Aaah, a successful trip

What a difference a day makes. Today dawned windy but clear for my drive to Omaha. The sun was out and it was a beautiful day.

On the trip home, after I collected my Dad & SMom, he filled up my tank with gas, yippee! I can't believe that I used the heat in my jeep yesterday & today I turned on the A/C.

I even got home to go to 1/2 of my exercise class, so I'm feeling good.

We are supposed to be getting some severe weather tomorrow with possible hail & tornadoes. I'm not worried because I am not hurting, like I usually do when weather is coming in.

Have a great weekend,


3 Replies

  • The weather man over here in the uk showed the weather for you and it looks horrible and i don't envy you. Take it easy today and rest you have had a hard day yesterday and as its going to pour with rain have a duvet day and stay indoors safe and sound.


  • Ahh good Christine, just heard that you are facing some horrible hail and tornadoes take care. Good that you are feeling better today.

  • Glad you're feeling ok and had a safe journey. Good advice from Sylvie duvet day sounds wonderful xxx

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