Have not been around lately. Caught my foot in a drain and went flying AGAIN !! Wot am I like Well for several days Felt realy down and worried about going out As if the RA isnt enough And having just had that OP on my hand, thought id done some real damage Well I did fracture my litle finger andcrac a litle bone on the end of it But my tendons and everything seem ok, but finger is so painful And its started my wrist of again Im quite an optimistic person Bu bashed my nose (not broken) Black eye etc Must admit its hard not to worry about falling Anyway reading some of the other blogs Decided I need to write about my experiences with my Methotrexate and othertreatment which is all good so be be back soonx

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  • That's an interesting pic Shanni - is that meaningful location - not near to the drain that tripped you is it? Oh dear you seem to have had an eventful time of it but am pleased to learn that nothing major got broken at least. My OH fractured his toe a few weeks ago the morning his dad died. It got infected so he's on antibiotics now and still hobbling about! TTx

  • Hi Tilda No not anywhere near my drainwhich I avoid llke the plague Its actually taken in Spain In a little village Down the Mountain where my friend has a house Spanish Fica She takes me over there couple times a year

    to get lots of Sun It helps the symptoms of RA I feel a dfferent person when

    im over there Wud live there if I cud Actually goin again in May My favourite pastime over there is going out in a boat well! pedalo I lounge in that and dangle mylegs in the sea while my friend does the pedaling Will let u know

    how much better I am when I come homex

  • Good grief sounds like a nasty fall so glad your not too seriously hurt.xxxx

  • Thankxs Treesha No its nothing much compared to other things that hav happened to me but it seeems so painful only have a splint on it Doc did say wud put a plaster on up to my elbow but said no As im fedup with being in plaster after my Op.!! but the fall itself seems to hav shot my confidence to pieces Had so many falls now Think im justg a bit down Just want to sit and cry and thats not like me!!x

  • You've given yourself a good shake up and it will take a little while to settle down. Take it easy and rest so that when you go back to spain you will be back to normal'ish. I like spain as its so warm and easy going. We have stayed around feungurala when we have been. We like going to gibraltar,we have been up the hill and seen the apes.

    Take care. Sylvi. xx

  • Thanks sylvie Its crazy Ive had worse falls but This one was right outside my gate But the stone round the drain was sticking up and my foot just caught it Mind u I was just saying thanku to the taxi that had just dropped me off!

    Just a hopeless case Its even making me nervous to go Spain and its never worried me before. My friend has a Spanish Finca which theyve built onto halfway up A mountain The views are to die for!!Its between Salou and Barcelona Its such a different way of living over there.xx

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