just home after a lovely holiday :)

hello all,

i hope everyone is doing well and not too flarey. i am doing very well,

i have just been to manchester to spend 2 nights with my uni mate anna, and then 2 nights with my boyfriends lovely mum in sandbach. it was so so nice to be able to chill out on the couch, watch some dvds and eat eat eat! i have put on 3 lbs and i dont give a shite! life is very good at the minute. the simponi i swear is kicking in already, i can shampoo my hair without feeling suicidal after, i put make up on- liquid eyeliner again!! i shaved my legs (finally!!- with not seeing my bf since sept ive totally let myself go!! well- that and the flares!! the last thing you care about whilst flaring is body apperance!) sorry im rambling again! i opened a tin of tuna with a tin opener..this was my biggest achievement i think! i literally could not believe it i was nearly in tears i was so happy!!! its amazing the little things that you appreciate when things like this happens :)

today i started my healthy eating buzz to try and stop eating bad foods and fizzy drinks! so far so good (just 1 jaffa cake so far 2day!!) i love healthy food so im looking forward to loads of fish and salads and hummus and ryvita and stuff like that! my downfall is mug of tea after mug of tea etc, and scones----> walnut and vanilla scones are like heroin to me since ive moved home........ need to stop with them... and the jjjaaaammmmmm mmmm drool!!

thursday evening is the start of my living well with arthritis course up in dublin, so for the next 6 thursdays i will get to meet people like me, i cant tell you how excited i am! :)

ooh and i got my interim report back from uni, i got 70.5% which i am very happy about, now i have to start my 8000 worder thats due in august but i want to have it done in the next 12 weeks so i can enjoy my summer.

i hope everyone is doing well and im not on this as much as i have been, as i have had to cut back my internet useage as i found myself being online for long long hours and it was becoming a problem so its been about a week now and im doing ok, more reading and doing other, more productive things... that facebook is a definite addiction and it sucks out your life and soul!!!

take care all you lovely people,

big hugs xxx

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make that 2 jaffa cakes :/


Laney i don't buy jaffa cakes because if i do i will eat the lot in one go. They are soooooooooooooo lovely. They have to be jaffas as the other sorts don't taste the same. My problem is lucozade cherry flavour, they tooo are addictive.

I am glad to hear that you are having a good time with your friends/boyfriends family/boyfriend.

I know what you mean about facebook,when i get up in the morning i put my laptop i check my emails and then i come on here and then facebook.

Have a lovely day, sylvi.xx


Well done Laney on all fronts - so pleased to hear that at last something seems to be working for you re pain and Simoni. Long may it last.

If it inspires you to keep going on the healthy front it's taken me 48 years to learn that what we fuel ourselves with is what we become and food is really such a brief, passing pleasure so if depriving yourself of things that you think you love now means that you are likely to be much better from RA and in many other ways it may make it easier to follow a healthy eating route. Not that it makes a blind bit of difference to my boys - the oldest two still refuse all veg and live off crap - they are like junkies and will even pinch money that's lying around to buy chips or burgers instead of eating the food we cook which is really nice food - we aren't vegans or heath food nutters so no reason not to eat well with us but they don't!

Our son at uni sends us WhatAp images of his Sunday roasts now which he and his girfriend are so proud of. They usually consist of lamb or pork chops or chicken pieces roasted with gravy and mash but not a bit of greenery in site - just a large tumbler of red or white wine next to the dish. Maybe they think fermented grapes have enough goodness in them eh? But our youngest eats really well and you can tell by his complexion and he never gets sick like the other two and barely has any acne compared to them either although he's 15.

Re jaffacakes a girl sent him one of those enormous long boxes for Xmas special delivery. He went very red and hid them in his room so his brothers wouldn't see them and tease him. Unfortunately our dog got wind of them and came out of his room one day looking really wicked with about 5 stuffed in his mouth! TTx


LOL! I can just imagine that dog feeling pretty high on all that sugar, and then the worst low! Maybe he learned to avoid those things/ I know the boys don't ever. L. xx


Pleased you had a good holiday and that life sounds much better for you xx


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