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My Garden

Here is a photo of my back garden where hubby tidied up and made it to look nice. I've been out there helping,setting seeds,sitting down doing it. It has been a lovely day all told even if i'm tired.

Have a lovely evening everyone.

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We just had a big frost and a storm so it is too early to plant here. I love my flowers.


I've a mini greenhouse and a conservatory so they will be protected. What part of the country are you?



Hi Sylvie,

That looks very nice, the bit of sunshine is so cheerful;. I went out this evening with my 'Bosch battery powered pruner '(a gift to the arthritic gardener) and did a bit of trimming, its great to even do a little . I hope we have a lovely summer. It really does help with the RA, and I dont even feel so tired :) what seeds did you sow??



I love gardening too, it makes me feel good just to enjoy a bit of fresh air and sunshine. I tried a little hoeing in the vege patch yesterday although and my hands have been very sore as a result today. I've got various flower and vege seedlings growing in the greenhouse at the moment and two egg boxes with potatoes chitting ready to go out after the frost danger has passed. I'm very new to this gardening lark after being given a second hand 8x6 greenhouse last year. I look forward to seeing your summer pictures when all your hard work has paid off.

Paula x


Paula,gina,i set sweetcorn loads of flower seeds. I potted on some cauliflower plants. I think the fresh air has had an affect on me as i didn't get up until 7.00am this morning. Mind you i'm have trouble talking this morning,i'm not sure if it is my glands or throat,but here is the kicker its only in my right side,yep the side with the ra all down it. Tell does that make any sense to you.

Gina tell me where did you did those pruning shears from as they sound brilliant. Seeds were mostly flower seeds,if they all germinate i will have enough to do all the close.I like having lots of flowers in my garden.

good morning to you both,

love sylvi.xx


your garden looks lovely sylvi

my garden desparatly needs doing as ive not been in my house long and the inside needed gutting ... so hopefully this year my garden will be done

debs xx


I like gardening but only have a yard with 2 raised beds, only one of which gets sunlight. I'm in a rented house and I think the person who lived here before was in a wheelchair. Raised beds are built of brick and I manage to grow some herbs in there and use them in my cooking. Everything else is pots. I've got pots everywhere! I planted some tomato seeds in a pot a couple of weeks ago and put them in my little polythene greenhouse and they are starting to sprout now. Always doing battle with snails. Go for the beer trap method as I think its more humane than pellets and don't want to hurt the very few birds that visit the garden, even if they are only magpies, crows and pigeons.

Michelle x


I would like raised beds and i wish i could have some,but time is against me there as hubby still working. We have an allotment as well,so i start things off at home like sweetcorn,tomatoes,cauliflowers. My poor conservatory is loaded with my plants that can only go out in the summer. Hubby made me a little greenhouse which is now housing all the seedlings.

Have you got space to hang things on the wall as there are bags that you can hang on walls that will house plants.

Sylvi. x


I have a small raised bed and a collection of pots, I had yesterday off work and planted violas and pansies in them, I think its too early for anything else incase of frost xx


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