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Hi everyone has anyone been prescribed adalimumab I would like to know more about this drug and its effects its a biologic and my rheumatologist has just decided there are no more dmards for me so has just done a the nessasary test for me to start the new biologic drug ,

I'm probably worrying for nothing but most drugs I've taken have had very bad side effects thanks in advance x

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Hi - sorry to hear about your experience with side effects - before starting on biologic I had some issues too

I have taken adalimumab for just over a year and I have never had any adverse side effects

It has been a game changer for me it worked quite quickly with continued improvement in my condition over a few months and now am able to do so much more than before

Good luck with starting on adalimumab

Give it time to work we are all different but if it’s not for you I am sure your team will be able to help and support

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matazz in reply to Piwacket

Thanks that's good to know that you haven't had side effects from this drug I'm.just struggling really bad with my knee at the moment I had an arthroscopy in March and it failed, its worse than ever now the surgeon wants to do it again but rheumatologist said hold off surgery and try biologic I want to wait but I can barely walk so hoping that the biologic drug is some kind of magic drug to help me x how long did it take to help you feel better ? X

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Piwacket in reply to matazz

I saw a difference in the first month and this gradually built up over 3 months

I take methotrexate as well as adalimumab

I have been waiting to have a total knee replacement since before pandemic and adding adalimumab to my treatment has definitely helped with mobility. Which in turn has strengthened my muscles so hopefully when I eventually have TNK I will have better recovery

So maybe your rheumatologist is wise advising pausing surgery as you might get a better outcome

I've been on Etanercept a similar biologic for over two years and no side effects but it was painful with the pen although the syringe is totally painless; you don't even feel the needle go in. Easy peasy to use and no side effects after the initial bit of a vague headache for a few days. Works really well too. No swelling or pain at all.

I've been on this since 2006, firstly on the brand Humira then switched to Amgevita. It transformed my life. Very easy to administer, with a pen, fortnightly. I have had not negative side effects. I still also take methotrexate.

Matazz if you put that into the search box and filter for NRAS then all the posts about it will come up. Bear in mind though that people often only post when things aren’t going well but hopefully there’ll be some good news stories in there 😊 🤞🏻 It’s the one for you.

Hello, I was on adalimumab, I had the syringe, for 7 years along with methotrexate. At the beginning I was on two other Dmards as well, an anti-inflam and painkillers. After three months I was able to come off hydroxychloroquine, naproxen and painkillers. I was so much less stiff and more mobile. I had no side affects. I hope it works well for you.

Hi - sorry to hear about the dmard experience - Ive been on it for around 4 years after the side effects of methotrexate became too much. I started on humira and now switched to amgevita and it has been the best thing for me. It is controlling my RA better than anything else and other than it stinging towards the end of the injection I've had no side effects! Good luck with it - I really hope it changes your life xxxx

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Gitaga in reply to Toongirl456

HiAre you taking anything else with the Amgevita.

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Toongirl456 in reply to Gitaga

No just amgevita. I switched to boligics from methotrexate because I had such bad side effects. No longer on hydroxychloroquine either as the consultant said I shouldn't be on it longer than 7 years.

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Gitaga in reply to Toongirl456

Good to hear that. Doc stopped my meds cause my kidney function has deteriorated. I'm on Arava 10mg only. Hoping to start biologics next year 🤞

I’m on methotrexate and hydroxychloroquine… and also started on adalimumab one year ago. No issues at all and I felt improvement from the first injection. It took 3-4 injections for the improvement to last through to the next fortnightly injection … but it’s given me back my life 👍

Hello Matazz, amgevita has been a complete game changer for me and worked really quickly. I no longer need to take any pain killers. No side effects for me.If you decide to go ahead expect you’ll have a counselling session with a rheumatology nurse, she /he will cover all possible side effects and answer any questions. Good luck, hope it works!

You are moving on to a new type of drug now…so put past experiences out of your mind & concentrate on looking forward to Adilimumab being successful.

I know that isn’t easy,but all the time you are expecting side effects….it stops you relaxing & letting a new type of drug do it’s work.

Hi Matazz, Sorry to hear of your struggles. I've been on Adalimumab, my first biologic, for 13 weeks and very disappointingly it hasn't worked at all (so much chronic pain and debilitation that began around February when the Leflunamide I've been successfully on for about 7 years stopped working). My Rheumy did a blood test recently to see if I'm making antibodies preventing the Adalimumab from working - and I am, so have just stopped it as instructed! (Seeing the Rheumy in 10 days to make another plan.). I experienced some itching of arms and legs & swollen ankles for the first few weeks on Adalimumb, but no effects after that (apart from it not working!).

Wishing you all good luck and hope it works well for you 😁

Hello. My best to you as you begin your new treatment. I am in the middle of testing and can't speak to the effectiveness of Humira for my Crohn's after 18 months of trtmt. I stopped Humira injections a week ago because the med was recently indicated as the probable cause of my short-term memory loss. I don't mean forgetting my keys - I forget where I am and why; can no longer work, can't drive independently. Please make sure your doctor teaches you how to recognize all the 'highly improbable' side effects!! I hope it works for you and improves your life. 🙏

Sincerely hope things improve for you Esoterical. That sounds awful! Good Luck X

Everyone can tell you what happened to them, but really everybody has different experiences and different reactions, who knows this may be your wonder drug.

While adalimumab didn’t work for me, it did initially and then suddenly stopped working after my Covid vaccine. However, I recently started my 10th drug in 2 years and yes like you I had to stop the majority due to the adverse side effects, but this is proving to be my wonder drug, never give up trying. I’m now on a new drug Rinvoq which was only passed recently in my area.

So my advice to you is try it and see x

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matazz in reply to Knit12

Thankyou for your reply I guess your right everyone is different and I suppose I should just take the plunge and see how it goes 😊

Hi, I've had no side effects from it, and been on it ( alongside the MTX) for about 2 yrs. I hope all goes well.

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matazz in reply to Anne_57

Thankyou I really appreciate your reply ☺

Hi Matazz - Like you, I'm about to start on Adalimumab shortly. I have been on Benepali (Etanercept) for 3 years and Methotrexate for 5 years but at my last review recently, Rheumatologist looked at my feet, said I'd developed psoriasis and that he needed to swap my biologics. I'm waiting for Adalimumab to be delivered and will start it after the obligatory two-week 'wash out' period to get any residual Benepali out of my system first. Here's hoping we both do well with Adalimumab - good luck!!

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matazz in reply to nanapat61

Thanks and good luck x

I have been taking Adalimumab for over 7 years now with no side affects and I have been able to reduce the MTX to 10mg (2 tabs) which eliminates the nausea I was experiencing with higher doses. For me the biologic reduced the pain level to zero within 4 weeks and got be back to playing golf and walking football. Been a life changer and I hope it has the same affect on you.

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KittyJ in reply to RichardG

Richard are you in the UK? I didn’t know you could get 5mg tablets of mtx, why do they make us take lots of 2.5mg ones if there are 5mg ones available ( sorry I know it’s not you prescribing or your fault 😁) I’m going to ask about this.

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nomoreheels in reply to KittyJ

We should only prescribed in multiples of 2.5mg tablets in Rheumatology Kitty, & in case anyone else is wondering. They are also made in 10mg but they are limited to oncology. In India & I think Russia 5mg are made but not (or shouldn't be) imported for use in the NHS. The reason why we need to take 2.5mg is safety, to reduce the potential incidence of overdose. Maybe RichardG is mistaking his folic acid dose, not sure but if he is prescribed 5mg it needs taking up with the prescriber as it's against BNF recommendations.

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KittyJ in reply to nomoreheels

Thankyou nmh 😊

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Charlie_G in reply to KittyJ

Only 2.5mg are (should be) prescribed in the UK: it was standardised due to several serious overdoses and deaths arising from the different strength tablets in primary care. It’s also the reason why mtx is now only prescribed by specialists rather than GPs in primary care. Technically, higher strengths are still available in the UK, but there are specific circumstances where it would be deemed appropriate to use them. For autoimmune purposes, only the 2.5s are prescribed.

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KittyJ in reply to Charlie_G

Thank you Charlie 😊

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RichardG in reply to KittyJ

Apologies, above should read 5mg (2 tabs) and as others have said it helps to avoid confusion and possible overdoses if only one strength of tablet is prescribed.

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