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Hi everyone, just want to introduce myself. I'm Debra, I've had RA for 25 years. Been reading your messages for a while. Everyone seems so helpful so thought it would be nice to join in, and hopefully I'm able to help you too! Take care. x

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Morning do get lots of help on here and I like to read peoples experiences. I have has RA for 9 years but have other complicated health issues which doesn't help.We are all different.At what age where you diagnosed

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DebraJH in reply to Fra22-57

Thanks for the reply Fra22-57. You are right, we are all very different and its such a complex disease. I was 38 when I was diagnosed. Sorry to hear you have other health issues. Hope you're not feeling too bad.😏 Take care. x

Hi Debra 👋😄

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DebraJH in reply to Boxerlady

Hi Boxerlady👍😀

👋 welcome to the forum Debra

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DebraJH in reply to Mmrr

Thank you Mmrr👍🙂

Morning Debra x

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DebraJH in reply to patsymay13

Good morning patsymay13, hope you are well🙂

Morning 😊It's a great forum, with amazing support 💕

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DebraJH in reply to Moomin8

Good morning , yes, I'm enjoying reading the posts. Its amazing how many are relevant!🙂

Welcome Debra . As you can see from our posts it’s not all doom and gloom . We do like a chuckle. Do join in the more the merrier x

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DebraJH in reply to J1707

Thank you J1707. Yes, I will, I like a laugh. You have to sometimes, don't you?😀

Hi Debra and welcome to the forum. 🙂

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DebraJH in reply to springcross

Thanks springcross🙂

Hi and welcome Debra, good to have you here, I’ve had RA for 30 years now. I’m sure you’ll find there’s lots of help you can give people 😊

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DebraJH in reply to KittyJ

Thanks so much KittyJ. Looking forward to getting involved. I can see I've written 25 years I've had RA, meant to be 22!! That's long enough😃

Hey Debra 👋

Hi Marionfromhappydays🙂

Hi Debra

Just wanted to join in and welcome you! Hope you enjoy the wittering and ramblings (and that's just me)!😄 Look forward to hearing more from you. I've had "it" 38 years now (since 14) so basically think I've done my time and it really ought to go away now (putting it politely)!!Still, we can hope, eh?!😉

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DebraJH in reply to Kags1068

Thank you Kags1068. It's lovely to be here with such friendly people! Ah, that must have been so difficult for you at the age of 14. I really do think you've done enough time!! It's such a cruel disease isn't it. 😘

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Kags1068 in reply to DebraJH

Haha - thank you for agreeing with me! 😁 I absolutely agree with you too - it's a bloomin cruel disease. Once it gets it's grip, it doesn't like to let go - grrrr!!😉xx

Hi Debra, welcome aboard from another Deborah.......though only ever get the full name at hospital or if my mum is grumpy😂😂.

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madme1 in reply to rounder

That's like me, I only get Debra when I've done something wrong. I believe that there was a leader called Debra who's mentioned in the bible. It's a name that translates as a born leader. I can't say that applies to me though! 😊

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rounder in reply to madme1

Glad I'm not the only one 😅. I don't think I will ever be a leader.....more hobbling along behind trying desperately to keep up these days😂

Thank you! Same here, I'm just Deb to everyone, except my eldest sister🤷‍♀️😂

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rounder in reply to DebraJH

Most people call me Deb too, it definitely feels more friendly.xx

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DebraJH in reply to rounder

It does! I find Debra can sound a little harsh sometimes😂😂

Welcome 🤗

Thanks Dilly2🙂

Welcome Debra good to meet you. Hope you're doing well.

You're another long timer, same here, always good to hear from people how it was before the newer drugs came along. We can always hope it burns out. Enjoy the forum.

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DebraJH in reply to sunnyweek

Thank you sunnyweek. I'm not too bad at the moment thanks. Hope you're ok too? I've had a long awaited boost having had a steroid injection 6 weeks ago. It was very welcome after almost two years. They don't always work for me, maybe it was the long gap, this one has certainly helped.

I can't imagine how I would have managed without biologics and now JAKs. I'm sure life would be so much more difficult for sure. Nice to hear from you


Hi Debra….yes it is a great group with a wealth of knowledge.

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DebraJH in reply to Evie3

Hi Evie3, its great to know there's always someone to talk to, who know what you're going through and are so helpful here. Thanks for replying🙂

Hi Debra. Welcome. It is a great site for many reasons and you can come and go as you please.

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DebraJH in reply to Sheila_G

Thank you Sheila_G and everyone for the lovely welcome. Hope you are well (as can be!)🙂

Hello Debra, I am sure that with 25 years of experience you'll be able to help someone. You must have seen a lot of changes in the treatment of RA. I hope yours is well controlled.

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DebraJH in reply to stbernhard

Hi stbernhard. Yes, things have definitely improved in the 22 years (25 was a typo) I'm now on Bariticinib as well as Methotrexate, although still have good days and bad, I'm managing quite well thank you. Hope you are ok too🙂

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stbernhard in reply to DebraJH

Thank you Debra. I am in remission and self manage well. Keep in touch.

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DebraJH in reply to stbernhard

I will. Still finding my way around but enjoying it too. Its a very friendly group, just what we all need🙂

Hello! 👋 from another Debra. I havent come across many people with our spelling of the name. (I know I was named after a 50s film star as my parents were keen film goers ) .Hope you are feeling good. Its great that you are joining the voices on here. Best wishes 🙂

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DebraJH in reply to Thingybob

Ah hello Debra. Well I was meant to be Pamela but my sister (who was 6 at the time) refused to call me anything but Debra, so I'm told😀6 year olds can be very influential, I have a Grandson of that age who can quite easily twist me around his little finger😂😂I'm quite good at the moment thanks, hope you are too.🙂

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madme1 in reply to Thingybob

Hi Thingybob, my dad apparently forgot how to spell Deborah so I to ended up with Debra, mum was non to pleased! 😊

Good morning Debra and welcome to this lovely group.

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DebraJH in reply to Gladders

Good morning Gladders, thank you! It is a lovely group, I'm becoming addicted!! 😀

I like to hear that you have survived RA for 22 years. This gives me hope.

Hi Deb, welcome …This group has been a real life saver for me since being diagnosed with RA just over 3 years ago at the age of 56. Had a very lucky life without any major illnesses and then BAM … RA struck in almost all of my joints and I didn’t have a clue what was going on. No history of RA in my family at all. Scared the life out of me but this group helped me cope and start to deal with things. Like yours now well controlled (🤞🤞) with biologics, methotrexate and hydroxychloroquin.

Glad you’ve joined our merry band xx

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DebraJH in reply to CagneysMum

Hi CagneysMum, thank for the welcome🙂 It's such a shock isn't it? BAM is the perfect word for it! My lifestyle completely changed in a matter of weeks. There was no history in my family either. The strange thing is, my brother who is older than me also got diagnosed 10 years ago🤷‍♀️ Glad yours (RA) is well controlled.🙂

Good morning smilelines. It's been a struggle at times that's for sure. I hope you are managing ok at the moment? 🙂

Hi Debra. I have had RA for 20 years. Welcome to the forum 👋👋👋

Hi HamHammy. It's a long time when you think back isn't it. Thank you🙂

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HamHammy in reply to DebraJH

Time just goes. Mind it went slowly in the first 2 to 3 years till my RA was controlled. I believe the docs r better at reducing this time period now with more research so I have heard anyway

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DebraJH in reply to HamHammy

I agree! The first few years were a challenge to say the least! I must say to anyone at that stage now, it does get better!! 🙂

Welcome Debra, like CagneysMum I was struck down with RA 4 years ago at age 67, stress related after losing my husband to cancer. Awful time but now coping with meds.

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DebraJH in reply to Gymcactus

I'm so sorry to hear about your husband Gymcactus. I can only imagine how awful it was after such a devastating time. So glad you're coping now. Best wishes to you. x

Good to have you join us albeit not for the best reason i.e. being in the RA club 😀

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DebraJH in reply to Happy5

Thank you Happy5🙂 Yes! I know what you mean😀😂

Welcome to the RAwarrior group!

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madme1 in reply to Green230461

I love that the RA warrior Group!

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DebraJH in reply to Green230461

Thank you Green230461😀 👋

Welcome Debra, you'll find we are a friendly bunch. What treatment are you on for RA if you don't mind me asking. I've just had my first infusion in 3 years on Friday. Had to laugh because one of the nurses, there has now been promoted yo sister! I didn't recognise her because of different uniform and the mask! 😊. I was on, Rituximab, that was going to be changed to Truxima. I never got that one because of infections and delays, then lockdowns. They changed me to Remsima.

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DebraJH in reply to madme1

Thank you madme1, you are a lovely bunch!! I've never had such a lovely welcome anywhere😀 I'm now on Baricitinib which are JAK inhibitors and are in tablet form, as well as methotrexate. I started on Embrel, that worked well for a while, then Rituximab, Humira, Abatacept.... I suppose its just finding the right one for you. I found I still struggled a bit during lockdown without a steroid injection though. Hope you are getting on well with Remsima?

Hi Debra 👋

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DebraJH in reply to Mumcon

Hi Mumcon🙂

Hi 👋 and welcome debrajh 😀

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DebraJH in reply to jojoishere

Thank you jojoishere👋🙂

Hi Debra, 👋👋💕

Hi Plumcrumble, 🙂👋 thank you. x

Welcome to the Forum Debra, it's helped me a lot over the last few years since I was diagnosed, everyone helps each other. A Forum email pops into my Inbox every morning with questions, answers, experiences, information, happiness and sadness. It's so comforting and helpful to hear about other people's pain, sufferings, solutions and triumphs many of which may coincide with yours, especially when friends, family, work colleagues etc. often just don't get it.

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DebraJH in reply to Bluepegasus

Thank you for the welcome Bluepegasus. Its so lovely that there's always somewhere to "go" should you need to. I remember feeling very alone when I was first diagnosed 22 years ago. No-one that I knew had any idea what it was. Think we've all had the "oh I've got that in my knee/finger/toes conversation🤦‍♀️🙂 here, we're all on the same page! All the best🙂

Welcome, always good to talk to like minds and make new friends. Take care

Thanks Wraf22. Exactly! Very friendly place to be🙂 You take care too.

Hi Debra:) I’m quite new too but welcome!! There is no place like this one when you need support for whatever reason! And given the fact you had RA for 25 years where I was diagnosed 2 years ago you are a true warrior… best of wishes from me and there’s always someone for us here when we need it the most!

Hi DebraJH, I'm single with no family and signing up to this site since my diagnosis in March 2021 has been one of my best decisions made for years. We are here to help and support.🐕🐕

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DebraJH in reply to Ritaritis

Hi Ritaritis, ah I'm glad you've found this group. I find reading through some of the posts, I can relate to to little bits here and there in many of them. This will definitely be my "go to" place from now on. Hope people don't get fed up of me!!😂😂 Hope you are keeping as well as can be🙂

Thank you so much forislava, that's so kind of you🙂 hope you are ok. x

Lovely to 'meet' you Debra . Would be great to hear your RA history & experience sometime. I've had it 24 years, so similar in that way. 😁💖👍

Thank you Blodynhaul. I'm sure between us we'd be able to write a top seller😂😘 Any questions, feel free to ask😃

Hi Debra still a newbie in your terms lots of nice people here very helpful

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DebraJH in reply to Bethany02

Thanks Bethany02. I can see that from the wonderful welcome I've had🙂 hope you're ok🙂

Hi Debra - and welcome!

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DebraJH in reply to nanapat61

Thanks nanapat61🙂 I'm nana too, I have 2 boisterous little Grandsons😂 hope you are as well as can be🙂

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nanapat61 in reply to DebraJH

We've three amazing grandkids who live close by and have always been a joy to us - well, mostly😂 They're growing up so quickly (youngest is 10) and fast becoming independent young people but I'm so glad to have had the opportunity to spend so much time with them from birth and way before I developed this dratted disease. Enjoy every moment with your little ones as best you can!

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DebraJH in reply to nanapat61

Thank you💗

Hi Deborah, I'm Gail. Like you I liked to read all the messages. They cheer me up. I've been diagnosed about 4 years ago. And recently I was at my lowest, But reaching out to all these lovely people really lifted my sprit. And helped me a lot. X

Hi Gail. So sorry to hear you've had a rough time lately, hope you're on the up? This forum is so lovely and cheery, certainly not all doom and gloom as someone has already said. Let's face it, we all get our bad days and sometimes it really is hell, so having somewhere we can speak and share our problems is fantastic. Take care. x

Welcome Debra! This is a great forum. It has given me the kind of information that my doctor doesn’t. It has made me feel less isolated battling RA.

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