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Scam about help with energy costs.

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I've screen shot this from another group. My husband had this text a few days ago, it arrived in the early hours of the morning on the day when people on PIP would start getting the £150 energy payment (neither of us are claiming PIP). I knew straight away it was a scam with it saying it was from GOVUK: that's not how it's put. Two of my friends received it as well. With an estimated 6 million people receiving PIP who will be getting help I'm sure some will get caught out. Just be aware.

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I appreciate you posting this. The police is also making people aware of this scam. I haven't received one yet but I never click on a link I don't recognise.

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Thanks for the warning. The barstewards never give up do they, I hope they get well and truly caught!

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Thanks for the warning. My husband and I get several texts or emails a week now which unfortunately are scams. It’s a very sad world.

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Never, ever open a link you don't know. No-one genuine will ask you for your details or for money. Delete immediateky

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I belong to a couple of RA Facebook groups and on one of them someone's posted about receiving a text. It looks like there is a genuine text being sent out, it's so difficult to know what's genuine or a scam theses days. Husband had a text yesterday telling him to book his autumn covid booster. Was it genuine, was it a scam? I told him not to open anything, I went on the nhs booking webpage and it did let me book it so it would of been genuine. Just got to be so careful now.

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yes I had the same a few days ago . It’s sad that some try to scan us and take our money …

I always go into Google and ask/ search if there is a current scam going around and this usually works

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Just look at the IP address as it'll be weird and obviously not

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Apparently nobody has to claim, you will get it automatically in your account if on benefits etc and the £400 to all households will be taken off your electricity bill.

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It’s so obviously a scam. Government web sites end in, not

Unfortunately, if you Google the scam site it brings up legitimate government site: Google note and rectify!

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