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Flu Vaccine

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OH and I both had flu jab yesterday - went in the chemist for antihistamine and came out with sore arms. I don’t know whether it is just this year’s vaccine or whether we have not been exposed to enough germs during lockdown but within a few hours I ached all over. This morning I have a flare and David has a case of man-flu (I would say a mild case but I have been informed that man-flu does not come in mild cases). Are we just being wimpy or has anyone else found this?

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Oh heck I am having my flu vaccine this morning so really hoping I don’t have many side effects. So sorry to hear that you and your OH are feeling rough after yours. I am sure you are not being wimpy. I’ll let you know if I get any side effects. I then have my third Covid vaccine on Monday. I’ll be feeling like a pin cushion. x

Sorry to jump in, can I ask how or who you organised your 3rd vaccine. My daughter gets married in 2 weeks and I’m keen to get my 3rd dose before then. My GP says they are not involved in it, and rheumy says their not. 119 say their not allowed to book for 3rd vaccine. Even my MP seems to lack understanding saying an announcement is expected imminently re boosters. It shouldn’t be this hard. I’m on 4 immunosuppressants 3 of which are on the list for 3rd dose. Just don’t know where to turn.

Summerrain sorry your struggling, the good news is it suggests your bodies are working hard making antibodies. Hopefully it’s short lived 🤗

Hi lovely. It was my GP surgery who have organised the 3rd vaccine for me. They rang me yesterday and invited me to come for the 3rd vaccine. Really hope you can get sorted with yours. 🤗 x

Thanks. When I spoke to my GP she said she would look into it. She then phoned me back 24hrs later saying they weren’t involved in it. Don’t hold out much hope of getting before the wedding 🤗

Hopefully the third Covid vaccines will be rolled out nationally. We have very high rates of Covid in the part of the country where I live so wonder if the vaccines are being rolled out depending on Covid rates but doubtful. Postcode lottery again I think. I had asked my rheumatologist when I saw her on Thursday and she said they were waiting for advice about what to do about my meds with the third vaccine and then the next day my GP surgery rang me advising I could have my third Covid vaccine on Monday. 🤗 x

Hi! Here is what is supposed to happen in England. However, I am having similar problems to you trying to actually arrange.


Might help though when talking to GP /


Hi unfortunately your link doesn’t work, but I think it may be the same as this one that I already forwarded to the surgery. I don’t blame the surgeries, it’s just poor communication from government before they make these announcements


Thanks for sharing this 🥰

Thank you, link worked for me.

Thank you for sharing this it’s very helpful. There is one thing they havnt mentioned though & that is if the patient has had Covid does that alter the timing of vaccination. I’ve recently had Covid so presumably won’t require the 3rd vaccination at this time.

This was in a statement announced yesterday……

“People over the age of 12 with severely weakened immune systems should have a third vaccine dose to top up protection against Covid19They include those with blood cancer, advanced HIV and recent organ or stem-cell transplants.

The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) said a separate booster programme for other age groups was still being considered.”

So it may be announced soon which people with RA are to be offered a third vaccine….but it does seem to depend on area..I know 80+ have been offered here..but I don’t know if other groups have yet.

It’s already been announced on 1st of September. Also although it states > 20mg MTX the BSR have advised anyone on >10mgs should be offered the 3rd vaccine. I’m on 25mg, as well as anti tnf injection and prednisolone and hydrocortisone, so meet the criteria on many levels. It was announced 10 days ago, so information should have cascaded by now


Not really…the scientists are saying one thing ..but it’s not what the Gov want to hear.Plus don’t you worry that you might get a reaction this close to the wedding?

Try to relax…..wear your mask indoors & pray for good weather so that you can spend time outside.I hope you have a lovely day..

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bpeal1 in reply to AgedCrone

The government and the JVCI have already approved 3rd primary doses (not to be confused with booster doses) for immunosuppressed people. Details can be found (including the list of eligibility) on pages 19&20 of chapter 14 of the Green book.


Unfortunately my GPs are being completely useless at organising it.

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Apparently Boris is due to make an announcement about it later in the week so I don't think that anything has been confirmed yet.

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bpeal1 in reply to Boxerlady

That is the booster programme not a third primary dose which has already been approved by both the JCVI and the government and has already been published in the green book (see link above).

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AgedCrone in reply to bpeal1

I honestly think the people being offered this third dose…..whatever it is called ….is going to be offered on the decision of the GP….& having RA & being on immunosuppressive drugs will not automatically be regarded as a reason to be offered it.If you read the long, long lists describing conditions thought to qualify…..they all claim to be “the answer”, but are all different!

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bpeal1 in reply to AgedCrone

But the green book is the ‘bible’ that all GPs work from so they should be using that to decide who gets the third primary dose. It is very specific about which drugs and which doses and even timescales of when the drugs were taken in relation to first and second doses of the covid vaccine.

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AgedCrone in reply to bpeal1

Just look back on here and see how well that worked with the primary vaccinations!!! I have just moved to a new GP practice which seems very efficient, but the practice I was with previously just “shut up shop” over vaccinations earlier in the year. ….

The NHSE has already published eligibility criteria and how to implement it. If you look at page 5 it lists all meds that will warrant a third dose. They are also expecting gps and specialists to start this by 13/9 which is tomorrow


The point I was making …..is that no matter what anybody………the Government or NHSE publish- individual GPs do their own thing….so anyone who really wants a third vaccine & isn’t called for one will have to make representations to their GP to see if they can have one.I had enough nasty complications with jabs 1&2…..I have no intention of chancing another one.

Thanks for your message. A couple of paracetamol have taken the worst off and I hope you have no side effects later today. Well done on getting a third Covid vaccine appt so quickly. Our surgery here is always a long way behind everyone else so not expecting to hear anytime soon.

Had my flu vaccine done now so will wait and see if I have any side effects. I was so surprised to be called so quickly for my third Covid vaccine but am relieved too as I am back at work so wanting all the protection I can get. x

Do you normally have a sore arm or any other reaction to your flu jabs?I have mine booked for 20th & I shall still be unpacking boxes then & I really don’t need to feel rotten.I don’t usually have any reaction to flu jabs but have been knocked sideways by both Covid AZ vaccinations.

Oh why can’t we just be popped in the microwave & irradiated…or whatever it does? 😩

No, I don’t usually have any reaction to the flu vaccine, although the pneumonia vaccine affected me last year and, of course, the Covid vaccine knocked me off my feet for a couple of days.

Cook for three minutes and then ready?

I was think more like 10 mins to make sure!

Mine is scheduled for the end of the month but that man flu does sound serious ! Does it need to be treated by prescribed sofa rest and a James Bond film or the cricket on TV? Plus it does definitely needs cups of tea and the odd sandwich made as the woman's variety of flu is never serious enough to stop normal activities. X

So true. After paracetamol he has now progressed to the comfy chair and is beginning to show an interest in what’s for dinner. To be honest, he only ever makes a fuss if he is a little off colour - when he is really ill he never moans.

Well I have just worked out how to stream Amazon Video on my new TV…so I suppose I could now use a sore arm ….post flu jab ….as an excuse to loll on the sofa all day watching old movies! But tonight it’s the US Open Tennis women’s Final!

But tbh I’ve had enough of vaccine reactions to last a lifetime!

Some really good TV on amazon prime.

So I see……now I’m taking time off from boxes I shall indulge!

The Science Doesn't Lie 😂😂😂


Then these fibs, lies and statistics but I'm not showing this to my husband who is at present suffering and I mean suffering (as am I with his whinging ) and not able to cut the grass. He has a bit of back ache but he did manage play golf yesterday ( to take his mind off it !). lol lol x and the blonde young lady osteopath who advised hm to keep active (he said).

Wow man flu is a real thing? I have complained about my husband for 37 years! I thought it was his excuse for a hot toddy!😎

I've heard nothing about the flu vaccination yet. Not a mention on the practice website either.

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J1707 in reply to Mmrr

I’ve got my next week at my pharmacy. If I wait for my Gp it will be November if they are true to form . The same every year.

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AgedCrone in reply to Mmrr

My GP surgery have not sent out Influenza Vaccine notices yet. I booked mine at the pharmacy as I’m due a Rtx infusion….& need to get a vaccination first….with at least a month to spare. If you let them…all these vaccinations & infusions could rule you life couldn’t they?.

Hi, both had our flu jabs yesterday to. Ive been fine but hubby had shivers,aches and then the sweats last night 12hrs after the jab.

Hope your husband feels better this morning.

Yes thank you he feels much better.😁

Same here…went to chemist for my meds and was asked if me and my husband wanted ours there and then.just a bit of sore arm for me this morning and no effects for toughy husband.She was so gentle too.hope you both soon feel well again

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achyknitter in reply to Fra22-57

I am pleased to hear that you and your husband had no problems from your flu jab. My OH and I are feeling much better today - it must have been one of those things.

Morning, just wanted to let you know I have had no side effects at all from my flu vaccine yesterday. x

That is good to hear. We are a lot better here thankfully. x

I am so pleased you are both feeling much better now x

That is good news 🌞

It is impossible to get flu from the vaccine. It is not alive. Coincidence.

I haven’t been called for mine yet! Hope you feel better soon 🔜🌺

My sister had her flu jab at the weekend and has felt rotten all week. I think because we have all been locked away our immune systems have not had the daily germ quota it would normally cope with so everything hits like a tonne of bricks

I completely agree with you, I am so looking forward (not) to getting the winter snuffles.

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