A long awaited event

Hurray! I finally got my custom-made insoles today after waiting for nearly 5 months. Who would have thought that two insignificant looking pieces of plastic could potentially have such a positive benefit for me.

I hope that once I am used to them I will be able to get my life back and do the things I used to take for granted.....walking, shopping, travelling. By regaining my mobility I hope I can lose some weight, exercise more, gain confidence and just enjoy pain free walking. I might even be able to buy some new shoes!

Like I said, just two insignificant pieces of plastic to most people. But to me.....

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No I don't think any of these props are insignificant Carole - hugely significant in my book - well done life starts again with these insoles!

I will feel just the same when I finally get my custom made splints made up and when I've better knuckle avoiding ones to wear in the day times too. Sick of hating people simply for having the audacity to shake my hand! TTx


My custom insoles changed my life - I could actually walk again! The only problem is I am scared to change my battered old trainers now in case the insoles don't fit as well in a new pair - my poor trainers are literally falling to pieces!


I'm an insole fanatic too & wouldn't be without them. They were magic, so hope do the same for you.


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