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3rd vaccine on immunetherapy

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Anyone on immunotherapy (cimzia) had there 3rd vaccine not booster and what did you have

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On Enbrel (also and anti-tnf) and had a third dose six weeks ago. Where I am they make no distinction between third primary and booster as it is exactly the same dose of the same thing. Anyway, those eligible are all now 6 months past our second dose.

Maybe in other places it is different. Or perhaps if you only had the second dose recently.

Here we had a choice of Pfizer or Moderna.

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bpeal1 in reply to helixhelix

My daughter (as she is 15) only had her second dose mid-October. Rheumatologist has confirmed she is eligible for a third dose as she is on adalimumab which is due mid-December. So not everyone eligible for a third dose is past six months yet.

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helixhelix in reply to bpeal1

I should have said “generally” past the 6 months, sorry. I guessed that the majority of vulnerable people would have had their second dose before July since the vaccinations started before last christmas.

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bpeal1 in reply to helixhelix

No problem!

I had my 3rd dose yesterday, it’s just the same as the booster there’s even booster written on the card, AZ first two then Pfizer for 3rd

Same here. I was offered Pfizer with no other choice!

I've had exactly the same. First 2 AZ then Pfizer for booster . Also written as such on my records . Days later I had a letter from my rheumatologist ( copy of letter sent to my GP ) saying that I was entitled to a third jab . I'm hoping in 6 months time I will be able to present for my 4th jab . But who knows where we'll be then . Especially with the recent threat of a rampant S African variety .

Concultant said that’s the stock they’ve got at the minute

Im on Cimzia - had what's being called a booster. I got texts from NHS and GP saying I was eligible for a booster not 3rd jab. I had Pfizer - no other options available.

Sorry to slightly hijack your thread. I have received a letter to say I am entitled to a third dose but must contact my clinical team to decide the best time for me to have it. Is this the case for everyone?

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Otto11 in reply to notsochunky

Yes if your in Rituximab I believe x

Yes contact doctor ask if you can just go to walk in centre it’s Easter

The comments regarding them being the same is incorrect. The JCVI guidelines stipulate a full dose of Pfizer for either 3rd dose or booster. However if you are offered Moderna it is a full dose for the 3Rd dose and half dose for the booster. Many people are receiving boosters before receiving letters about the 3rd dose. In these cases you need to ask gp to amend your record so you are offered a booster in 6 months along with other immunosuppressed patients. Too many people wrongly think the 3rd dose is a booster when it’s not. Mine is recorded as a /nd 2nd dose showing my primary course consisted of 3 vaccines, as opposed to the 2 that healthy individuals get

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Otto11 in reply to Maureengibson

Yes you’re correct from what I’ve read & been advised x

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so you are saying the 3rd vaccine, and booster are different for Moderna, not Phizer, ? so the booster then, if Pfizer would be same as 3rd vaccine(Phizer), but if you are having Moderna, or one of the other vaccines, there is a difference between the 3 rd shot and booster?

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Maureengibson in reply to arvine

Yes only Pfizer and Moderna are recommended for the 3rd dose, although you can have another if availability is an issue or you have an allergy to Pfizer or Moderna. It is stated in both the GPS green book, which is their bible on immunisation, and also the JCVI statement that Moderna should be full dose for 3rd jab but 1/2 dose for booster. The reason for that is those needing a booster would have already mounted a good response to the 2 primary doses they had. Whereas the reason for 3rd dose in immunosuppressed is that they were unlikely to mount the same response as those not on immunosuppressants, and therefore a full dose is required.

Here’s the JCVI if your interested


I wish this could be a pinned post to help so many people who are confused and asking as they’ve been given wrong info or not understood. x

On Cimzia also and I was offered a third dose not a booster. Recieved over a month ago and wasn't offered a choice, just Pfizer. My letter came from hospital though and not GP but I'm based in Northern Ireland.

Had 3rd and I am on on biologic Abatacept (orencia) had text then letter to book so had it a month ago.get booster in 6mths

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I had my booster - 3rd jab 3 weeks ago I'm on benepali - had no problems

All 3 jabs Pfizer.

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