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What is it with the weather

Well happy snowy wednesday to you all. Last week we were all sunbathing. This week we need our thermals. I don't know about any of you,but i'm no good for man or beast. Its whats called having a bad day. I can tell the weather is changing as i ache more than usual. I didn't sleep very well either.

Well its easter what more can we expect,kids are off school as well so the weather might as well change to annoy all you mothers out there. No trips to the park and who would want to go swimming when its cold like this.

So here i am at my laptop with a nice cup of tea and watching as i won't be going out in this today.

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I am achy too with cold weather, a change of ten degrees either way makes me a bit joint achy.



Yes and theres nothing we can do about it. I posted a photo of my two last week to bring some brightness to a very dull day.

Love sylvi.xx


Woke to bright sunshine in Scotland and my heart sank because of my light reaction. Either I'll have to creep around in shade or wait til sun goes down. Maybe there are clouds on the way!



you poor thing suffering like that. I would hate to suffer in the sun as i love getting out in the warmth. Is there anything you can put on to protect your face from the effects of the sun. Is it your eyes that suffer or your skin. If its your eyes,have you tried getting thos glasses that wrap around the eyes therefore giving you extra protection.



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