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sunshine and pacing

sunshine and pacing

Dosed my self up and got in car with some friends and went to a lovely little riverside town of tewkesbury... if you google flood 2007 flood tewks and glos you will see were... yep we were the ones with bowsers for 14 days no running water.. but water all around/////

twekesbury nice little place--- if you get chance to go... not wheel chair friendly;; I m lucky I dont have one.. not brill in some places with sticks.. but not too bad... There is a nice shop called the gallery boutique near the abbey.. which does some great inexensive summer shoes and sandal for ra feet.. am wearing a pair of tamaris sandals as I SPEAK... or is it type>

£22 leather with cushion under foot bed sole sooo good...

had to skip some stairs.. in the free museum there... john moore countryside museum.. but it had nice garden and courtyard were I could sit while my friends went up stairs..

We had a picnic on river bank first before a v small wander round a couple of shops... feeling more positive... nice day out with friends.. was tired after wards but it was worth it..

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glad you had a good day x


Oh that sounds lovelly.


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