedding in the family x


Thanks All,

I have my down days like all of us, but have had RA ,OA , for so long ,I think I was just " ok cancer what have you got for me " and just took each day as it came , problems with Chemo and radiothereapy delaying treatment for Ra. But think am just posative now as was so very close to my end with a PE and pnumonia . Good days I relish , bad days I rest and plan my next good day . I know it hard for us and more for some then others, I want to do as much as OI can before my stenosis gets tooo bad ,so roll on summer and the wedding and hope you all have more good days than bad , lots of love all,


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