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Good morning all just woke up to let Jack out ,what a loverly morning .This is the view from my bedroom window at 4-15 am .Going back to bed now .Have a good day .

Regards Mike

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And a new day begins...beautiful.Thanks for sharing.

Matalow, that is so beautiful. What a stunning view you have from your bedroom, and you have captured it magnificently. Thank you for sharing it. I'm guessing it looks spectacular in a storm too, with the waves lashing against the shore! I hope you enjoy the good weather today. 😊

Thank you for posting .Beautiful. What a wonderful view to wake up to!Have a good day yourself 😁☀️

Good morning Mike, what a fabulous sunrise. It's lovely and sunny here and will be all day I think. Thanks for sharing. x

What a Wonderful Sunrise Mike! Thank you, so much, for Sharing this. I can't see the Sunrise, where I live, the Maisonettes opposite are in the way......

Sending my, very best wishes


Hi there!Thanks for sharing, what a beautiful view and sunrise. Can't deny that I'm very envious!😉 Hope Jack appreciates you getting up so early!!😳

Stunning 🤩

What a wonderful view. Thank you for sharing.

I hope you got back to sleep yesterday darling.xxxxx

It certainly is. I too saw the beautiful sunrise this morning. Stunning.

Such a beautiful photo 👍

Can I come and live with you. I live on a built up council estate surrounded by other estates and at the moment not in a position to move somewhre rural/semi rural.👍🐕

Hi Mike. What a stunning view! I live in Covent Garden. I love the area. The history. But i live right over a school. 211 noisy, wild animals! The noise drives me up the wall. I’d rather have your peace & view any day!

Wonderful longest day of the year. Keep well and safe🌻

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