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Message from summerrain

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Gail has asked me to post on her behalf.

She is struggling at the moment but wanted to thank everyone for their love and support while she has been having problems. She hasn’t forgotten you but not up to posting at the moment.

A big Thankyou from Gail xx

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I'm sorry you're still not feeling well Gail. I hope you soon will be feeling much better. In the meantime rest, that's what you clearly need to help you through this. Thinking of you and sending love and hugs. xx

Thanks J1707 - lots of love and positive thoughts heading to Gail 😘💐🌻🌷🏵️

Thank you J1707 for letting us know. Sending Gail all my love and hugs. xxxxx

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rabbits65 in reply to sylvi

Lovely Dahlias Sylvi , my dad used to grow them . I would like to try and grow them but think it takes a bit of skill to get them as good as yours xxx

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sylvi in reply to rabbits65

It is so easy to grow them darling, you just put them in the ground and leave them to grow on their

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rabbits65 in reply to sylvi

I thought you have to store the Tubulars though , ? Thanks Sylvi Xxx

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sylvi in reply to rabbits65

Yes you do and in the spring you put so,e earth on them and then water them, You split the tubers and then late spring you put them in the ground. xxxx

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Knip in reply to sylvi

You obviously have green fingers. Our dahlias haven't bloomed this year 😔 but most of our flowers have flourished, so swings and roundabouts! xx

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sylvi in reply to Knip

My hubby lifts the tubers as we have loads down the allotment. xxxx

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Knip in reply to sylvi

That's called team work! 🌺

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sylvi in reply to Knip

He does all the heavy work and i get all the praise.xxxx😂😂

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rabbits65 in reply to sylvi

Thanks Sylvi , yes I knew something had to be done to these Tubulars and couldn’t remember what. I think that dahlias are an absolutely delightful flower 🌺 xxx

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sylvi in reply to rabbits65

They are so easy to look after during the winter as long as they are kept in a dry place. xxxxx

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Gif1986 in reply to sylvi

Your dahlias are beautiful! They always remind me of my wonderful step dad. Trying to muster the bravery to try growing some in the garden next summer as well.xx

Bless her x hopefully she will be feeling stronger and better soon xxx tel her to take care xx

Thanks for letting us know. I had been thinking of her.

Please tell her I'm thinking of her. Hugs and kisses to her x

Hoping Gail will soon be feeling much better lots of sleep and good food, sending hugs xxx

Really really am very sorry to hear that unfortunately really know how she feels coz I am really really struggling at the moment. I have called 111 yesterday and the man I talked to was very lovely and he told me he will send that report to my GP. Mega cwtch to ya Gail yeahhhhhhh I know your name at last lol. When you feel up to it I would love us to support each other 😘

Thanks J for the update let her know Ian thinking of her 💐

Thanks for that update as have been thinking of her. Lots of love to Gail. xx

Thinking of you Gail xx

Sending my love 💐

Thanks for letting us know. Send her our love and let her know we're thinking of her and hoping she's in a happier place very soon. xx😘

Thanks for letting us all know J1707. Sending love and best wishes to Gail. Hope you feel better soon. XX 💐😘

Hope you feel well soon Gail.

I hope Gail feels better soon. Sending her gentle hugs and my best wishes 💕

Big hugs gail xx

Please pass on my best wishes and hopes that she will be feeling better soon. X and thank you for posting. x

Thank you for posting. Wishing you both well

awwww thank you so much J1707 for posting this. Sending love💜💕xxx

Sending gentle hugs and positive relaxing thoughts to Gail xx

Thank you. A rotten time indeed for her. 😢 I did message her a few days ago but said it was just to let her I know I’m thinking of her and didn’t want a reply. I’m off here from tomorrow as I really have to buckle down now to do some important business this coming week but I’ll check back end of the week to see If anyone knows how she is. Take care everyone. xx

Hope you have a productive break. I'm grateful for the information regarding retuximab.

Thank you Sunny. I’ll feel better when I’ve done all I have to with the admin etc. Hope you are steady. x

Thank you. Maybe retuximab about Nov but will need rheumy to check igGs. I notice she's put them on blood form. Hope you have more treats to help administration along x

Yes, thank you, I’ve got some more black cherries and a large pack of Twiglets but not to eat together! 😜 My Ig’s are done as standard and yes always keep an eye on igG. x

💐✨🍀to you both!

Hope you feel better real soon and this difficult time passes. Sending you healing hugs 💐 🤗 ❤

Take care of yourself 🌼 🥰

Sending love and hugs. xx

Thinking about you Gail and really hoping things improve for you soon. Very, very best wishes.

Thank you, send Gail lots gentle hugs 💖🤞

Thanks J1707. Sending love and hugs Gail 💐x

Aren’t you good … Take care Gail. Go to bed for a few days with some trashy books & Billy obvs xx

Sending very gentle hugs to Gail and thank you for the update.

Good morning . All my love to Gail ,

Thanks J 1707 ,

Also dear Billy Cat


I’m so sorry you’re struggling at the moment, Gail. Time to step back and put yourself first. Rest is always the best medicine. Thinking of you.

Lots of love to Gail, and to you too xxx

Thanks for update, really hope you feel better soon Gail.X

Thinking of you and hope that you will be starting to feel better soon. xx

Thank you for letting us know. Please send our best wishes to Gail. Kind regards.

Hi Summerain

I know it's awful when you are feeling under the weather....and think the sun is never going to shine again....can I suggest you try Michelles Sanctuary its online and Michelle has plenty of different things to listen to its like suggestive or visual mediation ...anything from taking you away to all kinds of exotic locations and imagine you are actually in the story there are to help sleep at night but I have been suffering with bad anxiety all through pandemic and help tremendously. There are also meditations to help with pain anxiety lots of is my go to when down or in pain. Blessingsx

Sending big hugs 🥰 hope you feel better soon 😘😘

Sending lots of love 💐💕

Send her my best wishes and tell her to look after herself, hope she is feeling better soon. 💐

Let's all hope she starts to feel better soon xx

Pet, we are here to help and offer support. Get well soon🐕🦄

Thanks for update and wishing g her a speedy recovery

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