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Flu and Covid jabs /medication

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So many questions currently sorry x

Had flu jab yesterday which is methotrexate day for me so didn’t do the injection but should I do it today instead or miss it? And I haven’t taken my hydroxy either

I then have my Covid jab Thursday so I not take anything until after that ? And miss methotrexate next week

I’ve emaile my rheumatology dept this morning as well

I don’t know what

To do for the best really 😃

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If you are likely to have a flare then it's not a good idea to miss your your methotrexate. Otherwise the general advice seems to be to miss it for a couple of weeks as there is one paper (I think so far, studies continuing) suggesting you will have a better response to immunisation if you miss it.

But individual rheumatologists seem to vary - or it may be that we vary too .

Perhaps sensible to wait for a response from rheumatologist?

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Gottaloveastaffy in reply to oldtimer

Thanks x

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I missed my Methotrexate injection once for each of the 1st two vaccinations and the flu jab but took my Hydroxy. and Sulpha. as usual and didn't notice any difference. For the booster, I missed 3 Methotrexate injections - 2 weeks before and 1 on the day. I had planned to miss another week but my joints started to complain; thankfully they've improved again now that I've done two injections. It's actually made me realise how effective my Methotrexate is as I had suspected that the Sulpa. was doing most of the heavy lifting. I've almost enjoyed the slight nausia and fuzzy head today as it's so nice to have comfortable joints again!

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Gottaloveastaffy in reply to Boxerlady

Thanks for that x yeah because I had not taken hydroxy or MTX for over five weeks it’s just getting back in my system and my ankles and feet and now my hands and wrist are feeling quite uncomfortable x being referred to podiatrists to see if they can help but I couldn’t remember if I can take the hydroxy or not. I won’t take methotrexate next week either but if I can take the hydroxy that may help a little x tbh I have felt terrible this weekend so every little will help xx my rheumatology helpline ladies are normally really good at replying x thanks again for your reply xx onwards and upwards xx 😄🐶🐶🐶

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Boxerlady in reply to Gottaloveastaffy

Hopefully your team will get back to you quickly.I only paused my Methotrexate because things were well controlled; I wouldn't have done so otherwise and I was very keen to inject last week - not something I expected to be saying!

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Gottaloveastaffy in reply to Boxerlady

Haha thanks x they have come back early this morning and I can continueHydroxy and then inject on Saturday as normal. Like you I will be gladly doing this as currently it’s all getting back in my system and I’m. Bit of a wreck 😂😂😂

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If you are having your covid jab on thursday and you want to leave a week off your meds either side, you haven't time to take it today. I can't really advise you but can only tell you what I did. I left a week either side to aid my immunity but have no idea if it has helped or not. Sorry! Not much help. x

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Bookworm55 in reply to Sheila_G

Yes I did the same. My RA is well controlled atm which is why I felt confident to do so - without direct medical advice.

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Gottaloveastaffy in reply to Bookworm55

Thank you x every ounce of information helps x everyone does different and I normally go with rheumatology but it helps to know others are as confused as me 😂😂

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Sheila_G in reply to Bookworm55

Me too.

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Gottaloveastaffy in reply to Sheila_G

Thank you xxx

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Gottaloveastaffy in reply to Sheila_G

Thank you xx it al helps x

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A conundrum eh?Missed a couple of weeks post Covid vaccines each time.

Result dreadful flare up and needing hosptial out patient appt for steroid injection.

In ensuing conversation the RA nurse said just miss MTX if due same day as the vaccine.

Also on last visit RA consultant said "happy for me to have booster cos it's pfizer this time"

Having the booster this Thursday 3 days before due MTX, so that's ok.

However it seems from the research the vaccine needs longer than 3 days to become effective.


So having been in such a good place RA wise now not sure so calling RA team.

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Ok had booster today.Upshot of my discussion with RA nurse was miss next MTX dose then take next one.

In my case means a 10 day gap between MTX injections, just for info purposes not advice.

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