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April fools days

Yes it's April fools day so we should all smile and sit in the sun while it's here. I know it's hard, I haven,t been on for a few weeks. Life has been a bit hard. As you may know I was made redundant in jan and now on ESA with that and the pension I am getting I am just about living. When my Redundance payment runs out I don,t know what to do, my life style will have to change. I hope I can afford the Internet or I will be lost and alone. My wife hates me and I am having a bad time living with her, but she won't leave, she has it easy here with not paying for anything. I find it better not working but miss the company. I read a lot and watch films and still trying to write a book. Would love to get one in print. If anyone has any good ideas for a crime novel it would be helpful. I sent a copy if it goes to print or kindle. But even though all things said and done we all must look on the bright side we are alive and the blessing of that it great. There is sadly always someone worse of than yourself. For those who are suffering at work think of yourself in the long run your the only one who will. I thought I was needed but was soon pushed aside and now no calls or emails, I'm forgotten, their lose. Chin up you all and show them you are better than those weak ones who cry over a headache. Summers coming, no work, all that free time to enjoy myself is what I say.

Bye for now beeper.

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Beeper,your only a number at the end of the day, nobody apreciates how hard you work because someone will always replace you on less money.

Like you say there is always some one worse off than you, but at times it doesn't feel like it does it.

The sun is shining here in the midlands today and i have family coming for lunch and my son is going to lithuania for a week this afternoon for 9 days.

All fun and games.

Sylvi. x


Can only think of an ironic crime novel, where an evil villain called Arthur (Itis) arrives uninvited and wreaks havoc on lives by stripping them of their livelihood and forcing them to fill in countless forms with crippled hands to beg for financial support.

I gather you are a Graphic Designer. Can you create a comic strip with lots of RA type irony and humour?

Or am I mad?


Hi Beeper, feel a bit like you at the moment. I have to see the Occupational health consultant tomoro and she will be upset that the Rheum consultant has said my arthritis is still unstable cos she gave me an ultimatum for returning to work if the rheumy said i was stable, or losing my job, so suspect i'll be sat this summer with you in cyperspace!! Phoebes ideas is great though.Axx


Nice to hear from you.. keep in touch with us x


Hi Beeper, one of my daughters is/was a graphic designer. (She left work and had a baby just over a year ago) so she is not working at the moment.

But I thought I would mention - she has had a go at many things over the years, making soft toys (teddy bears and etc.) selling them in local shops. Making Christmas and birthday cards. Designing the invitations and place settings at her wedding. (She also made and iced her own wedding cake and as she had worked in a florists before she left school, she did the flowers for her wedding) I'm not suggesting you go down the cake or flowers avenue!

Something like designing and producing wedding invitations and place settings could be a good place to start - as a graphic designer you must have an artistic bent, it might be possible to contact a few wedding planners to see if they would be interested in supplying their clients with personalised wedding stationery specifically designed for them.

With regard missing the company of people because you are not working, how about offering to do something for a charity near you? It would get you out of the house and look good on your CV. Also charities need posters and etc. which maybe you could design? (My other daughter is a charity worker so I do know that some charities pay a small amount to fundraisers and the like and often they work on an 'as and when basis') and who knows where it may lead?

Graphic design jobs are few and far between unfortunately because they are so specialised.



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