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Noticed shaky hands and fingers

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Happy Easter to Everyone. Hope you are all enjoying the lovely weather wherever you are. Yesterday, took my daughter to Petrus, Gordon Ramsey's restaurant in London for lunch. It was my treat for her promotion at work.Had a fab meal Bless her I am very proud of her achievement despite her joint pains & impaired lung function with MCTD & PH. Whilst at lunch noticed her hands/fingers were shaking slightly and lasted for a few moments. She told me it has been occurring off & on. I am concerned and wondering if its another symptom of this dreadful condition or if its due to the medications she is taking. She's on Prednisolone since 2020 (tapered to 5mgs at the moment) Mycophenolate and also medications for her PH. Just finished 2 doses of Biologic infusion. Wondering if anyone has problem with shaking hands/finger problems and also a very hard bloated stomach(looking like 8mths pregnant!) after each meal with Autoimmune conditions? Sorry for this long post.

PS I have to thank everyone who replied to my recent post of Covid & Access to Work.

I have now recovered from Covid though I felt tired for another couple weeks despite after testing Neg on days 12 & 13

Access to Work has thankfully been approved. DWP accepted the cheapest quote which means having to use Uber. Hope it will work out OK..

Obce again all replies much appreciated if I don't end up replying to everyone personally

13 Replies
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I have suffered for years from shaky hands. Initially I was concerned as my dad had Parkinson’s. I was seeing a neurologist about something else, and he noticed it. After a lot of questioning about it, he said it was an idiopathic tremor caused by the long term steroids. This was in 2014 and I’d been on steroids since 2012. Unfortunately I’m on them for life as I have severe adrenal insufficiency, which was diagnosed after having a severe stroke at 53. They found the stroke was caused by an adrenal crisis. These days I’m on 5mg pred, but still have the tremor unfortunately. I worry that people will think I’m having alcohol withdrawals, although I don’t drink much due to my meds.

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Has she not seen a doctor about these symptoms? I’d persuade her she needs to as there are many things that can cause these symptoms and they need looking into. Don’t just assume they are part of her conditions. I’m not sure what MCTD or PH are but I have RA and have never had these happen. Let us know how she gets on. 🤞🏻 All is ok.

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I’ve had shaking hands since I was a teenager I’m now 58. Doctors have always thought it was because I was nervous but my dad was the same so I think it’s a family thing. It seems to be worse if I’m hungry but I’ve noticed my head moves side to side now too. I figured it’s an essential tremor so it doesn’t worry me in my case. Maybe an idea for your daughter to get it checked but in my experience I’ve never got an answer for it, I just live with it and it can be bothersome but I doubt anyone will do anything about it.

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KittyJ in reply to Leics

It’s not my daughter Leics, I think you’ve replied to the wrong person 😊

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Leics in reply to KittyJ

Whoops sorry brain fog biting today.

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Hobbledehoy in reply to Leics

My dear, you are v patient & long suffering, but if you haven’t already done so in the recent past, you need to see an NHS Neurologist. Best wishes.

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Leics in reply to Hobbledehoy

I’ve seen a neurologist about loss of sensation in my legs they said it was fine and I was dismissed. Did check vitamin bloods in case of deficiency but they were fine. My dad was thought to have Parkinson’s but it wasn’t. So low blood sugars ? I do occasionally have that.

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I'm with Kitty, don't assume it's anything. Best you suggest she be checked out, especially if they're a regular occurrence.

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I have had a similar experience on Methylprednisolone. I was shaking so bad my legs were banging together, plus palpitations and optic migraine. Had to stop it. It stopped my pain within a day but not worth the side effects.

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I know one of the side effects of mycophenolate can be tremors. However, I would still get it checked by her doctors to be on the safe side.

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I sometimes get shaky hands - so bad at one point that I couldn't eat my boiled egg as I couldn't get the spoon into the shell. It happened once when I was at GP. He suggested that it was to do with poor storage or processing of sugars. If I eat it usually goes away. I also get rather bloated, as did my mother. No diagnosis for that, yet

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Dear Wangpaupau, so glad that you’ve come through COVID o.k. If yr daughter hasn’t done so already, these symptoms should be reported to whoever prescribed initially. Even if they are considered acceptable, she is entitled to a proper explanation. She can at least ask for a telephone consultation. I have only ever had short courses of Prednisolone so no enlightenment here.

Best wishes to you both.

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Glad you're ok now! I've had RA since 2015, now on biologic Rituximab and doing well, but have noticed finger tremors in the last 12 months when at keyboard... Annoying when trying to type login or card details but am otherwise ignoring it until next infusion time this coming winter. My choice at 80, but better to get hers checked out, all the best x

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