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Third Covid Vaccination not uploaded on NHS Covid Pass

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Has anyone had a problem accessing their 3rd Covid Vaccination on the NHS Covid pass ?

I had mine on 27th November but it’s not showing . I am in North Wales so my info is logged via the site .

I have contacted a few helplines but no record had been logged. Also the vaccination centre where I attended had stopped issuing any proof or card to identify even what I had - except I was given a Moderna leaflet .

I rang my GP - eventually a second hand message told me that practice manager (who is the only office member that had access) has checked and it is there - but to be honest I’m not convinced.

I have asked for a print out or at least a manufacturer name , batch number and date confirmation But up until now nothing has been provided.

They did verbally give me a date for another Covid vaccination for February !!!

I have rung my hospital Covid record telephone line but a message keeps telling me to hang up as they are too busy to answer

Has anyone got any suggestions please ?

12 Replies
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Have you looked to see if it is recorded on th mygp app, or the equivalent for Wales?

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skinclinic in reply to Potatos

Hi - we do not have the same app availability that you have access to I have just had confirmation from my GP practice manager and he has sent a screen shot of their surgery pc record - but as far as getting logged on the nhs system…… no - still no record of me attending or being vaccinated

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Potatos in reply to skinclinic

Glad you know it is recorded now. I'm in England, my third jab took a few weeks to appear on the Covid pass but at the time the system was waiting to be updated but as soon as the update was through it popped up. Two things you could check; firstly, is your phone on automatic updates, if not you might need to update the app, secondly, is the Welsh Government feeding third dose through to the app, to check this you will need to find another Welsh triple jabbed person!

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I have the same problem with the NI app , I only noticed on Saturday. I will try updating the app and see if that helps.

Just updated the app , still doesn’t show the 3rd vaccine 🙄🙄

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skinclinic in reply to weathervane

Hi Weathervane - many thanks . I am still no further ahead even though the Covid pass site was updated last night - so any help appreciated

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I'm in South Wales & previously on my NHS app it showed I'd had 2 vaccines, when the covid pass was introduced it showed the same but now nothing is showing on either, the first 2 or 3rd

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Just checked & my first 2 are showing under covid pass but not third which was done on 4/11, I'm at the drs waiting for blood tests I'll ask & see if the nurse knows

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Hi - apparently the Covid pass site was closed last night until this morning to update Covid pass info but still my third is not showing . I really do not know where to go next for info ?

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My covid passport says its no longer valid and i cant get it to update, i,ve uninstalled the app quite a few times now and no avail, i,m in scotland dont see the point if its not showing your status

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skinclinic in reply to snoopy29

I’m Snoopy thanks for your reply- I have located an email address for the Covid 19 Vaccination Programme @wales nhs and I have sent them an email explaining my (and others) situation regarding all this confusion regarding our nhs Covid pass accessibility. I have had an automated reply - the usual that they are currently receiving high volumes of ……… As soon as I get any information I’ll post it / reply in the group chat .

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GordonEdin in reply to snoopy29

I've noticed that the Scottish App will say "status no longer valid" when you open it but then normally updates itself.I just checked and mine now shows my booster (done 19 days ago). It didn't when I last checked a week ago.

Have you tried turning the phone off completely then back on. Sometimes that will get apps working.

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snoopy29 in reply to GordonEdin

I will give that a shot thanks

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