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Hello everybody - I just wanted to say a big thank you to Sarah Kate Ball who answered my phone call to NRAS this afternoon. She was so kind and helpful, and followed our chat up by e-mailing me some really useful links. I know that we would all like to let the lovely people at NRAS know how grateful we are that they are at the end of a phone, and how much we appreciate this blog facility. Reading through some of today's blogs it has obviously been a truly horrid day for many of you and I hope that tomorrow is much kinder to you.



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Well said Virge. The service provided by NRAS is much appreciated. Without the helpline or this blog I would find my current situation very lonely and frightening. Thank you all x


I agree, its one of the things i tell everyone about cos it literally has been my biggest help. They are really good aren't they and the help they have given me is invaluable. thanks NRAS and speak soon Virge



Thank you for your kind words and we are so glad that you have found the helpline beneficial.

If you have found any of NRAS's services useful please do consider becoming a member of the society and helping us to be able to continue to help all those, who like yourselves, live with RA. Visit to join or call us on 0845 458 3971. Thank you.


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