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Medicinal cannabis for Arthritis.

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Hi everyone, has anyone in the U.K ever received medicinal cannabis for their RA?

Not CBD " medicinal cannabis"

Does it actually work?

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I tried it and it helped with my sleeping at night. I also bought some CBD Gummies which were supposed to help with pain. The affect was minimal and a tub for about a month cost £58 so not cheap. I don’t think I’d order any more.

Hi, as far as I am aware it is not available to UK residents on prescription. However if you happen to have MS you have been able to get it for years.Have raised this a number of times with my MP and never had a sensible answer as to why.

But i am sure the restrictions on cannabis will be lifted here eventually exactly as they have been in many USA states and most of Europe.

I managed to acquire some and I got a custom coconut oil to try so I can melt it into tea as I don't like smoking. I do find it helpful in very small doses as an alternative to painkillers. I'm allergic to nsaids so I only have the option of cocodamol when my pain is bad. The cannabis oil can be good as a break because cocodamol makes me feel a bit blergh and makes my stomach go all out of whack. It's definitely takes your mind off the pain, makes you feel relaxed.

I also take CBD oil which I found never really helped but I think it's just because the dosages on the market are too low. I found an affordable one recently from Kekalke CBD, which is 1200mg and that is actually making a difference now.

cocodamol made my stomach swell for some reason..

It makes me super bloated and constipated if I take it for too long!

I bought the cream and after a few minutes I could taste it. Did nothing except hurt my pocket but I tried it for Shingles nerve pain not RA. I gave it to a friend and she swore by it so its a very individual thing.

I find the oil doesn't do anything. However I recently got some full spectrum gummies. They do seem to take the edge off the pain. I'm fed up with pain killers messing with my head. Using the gummies I've managed to cut down on the pain meds. Its about time cannabis was legalised.

I would definitely take real medical cannabis for RA if legal. There are now specialist UK clinics that will issue a prescription for it but unfortunately the NHS won't pay for it, yet. I've spoken to a few people in the USA that use it for RA with great results. Sorry I can't be more helpful but let's hope we can get a chance and choice to take this. I did speak to my RA specialist about it and he also agreed and thought it could be beneficial if legal obviously.

As far as I'm aware, it is already legal in the UK, but only available privately. I'm seriously considering it as I'm not getting enough relief from my RA drugs alone... I asked my Rheumatologist about it when I last saw him, and he was very non-committal. At least it wasn't a flat "no"! If anyone's interested, here's the clinic I'm considering using: From what I can see, it's not as expensive as you might think - a lot cheaper than some of the top quality CBD oils!

Thank you so much

I've tried full.thc oil alls I got was stoned gave me horrible anxiety I've tried cod full spec didn't do a thing

So many different reactions to this question of cannabis in its various forms. Intriguing, to say the least. We'll have to wait for the moment if we want the NHS to get involved, but it may be something to keep in mind. I know it has been approved for MS , in some cases, and does seem helpful. I tend to be cautious - my age perhaps. Although perhaps an advanced age is just the time to throw caution to the wind!

An interesting post.

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