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Has anyone suffered from blocked ears and very dry sinuses.

Not sure if this is related to RA meds or just another health problem.My GP says my ears are not infected.I think I,ve read about dry eyes on this site.Just wondered if this might be along the same lines.

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Hi, yes I suffer. From very dry sinuses, have wondered if related to RA, interested to see what others think.



GP had me on sudafed daily for about 3 months or more last year because of catarrah buildup in my left hear, no problem with the nose. Trouble was it's never actually cleared completely and I unilaterally stopped the sudafed eventually because I couldn't stand the muccus running down the back of my throat! There was no infection in it. A few year's back I did have a severe ear infection, pre-RA days, and don't know if it's perhaps connected. Occasionally it flares up badly and gives me a lot of earache, but tend to suffer it with the odd dose of sudafed and neurofen! I wouldn't say I live in the cleanest of houses, and do have a couple of cats, but I wonder whether it could be RA related since nothing has really changed that much in recent years??



I believe that your GP is right. Blocked ears is unrelated but dry eyes/mouth and sinuses is related to arthritis and the side effects of certain drugs. Use Clinitas for your eyes at night. Its a gel like substance and works very well. During the day use hypromellose eye drops. They wash the eyes and gets rid of the bits of grit which can irritate. Of course this is more money unless you are on free meds. The eye drops you can get over the counter but clinitas is prescribed so you need to see your GP.

Good Luck. Regards Jezza.


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