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Disappearing off for a week or so.

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Need to prepare for my biologics rheumy phone consultation next week and also I’m about to do the second antibody spike protein test in readiness for the phone call as I can say I’ve tried to see if I have any. I need to consult with an immunologist re my side effects anyhow so lots to try sort out. Other areas too, so a busy time. So, until I return soon I wish you all the very best. xx

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Good luck NK. You’ll be missed x

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Neonkittie17 in reply to J1707

Thank you. Miss you too but I need to make the best prep I can for the call l which I’m actually dreading. It may not happen anyhow ... I’ll probably be forgotten! 😝From tomorrow I’ll be streamlining and amending my notes I typed on iPhone notebook and getting all my blood results together. Take care J1707 and I’ll be back after next week. 💗x

Wishing you all the best too NK. Really hope everything goes well for you and you get everything sorted that you need to. As J says, you will be missed and we look forward to having you back very soon xx😊

Thanks dear Kags.. will miss you too but look forward already to coming back after my consultation if I haven’t run for the hills!! 😜 xx

Haha! Well, if you run for the hills, would you like any companions? (As long as I can bring my gutter frame)!!😁😳 Sometimes, it would be nice to run away from things for a bit though, wouldn't it...........?!🤔😊Seriously though, hope it all goes well xx😊

Yes come along! Think it may be more of a hobble at the moment as my get are sore in this hot weather! I’d love to disappear for a week or two. I had a friend who went to a monastic retreat every year to do just that. xx

I'll let you share my frame if you need to. 😁😁A monastic retreat - how lovely. My husband likes the sound of those xx

She worked on the land .. orchards and fruit and veg gardens and loved it. She said it was great not to have all the noisy daily life and didn’t mind not having TV. I don’t have a TV but see things on iplayer I choose to. I could do a monastic life every now and then. She did meditation with experts and other mindfulness events and yoga too. It was somewhere in Northumberland but it was ages ago. xx

Sounds very revitalising xx

I spent four days on retreat at prinknash abbey. Not at all what I expected I thought hymns and prayers oh no milking a cow at 4am

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Knip in reply to Neonkittie17

I am imagining a mass exodus of those of us with RA hobbling to the hills,...it's given me a gentle chuckle!

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Kags1068 in reply to Knip

Haha - yes, God help those poor hills!!😁😁xx

NK, fingers crossed all goes well next wk…take care🤗 Steph😘

Thanks Steph hope you are well. xx

Not too bad thanks honey - plodding along as you do xx

Keep plodding! 😄xx

And all the best to you too. Hope all goes well with your consultation xx🐰

I’m open to her suggestions but she has to be to mine! She’s a lovely lady, just not been available. xx

Just you take care NK, time to focus on you. Sending some positive vibes to you xx

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Neonkittie17 in reply to Pippy25

Thank you dear Pip. I’ve got a delivery of art things and some fab plants coming soon so may have time to do a little more of what I love there. Hope you are steady this week. 💗xx

We're all rooting for you 🤞🍀😁

Thank you 😊 💗x


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Neonkittie17 in reply to GinnyE


Good luck our lovely NK 🤗 will be thinking of you x

Thanks sweet Doll 💗😍x

Fingers crossed xx

You take care

Thank you Marion. 💗xx

I hope it all goes well for you Nk. xx

Thank you Spring. xx

Good luck Neonkittie, we will miss you on here and look forward to your return in a week or so. Take care x

I’ll be back as Arnie said! 😜xx


You will be missed very much. I hope that the appointment goes well next week and we will all be with you in spirit. Fingers crossed for a positive and productive appointment. 🥰🤗 xx

Thank you Gail. Will miss you and everyone but I feel a break from tomorrow is sensible to do the things that are piling up. I shall have an ordered subject list and I’ll follow up the call with a reminder email of the points I would like actioning. She’s a really good lady but has been pulled all ways the last 17 months. Hope Billy is speaking to you now! 😸 I’ll check PM’s so if you need to talk about anything you know where I am. xx

Good luck and hugs x

Thank you Dee and same to you too for your Mum. x

Fingers crossed for you. Look forward to your return. Don't forget us. xx

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Neonkittie17 in reply to Wobbies

Thank you. 💗🥰xx

Good luck with the consultation hope the best decision for you emerges through the chats. It's necessary sometimes to take a break I feel then it's nice to return.

Look forward to hearing which plants you've bought! Love gardening Xx

Thank you. All sorts from Hayloft. I will do a plant update on my return. x

Great. I'm waiting for some Ammi from Hayloft.

Good luck, let us know how it goes. I'll be interested in the results!

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Neonkittie17 in reply to allanah

I think it will be a case of zero but ... at least I’ll know. Then I’m going to say I want to be off Rtx, regain my B cells back and then get another vaccine in early autumn whilst B’s are still around!

Best of luck with your consultation!

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Neonkittie17 in reply to Klutzy

Thank you Klutzy💗

I hope you have a positive appointment and get good clear answers to all your notes, take care, stay safe. Looking forward to your return.

Good luck with everything. Come back as soon as you feel able.

Best of luck with your appointment NK, keeping everything crossed for good news for you 🤞🤗

Take care, hope you manage to get everything sorted out and prepared in good time to take your consultation steadily. Nothing worse than being rushed. We look forward to hearing how you get on. God Blesss.

Hope it all goes well with your consultation 🙂



Hope your consultation goes well and you can get some things sorted out. Take care xxx



Good luck with everything, you are doing the right thing. Preparation is so helpful for everybody involved.👍😘


Take care hope it all goes well for you🌺


Good luck with it all, I hope it happens and I hope it makes you feel great ☀️


Would anyone know what the antibody protein test is that Neonkittie mentioned? Thanks.

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Neonkittie17 in reply to Wyaatch

Hi, the page was left open on my phone so I saw your message. It’s the Roche spike protein antibody test from Testing for All. They call it Immunity Tracker on their website. You can phone them and talk to someone if you have any queries. Or Lloyd’s offer the same Roche test I believe.

Thanks so much! To find out the purpose of the test—I could Google the name.


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