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broken wrists

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Hi, everyone. I had a tumble last Tuesday taking my little dogs for a walk and have broken and fractured my wrists and hands. I'm in a mess, i cant wash or dress myself properly, i have both my hands and arms in plaster and was wondering where i may be able to get some sort of long plastic type gloves, When someone from the hospital came to see me on the Wednesday they told me there was nothing they could do for me and to put plastic bags on my arms to protect my plaster cast. it doesn't work, They come off and I'm having trouble keeping my plaster casts dry. my husband doesn't help me either. I thought the hospital would of at least kept me in for a few days till i can settle the pain down. My GP texed and asked if i would arrange an on line telephone appointment but cannot get one until 21st of September. i feel absolutely distraught. I've worked all my younger life from leaving school till last year when i was finished up aged 60 due to rheumatoid . Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Gailyb sorry to hear about your broken wrists , you can get long plastic gloves that are used by vets or farmers for inspecting there animals they go all the way up ur arm we got ours from an animal supply store called mole valley farmers, if you look online you should be able to find them , hope you get some help soon x

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gailyb in reply to patsymay13

Thankyou so much.x

Sorry to hear all this broke one of my wrists a few weeks ago it’s bad enough with one good arm !! Sounds like the first you need is a divorce!

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gailyb in reply to Micktheclicky

Easier said than done. lol.

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gailyb in reply to patsymay13

Just ordered some. Thankyou x

I’m so sorry to read your post . If your husband will not help you , you will need to get some extra help, to wash and dress , you will need to pay for this . You maybe entitled to some help financially with this . Whatever you do , do not get your plaster cast wet . Please call your local council and ask for the names of the home care agencies . Just having your personal care done will make you feel better nothing worse than not being able to wash and dress , let alone the toilet issues . Please don’t be proud . I was so lucky my daughter literally helped me after my operation I don’t no what I would have done without her . I felt I’d lost all dignity , but bless her she was great . Don’t worry it won’t be long and you’ll need to pace yourself mentally . I think your husband will need to step up and help you , but only you know what he will do . Phone your surgery and ask for a urgent telephone appointment to get pain relief sorted . Sorry I’m not much help but hopefully a friend may step up ask for help you’ll be surprised . Wishing you well

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gailyb in reply to Nessa28

Thankyou so much for your advice.x

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Smittybear7 in reply to gailyb

Prayers coming maybe someone from your church could help.

Oh you poor thing. You can get the plaster cast covers from Amazon but you may need help getting them on. They are very effective though. I had to get one for my Dad when he broke his wrist and I also saw them later in a local care / mobility shop. Hope you get some support soon.

Thankyou so much. I will look for some now.x

I don't have any more advice than has already been given. I just wanted to say that I am so sorry to read your post. I do hope you get some help soon.

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gailyb in reply to Mmrr

Thankyou for replying, I've ordered some gloves x

I'm so sorry to hear about your accident and what you're going through gailyb, what a terrible struggle you're having. I'm afraid I don't have much advice but just wanted to wish you well. Do you have a Care In The Community organisation in your area that could help or point you in the right direction? I really hope you can get the help you need. All the best. xx

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gailyb in reply to springcross

Thankyou. They're not much help I'm afraid. My daughter has been to see me this morning and gave me some help and and gave my husband a rollicking, Seemed to have done the trick. lol.xx

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springcross in reply to gailyb

Good for her, I don't blame her. I hope all will be well and that you heal quickly. x

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Mmrr in reply to gailyb

Good for your daughter, I hope she keeps at him !

I can highly recommend Limbo cast protectors. They seal really tightly so you can shower without worrying about your cast getting wet. However, you’ll probably need help getting them on if both arms are in plaster.

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Thankyou , i have just ordered some gloves with the help of my daughter, she came down to see me earlier. x

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Smittybear7 in reply to gailyb

Not sure if you are on Medicare but if you are you might be able to get some in home health care.

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gailyb in reply to Smittybear7

Thankyou, for your advice, I've managed to order some gloves on line. x

Oh my goodness. Lots of good advice here just wanted to add my sympathy and best wishes. You poor thing. X

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Thankyou. x

Oh how horrid for you I am so sorry.You can get plastic bags with a tie string that are limb shaped over the internet or in a pharmacy for that purpose but to be honest it sounds as though you need much more „proper“ help than that for a little bit. Donyou have any friends or family who could help or could your husband be kindly persuaded to? Can you ring for an emergency sale day GP appt? I hope you get some help soon.

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gailyb in reply to Gif1986

My GP is not very good, He doesnt do face to face appointments, My daughter came down, she's ordered some gloves and gave my husband a right rollicking, it seems to have done the trick, for now. lol. x

Hi, there is a company called limbo on line that sell just what your looking for. They dispatch within 24hrs so you dont have to wait long. I first found out about them from a poster at the fracture clinic at local hospital when my grandson broke his arm. Was a godsend for him.😁

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gailyb in reply to Amandajane64

Thankyou, My daughter came to see me earlier and has ordered some for me, x

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Amandajane64 in reply to gailyb


How are you feeling gailyb ?Do you have friends and family that can help you .

If your husband won’t help you then that’s extremely mean of him. Surely if he’s got any humanity in him at all he can see you need his help. Sorry but it’s a bit annoying. I know it’s not my business. I am 69 I live on my own , if I broke two wrists there is no way I could look after my two poodles . We do have to be so careful about our bones as we age . Wishing you very well again soon xxx

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gailyb in reply to rabbits65

Hi, Thankyou for your reply, My daughter came down to see me earlier, She's ordered me some gloves and gave my husband a good Rollicking, seemed to have hit a nerve, x

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rabbits65 in reply to gailyb

Very good that your daughter has been to see and help you . Your husband will soon realise that your unable to cook the dinners at the moment. !!!!

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gailyb in reply to rabbits65

Thankyou for your kind words. When i finished work i seemed to lose at lot of my friends and colleagues, They are all so busy with their own lives, I don't like to bother them, That's why i value my walks to the park, You meet up with some lovely dog walkers, I will miss that for a while, My husband is taking over the role of dog walker at the moment. Hopefully not for 2 long. x

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rabbits65 in reply to gailyb

You must tell your friends what’s happened , they might offer to help. . When you do venture outside be really careful , as although your legs are ok you won’t have your arms for balance . Your dogs will keep looking at you to go out , mine know when it’s 10.30 am every day . I live on my own I had a hand rail put on my steps when I moved in , and also spaced the steps out better so they are not so steep, costs a fortune this getting older !!!!Hope your feeling better today and I hope your husband is making you lots of cups of tea xxx

I have found out that if you ring at 8.30 as we have to for an appointment with the GP, you can get a phone call appointment too. Having been told it would be a week wait I managed to get one the same day. Needless to say I didn't actually get throughg till 9.15!. Best wishes and lots of sympathy to you

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gailyb in reply to vonniesims

Thankyou, i rang them earlier and they are ring me for a telephone consultation.x

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vonniesims in reply to gailyb

Good x

Just sending sympathy, how traumatic it must be to feel helpless for a while. I wonder if it's worth ringing your local social services to ask if they can suggest any way of accessing temporary personal care support. Also maybe the occupational health service may have equipment that would make life easier whilst you're incapacitated.

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gailyb in reply to rounder

I rang them earlier in the week, they were really sympathetic, but unfortunately couldn't do much, I rang my daughter earlier, i didn't want to worry her as she has my little grandson who been diagnosed with autism, she came earlier and ordered my some gloves, and rang my local hospital out patients as i couldn't get help anywhere, x

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rounder in reply to gailyb

I'm sure your daughter will be only too happy to help. When I damaged my back 2 years ago I learned that I had to let others help, but it's difficult to sit back and let them do stuff sometimes if it's not the way you like it😂😂. My lovely hubby wanted to help but is sadly domesticated, we ate a lot of ready meals and good friends bought us some home cooking so we got by.

Oh my goodness - you have my sympathy. I broke my right wrist in January last year and what a shock that was, cane even begin to imagine what it is like with both wrists broken although my son did that when he was 13 but it’s easier for the young and he had me to sort him out anyway.

I bought a Limbo to wear for baths and showering but again I was only putting it on one arm. It was totally waterproof.

Could you ask to have a waterproof plaster put on next time they change your plaster - that might help you a bit. If you do get it wet go back and they will put another layer on it or something - same son accidentally dipped his in a swimming pool.

I was lucky that my husband helped a lot around the house. I found that frustrating too though. I was in a lot of pain and I found it really frustrating that he didn’t know where anything was kept - just reinforced what I though about me doing all the drudgery around the house, it also made me cross that after living in our house for forty years he didn’t have a clue about anything which I resented in a way. Anyway, that won’t help you.

From the sound of things if your husband won’t help - why not? - you will need some help with personal care and around the house. If you can’t get to speak to your doctor is there anyone else at your surgery who could help you - a health visitor perhaps? What about contacting occupational health at the hospital to see what they can offer?

I found having him wash my hair a complete nightmare - in his favour he tried but he has been bald for years so he just wasn’t used to handling long hair so if you can find a friend for that sort of thing it would save your sanity.

I would say I used my sling and held my arm up towards my shoulder for far to long and I don’t think that did me any good at all. I even held it that way after the plaster came off I did all the exercises I was given and used my arm but they said ‘keep it up’ the didn’t say for how long - so I kept it up for too long. In the end to get out if the habit I used to have to put my hand in my pocket, so try not to do what I did.

Good luck with it all, I really feel for you in your situation, one broken wrist with all the pain that involved was bad enough but two must be awful. 💐

Thankyou for your reply, you made me smile, I rang my daughter, i didn't want to worry her as her little son has just been diagnosed with autism , Anyway she came round and told me off for not letting her know how bad things were, and gave my lazy husband a good rollicking for leaving me in this mess. Hopefully he's taken something on board now. x its lovely to know i am not alone now especially with you all.xx

Well done to your lovely daughter. My elderly mother came to visit with a broken arm and I helped her into the bath - I cringe now when I think of how I ‘moved ‘ her arm in the process. It wasn’t fresh,y broken and I didn’t realise how much and how long it hurt for. Poor mum.That’s the thing about HU - you’ll discover you are never alone, there is always someone who knows how you feel and can either offer advice or sympathy, usually both. I found Thyroid U.K. when I had Graves’ disease back in 2012 and it really is a lifesaver ever since.

When my son broke both arms years ago he came thundering down the stairs heading for the telephone one day, all excited saying ‘I do it, I can go, I can go’,

He and his friend were organising a disco for his youth group, it involved a sleepover which he had had to cancel because up until then he couldn’t manage to wipe his bum himself - don’t ask me how but somehow or another (I didn’t go into it too deeply!) he cracked it and that was it - freedom to go for a sleepover.

Good luck with it all, you sound brighter already. Just brace yourself and grit your teeth when your husband gets into his stride - my husband was left handed (sorry left handers) which meant that everything he did looked really awkward to me.

I also bought a mini magi mix for chopping vegetables because I just didn’t have the strength to do that sort of thing, you’ll also find it’s worth buying ready prepared vegetables from the supermarket, I even bought mashed potato which I hadn’t ever done that before but that sort of thing really helped. Things like cooking double quantities of things that will freeze or even just eating the same thing two days in a row will help too. It’s probably stating the obvious but I found I got tired very quickly so try and get lots of rest. 😊

Thankyou for all your kind advice x

So sorry to hear of your plight. I'm having hand surgery in 2 weeks snd will be in plaster for a month afterwards. As its my right hand I've been stressing as to how I'll manage with my painful left hand and trying to work out the logistics of coping especially living alone. It must be a nightmare having both hands out of action! I have a Limbo sleeve and have also found one at my local mobility shop which has a thumb compartment which may be useful if your thumb is working ok. Hoping that my thumb won't be affected by my surgery. Wishing you a speedy recovery 🙂

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gailyb in reply to kateanne

Thankyou so much for your advice. I will have a look on line for mobility gadgets.x

Care at home sell long gloves

More important how are you doing? You must have taken an awful tumble to break both wrists.

I expect once the shock goes you will get better. Thank goodness for your kind daughter! Your husband is out of his depth and may be upset for you. He may start helping once he gets his head around things.

Take care and keep us updated- sending gentle hugs 🌺🌸💐

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gailyb in reply to Green230461

Thankyou for your kind words, I tripped and fell, I've had bad wrists for around 4 years and just kept getting fobbed off with injections in wrists and new splints. The joints in my feet and toes are swollen and painful, but they fobbed me off with yet another offer of an injection which i refused. i think all these steroid injections have weakened my bones, So when i tripped i broke both and have multiple fractures. hopefully now someone will do something. x

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Green230461 in reply to gailyb

Poor you! It must be agony! I bet you look like an extra from a 1970 comedy!

Look after yourself now and don’t go breaking anything else. 🌺 are the GP sending you any support to your home now?

You should be getting some medical/physical support with your injuries. My sister in law fell over recently and she had nurse visits three times a week in the Midlands so it is available you just have to moan loudly!

Take care 🌞

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gailyb in reply to Green230461

Thankyou for your kind words, you made me smile. it's so lovely not to feel alone, x 🤗🤗

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