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Tai Chi Wellbeing Course

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NRAS have organised a Tai Chi Wellbeing Course for beginners starting at the 7 May, specifically for people living with RA or JIA. Our host for the Tai Chi Wellbeing Course teaches a comprehensive set of Tai Chi Health programmes, which safely address specific health issues while being safe, accessible and enjoyable for all. To learn more and book, see our website: nras.org.uk/wellbeing-courses

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Is this a live Zoom? Sadly my Net connection would crash at the moment, but for future reference I’d be interested.

I've been doing Tai Chi regularly for nearly 12 years now and highly recommend it to everybody. Good for body and mind. My balance is brilliant and I've gained a lot of mental and physical strength.

Can this, or some of this, be done seated?

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Hi sunnyweek,This programme can be easily modified for individual needs. Aribah😊

Hi, the course details say it is only a accessable via zoom live as there are no recordings. I am struggling to see where the times are listed to see if it can fit in around work. Many thanks

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Hi Shelby37,For more information regarding wellbeing courses please visit nras.org.uk/wellbeing-courses. This 5 week course runs every Saturday at 10am from 7 May- 4 June. Hope that helps! Aribah 😊

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