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Huge improvement.

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Further to my last post on here, when I was in constant agony and even steroid injections were not much use at all, and found the ibuprofen pills were most the helpful, I was taking 4 to 6 a day but I slowly cut them down to just 1 or 2 a day and found that I didn't need them for the last two days. I have been able to start some work in the garden again. What happened before has left me feeling a bit of a wreck and worried about it getting worse again..but for the time being it's a joy.

18 Replies
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So glad you are feeling much better,take care.

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Happyman5 in reply to gradyjackjacob

Thank you gradyjackjacob, 😊

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That is good news and long may it continue for you darling. xxxx

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Happyman5 in reply to sylvi

Thanks sylvi, I can still feel it nagging away in my joints, but I will very happy if it just stays like this. 😊

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that is good news, hope it continues for you 🤗

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Thank you Maureengibson, and thank you for your support 😊

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That's great news. Often we don't have follow up posts so it's so good when we do, especially positive ones. I hope it continues. Don't overdo the gardening, though it's brill you feel well enough to tackle it. Mine for the time being remains puppyfied. We have one who just loves plastic plant pots, irrespective of if there's anything living in it. As a result we have soil all over the grass. 🤦‍♀️

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I did over do the garden for two days and strained every mussel in my body, but I felt so much better for it the next day. I can only push myself so far as I have exercise induced asthma, my ears start to block and my voice becomes horse and struggle to breathe..that's when I know I have to stop. It's strange that this doesn't happen when I go swimming..though I haven't been able to that for sometime, I will again soon as my lungs really need the exercise. Sounds to me your puppy will love my garden, we have plastic pots to die for 😁

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It's really good when someone posts a follow-up and has got better! Thanks!

We do tend only to post when we have problems, and not when they have been overcome and that gives newcomers a rather depressing picture of what life is like with Rheumatoid Disease. But it can go alright and you can lead a more or less normal life (just with a few adaptations).

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Your right oidtimer2, it did play on my mind for a while whether or not to post something or just be happy that I got a lot better that I can manage to live almost a normal life again..I know it's never going to go away completely and I do pry that it doesn't worsen again anytime soon 🤞😊

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it is good to hear when someone is well it gives us all Hope! Keep getting better ❤️‍🩹

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Thank you Green, I really appreciated all the support I got on here, it all helped me to choose what could be best for me, as I really didn't know what to do with so much non stop pain. Now I just have to try and keep it under control. 🤞😊

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Green230461 in reply to Happyman5

let us know how you get on 🌺

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I definitely will 😊

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Thanks wilbertjellyfish..😊

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Good to hear, enjoy.

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Thank you Mmrr, and I hope you start to get better very soon..😊

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