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Steroid Injection RA?

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Ive been diagnosed with RA since I was 22, I'm now 28 and am currently on Cimzia. I've been having a flare for quite a while so ended up having a steroid injection IM into the bottom last Thursday (I haven't had one in around a year) but am still struggling with the pain.

I was wondering if anyone knows how long it takes roughly for it to kick in? I used to have them nearly ever 3 months for quite some time as the other biologic medications did not work, but can't seem to remember it taking this long to kick in? Although it's been so long since I last had one, I can't quite remember.

Many thanks!

Charlotte x

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I could always feel myself walking so much more freely to the car on my way out. My general (upper buttock) steroid injections worked a few minutes after I’d had them done. I’ve heard people say it’s taken quite a bit longer though. I hope something happens soon for you. 🙏🏻

Hello CharlotteLucy. My experience is that they simply stopped working. They switched steroid type (they are not all the same drug), but even the second type stopped working too. I have never been given an explanation as to why. Worth asking for a different drug? I’m so sorry you are suffering.

Mine usually take about 48 hours for the full effect depending on how bad the flare is - longer for really swollen joints. Hope you feel better soon

I had a steroid injection into my elbow Monday 15th, it was more painful for a few days, and finally worked on Friday 19th.

I’ve only had one in my bottom in my 17 years since diagnosis and that was in August and it didn’t work. All the others did. I had one in each shoulder on Monday and they started working yesterday. Good luck.

They do generally last for much, much longer when they are into a joint. My joint steroid injections have lasted 7/9 months. The general ones about two weeks.

I had my first depo medrone in my buttock on the day of diagnosis, it was like a magic potion and most of the pain was gone by the time I got home, the second one a few months later however did virtually nothing. I hope you can get something that helps soon. x

I have always felt the magic of the buttock ones as I’ve been waking out down the hospital corridor, but sadly short lived. Wear off for me so noticeably after two days then waning fast over a week to two.

My first one lasted about six weeks but the second one didn't even make a difference - I wonder why that happens to some people and not others! x

I just don’t know why re the buttock ones and the rheumy said they can never tell if they’ll work or not or for those. X

I remember the first one I had and feeling the relief in my hands and wrists on the way back, but on arriving home, we got out of the car and the guy who had driven us there and back shook my husband's hand and then shook my hand - I nearly hit the sky, it was so painful and felt like a massive electric shock and I was sure my hair had stood on end 😆 - I really didn't expect him to do it and if I'd known I would have told him not to. Fortunately, no ill after-effects. x

I refuse to shake hands since RA. I had one idiot hurt me on purpose as a “joke” so after then I said I can’t shake as my hand is too painful. Glad that guy didn’t do anything permanent to your hand. Obviously it was well intentioned but people often don’t understand how it hurts. x

Yes, it was well intentioned, he was such a nice guy and didn't realise and I didn't either. x

Oh dear, sounds like you are a bit like me, the steroid injection probably doesn’t work for you. I see to get the same injection for hay fever many years ago. My rheumatologist has had some success by injecting my actual flared joint, but realistically I am better with some oral steroids. Contact your rheumatology team either by phone or email and say it hasn’t worked, im sure they won’t leave you suffering x

Hi Charlotte, it's usually immediate to a couple of days for me depending how bad I am. For a depo anyway. I never forget a steroid jab I had into my shoulder though, I went from being unable to move it or raise my arm at all being pain free in about 2 hours it was amazing! Good luck with yours.

As has been said usually within a couple of days but often sooner. How soon do they normally have effect for you? I'm one of the unfortunate ones they don't work for, or should I say one worked once but only for a day, it was a very productive day though! I do respond well to targeted steroid injections though, but that may be the difference in steroid used. As such if offered a general steroid again I shall ask if Kenalog is an option as the other generals were Depo-Medrone.

There is the other thought that maybe they've just stopped working for you having had them reasonably often before, though I don’t know if this is an actual thing.

Do let your team aware if you don't respond otherwise they'll assume all is well.

Hi Charlotte, I've had a around 7 steroid injections in 18 months, all with the exception of the very first one which took around 2 weeks to work and the last one which again took 2 weeks to work, all the others seemed to work within 48 hours, I've no idea why, just hope yours kicks in pretty soon x

Meant to add when I was given Depomedrone as Kenalog gave me muscle atrophy, that Depo worked better and for a bit longer for me but we all react slightly differently.

Hi Charlotte I normally would get relief within a week of having the injection I hope it works for you

I had one last week, had 2 really poorly days then started to feel bit better now I’m doing as good as always

I had one in my buttock on 2nd August and within 4 days my hands were the size they are supposed to be and pain gone. It lasted until mid October before I started feeling soreness again.I had another on 15th November and again 4-5 days later hands were getting back to ‘nearly normal’. X

Hello 👋 I had a steroid jab end of July, it worked very quickly, within a day or two.

But back in October, I had another one, due to another flare. This time it took a week and a half 🤷‍♀️ before I started to feel better. I was convinced for a while the nurse didn’t do it properly, as I didn’t even feel the needle go in. 😖

Both were Depomedrone.

I knew the exact day it had worked, as my fatigue was so bad, for 2 days on the trot I had slept till 4 in the afternoon, something I hadn’t done since being a teenager!! Then the next day I woke up and suddenly the fatigue, as if by magic had ‘lifted’, but I was surprised at how long it had taken to kick in.

I’ve had a few most work within a few days one didn’t work for 7 days but it lasted the longest and one simply didn’t work. It’s a bit like RA different for everyone x

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