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Pip Review - Hi I’ve just received my pip review form today which is due in September. Is this typical? I have 3 weeks to complete it and get information. Any tips would be really helpful. I’m panicking already! Thank you x

33 Replies
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I’m a little confused as to why you have received a form now for an interview in September. Am i right in thinking that you already get PIP and it’s a review in September? Sorry if i sound a bit ignorant x

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KittyJ in reply to julie1908

I think it’s the form for a review at the end of an award.

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debjw in reply to julie1908

Hi yes the award runs out in September.

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julie1908 in reply to debjw

How long was you awarded for? X

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yes that’s right mine was early, they can review the awards any time but it’s usually in the year up to the award end date I think. Don’t panic about it, go through your last form and repeat it as is necessary and adding in any extra bits/changes. Send in copies of any new hospital letters etc since your last claim. 🤗

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debjw in reply to KittyJ

thank you. I had the cab help me last time but not sure if they will be able to help again in that time frame although I’ve just seen you can get an extension on the time if necessary. I think I might need it to get letters etc. have you any ideas of the pass/fail rates ? Thanks

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KittyJ in reply to debjw

no idea of pass/fail rates. Sorry. If you have no changes or have more difficulties now then I don’t see how they can say you don’t qualify now. If you are now on drugs that have made things different then of course that may affect it. Do you have a copy of your original application? A lot of what you need to write will be on there if there’s no change, just use that again and add any extra info to it. You might get copies of your letters from you GP as they would have been sent them if you don’t still have them. Might be quicker than trying to get the hospital to send them.

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debjw in reply to KittyJ

Thanks so much for your advice

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KittyJ in reply to debjw

you’re welcome. I too panicked a bit when mine came earlier than expected.

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Missdvs in reply to debjw

hi hun you do get an extension I had 2 when doing my review form I couldn’t get my head round doing it, and it’s taken a year for my interview to take place after sending my form back.

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Hi good luck with your reiview You can get assessed upto 1 year early

Always think of appeal when doing forms

If no change or little bit worse tell them

Copy paste last form as that got you an award and you want the same award yiur last forms etc must have been good

And copy paste the positives in the last medical report put that in forms

and any additional evidence only if it will contribute

Also the words for longer award 5 10 years (Unlikely to change in the long term ) for longr award

And all meds from last 10 years that worked and did not work along side the words

Unlikely to change

Helps to get a longer award

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debjw in reply to Ajay575

Thank you so much for your very helpful comments. I will look at doing this. Would it be reasonable to ask for an extension for the date as I don’t think I can get a consultant’s letter within three weeks.

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Ajay575 in reply to debjw

Yes you can get extensions if you phone Id phone on monday

Good luck with rieview

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debjw in reply to Ajay575

thank you for your time you’re very kind. I remember you helped me with the application.

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Ajay575 in reply to debjw

Also bear in mind if you have a very good award Try not go of track

As your previous evidence must have been strong

Concentrate on that more

Good luck

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My original PIP award was extended until June 2023.

In July last year I had decided to update them on my improvements due to biologics and coincidentally at that time I received a review form from them to complete. I did this and sent it back, fully expecting a change (reduction or cessation) to my PIP award but so far I’ve heard nothing. I do rely on that money since having to retire early due to RA so don’t want to be hit with a demand for any repayment. Has anyone heard about backlogs ?

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debjw in reply to CagneysMum

Good luck. It’s so hard when you’re dependent on the benefit . I’m the same.

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CagneysMum in reply to debjw

I am fortunate that I’ve always worked full time (age 17-58) so that I have a reasonable works pension, but PIP helps out with the things that makes life more comfortable now that RA has come along 👍

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cyberbarn in reply to CagneysMum

There are backlogs, but I had an additional experience when I didn't hear anything for many months so eventually I rang them up.

It turned out that they had reviewed it, agreed that my son's PIP was at the right level and renewed it, but forgot to press the button to complete the activity which triggers the letter to the client.

So it might be worth ringing them just to make sure, but if the money is still coming through, then you still have PIP.

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CagneysMum in reply to cyberbarn

Thanks 👍

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Nuthatch in reply to CagneysMum

Yes, there are big delays with PIP reviews at the moment - they say they are concentrating on new claims and extending existing awards but we’re not seeing any consistency (I’m a welfare rights adviser). Benefits and Work (google it) provide some very detailed information packs although you have to subscribe. They also have a forum where you can ask questions and they have a number of moderators providing answers. Do you have a welfare rights service locally? Usually part of local authorities though there are some independents still going. Or a law centre? Sadly the welfare rights sector has contracted a lot due to cutbacks and “austerity” but worth checking. Age UK have welfare rights advisers in some areas but you have to be 50+ to use them.

All the suggestions re using your previous PIP2 as a basis and adding further information as appropriate. Remember it’s about how you manage the PIP activities so even if you would normally say you manage, really think about how you manage and whether in fact you need help to be able to do them regularly, repeatedly, reliably, to an appropriate standard and safely. That is all PIP law but isn’t made especially clear on the forms.

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debjw in reply to Nuthatch

thanks, very helpful .

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It's quite normal to be sent your review form quite a while before your award ends. I first received PIP back in 2014 & received my review form 8 months before my award end date. My award increased so it felt the need was justified.

A good while before I was due my second review I received notification of extension. It said something along the lines of it was considered my situation wouldn't change so I’d still be awarded what I received following my review. I think it stands to somewhere around 2030, I don't have my paperwork to hand to be sure but pretty sure I'm correct.

The review form isn’t as long as your first & quite a bit easier I found. It has tick boxes asking if what you stated previously has changed, whether it's easier, harder or nothing has changed, with space for you to explain how it it's harder, if it is. If you kept a copy refer to your first form, it makes it easier to recall how things have changed, if they have. 

As my review assessment was pre covid I had a face to face, I don't know if they're back doing them. Either way I hope you don't find it an ordeal & you receive what helps you.

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debjw in reply to nomoreheels

thank you very much for replying, I’m glad it went well for you.

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I would recommend this site:


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thank you very much.

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Hi Yes they can ask for review anytime. Don't panic. Keep them up to date. Ring and tell them what you waiting for. Keep notes of when you called them. I agree with others this is normal they have a back log but also they need your forms before September before award end date.

My mom went through same we had to wait months for consultant letter but I kept PIP up to date which in end helped. I'm glad we did it before the review date. Good Luck👍🏼

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debjw in reply to Bsid

that’s brilliant, thank you.

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no tips but best of luck🌹

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I feel for you, its a horrible insulting to have to face.When filling it out remember your worst days, days when you can't cope. Pulling your hair out in frustration and pain.

Don't down play your condition, be truthful of course, but remember any positive you say will be used against you and taken as the norm.

Their job is to take all suport away from you no matter how much you need it. People with genuine disabilities tend to make out they are better than they actually are. It's a way of copying with the desperate situation we are in.

A friend of mine has severe ms he sits in his wheelchair in the kitchen when his children are preparing dinner. He sees this as helping them by telling them what to do, he got 1 point out of 8 for preparing food/ personal care.

Tell your doctor / specialist they know all to well what people are facing. Any support they can give helps.

Just remember there are so good people in this country that care about you and your welfare. Don't let this get you down stick with it try to keep your head up. Don't give them the satisfaction of getting you down.

Take care

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debjw in reply to Tourk

thank you for this. Yes so demoralising and unfair.

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Phone up and ask for a 4 week extension. You’ll be on hold for ages, but it will be worth it. It takes ages to get all your info together. best of luck x

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debjw in reply to CripLady

thank you I’ve just done it👍 Xx

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