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Hi all!

Does anyone take supplements and if so what do you take?

Ta 😊

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I'm not normally someone who takes supplements, but at the moment I'm awash with them ...calcichew (prescribed), biotin for hair loss and turmeric to see if it helps with the inflammation (suggested on a recent NRAS FB session). The biotin seems to be helping.

Just vitamin D.

B vitamins for energy, Vit d/calcium which is prescribed, and zinc.

Hi, turmeric, vit d and a pro biotic capsule, along with my RA meds of course.

Is it ok to take probiotic when on Biologics or Biosimilars?

I'd always ask the Dr. I'm not on biologics so couldn't say, sorry.


Vit B12 injections as requested by rheumatology, and vit D

Most of mine are for nerve issues, like Alpha Lipoic Acid. Yet since learning that supplement helps with inflammation, I'm taking more of it. I also take magnesium sometimes for headaches.

Vitamin d and vitamin c

I’m taking omega 3 and probiotics. I also have Calceo chewable tablets for osteoporosis which contain calcium and vitamin D.

If you shake me, I rattle these days! Once a day I take omega 3 capsules, starflower oil (for omega 6), vit d, vit c, marine collagen, a bone health supplement (calcium/chondroitin), and viviscal twice a day for hair loss... plus my 3 RA meds.

Are you sitting down - it's a very long list!!🤣😂. Vit C, Vit D &K2, Vit B, Biotin , folic acid, lysine, Omega 3. Plus Collagen, Wheatgrass and Cacao powder in a juice. I honestly think taking these things has helped me tolerate MTX and helped with some side effects - but then again I could be kidding myself🤷🏼‍♀️

Adel d3. Which is calcium and vit d in one tablet.

Vit D. My GP says whole population should be on it especially in the winter

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Sjhoney in reply to vonniesims

Yes this def seems to be the one to take 👍

Is it ok to take Vit D3 everyday including during the Summer months? And what dose per day? Thanks

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The government gave out some free vit D few months ago.It is D3 10ug. 1 daily. I take it all year round , as I use factor 50 sun screen,but only alternate days in the summer.

I just take a multivitamin and minerals from Boots. One a day alongside my RA meds. I figured that’ll be enough! M x

I take Vit D, Vit C, Omega 3, Boswellia occasionally, Probiotics which have settled my stomach completely and magnesium which have helped greatly with sleep. I also have Organic Turmeric Latte as my last drink of the day using plant based milk adding black pepper and Manuka honey.

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MJSlide1958 in reply to AKA13

Great combination. Do you think that the turmeric is working and keeping inflammation down?

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AKA13 in reply to MJSlide1958

Hi, Yes I think so. I have been through the mill this year. Contracted Covid in January and had to come off MTX. This caused a major flare. I was back on MTX in March as I began to recover from Covid. The Turmeric Latte I have been enjoying for the last two months and I believe it has helped with inflammation and with my overall health recovery from Covid. I don't intend to give it up!!

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MJSlide1958 in reply to AKA13

Is it easy to buy the Turmeric Latte? Did you buy in store or on-line. Thanks

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AKA13 in reply to MJSlide1958

I make my own using organic turmeric powder, plant based milk and freshly ground pepper. I boil the milk with 1/4 tsp of turmeric and a little pepper and simmer for few minutes. I add the manuka honey before drinking. There are many recipes online.

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MJSlide1958 in reply to AKA13

Sounds really tasty, I must try. Thanks very much

I'm prescribed Calcichew & Vit D, but no longer buy other supplements. Instead, I changed my diet to Dr. Michael Moseley's way of thinking and my hair is much thicker now than it was. IMO proof diet is better than supplements.

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Sjhoney in reply to BoneyC

I think diet plays a big part.

In addition to the prescription folic acid, I take D and B12 (I'm a vegan).

Like Dobcross1 you may need to be sitting down for my list… 🤣D3, Turmeric Extract (only turmeric you should ever take), B12 (I eat mainly a plant based diet), Iron (for the same reason), omega 3 oils, vitamin E, collagen powder, L-Glutamine, 3 different forms of magnesium, zinc, vitamin C, Rosehip and Echinacea (when I pick up a cold, which is incredibly rare nowadays), cissus (support my joints because I do a fair bit of running and weight training). I also take Sage to balance my hormones. Believe it or not I eat an organic unprocessed diet however I genuinely believe that as we get older, together with a chronic health condition to manage, our absorption rate of nutrients is reduced. Plus, the soils our food is grown in is quite depleted of nutrients and that has a knock-on effect on the food we eat. I spent years tinkering around with my supplements and I’m now at a point where I have exactly the right balance in place to allow me to revisit the active lifestyle I had before was diagnosed 12 years ago. Oh and I use essential oils now as well as they have powerful anti inflammatory properties

I take for hair loss biotin which has been fab and marine collagen capsules too. Vit D garlic capsules, ginkgo biloba and osteoporosis stuff.If you take tumeric be careful of interaction if it has black pepper in it as this has with some people a reaction with MTX. Flaxseed capsules

Ok are you ready??

Biotin for hair loss ( this really works) along side marine collagen this helped my dry skin as well. Vitamin D, Magnesium , fish oil , B12,turmeric, garlic, Cq10 ( I take statins) flaxseed . Flaxseed really helps with my dry eyes and helps keep my cholesterol down as Baricitnib has a tendency to increase cholesterol.

I am in the long list camp 😆

vit b, c, d with k2 or cod liver oil

Gut health - glutamine, and probiotics

Joints - glutathione, collagen

Overall body - magnesium at night

I tend to switch things up sometimes - may take for example MSM.

I take my turmeric as a tea.

😆 - Hessie

I don't take any as I'm too worried about "rocking the boat" . I have read about the positive benefits of all sorts of supplements on inflammation / auto immune disease etc. I really wish I could take the plunge and try some as maybe supplements would make a positive difference, but I am concerned about the supplements disturbing my bodies balance even more,which is probably daft I know. I did ask my rheumy and the nurses but they were very dismissive/ unenthusiastic ..kinda " try it if you like but who knows?"

I do add tumeric in lots of my cooking .

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Sjhoney in reply to Thingybob

Yes I think this is how I feel. I took turmeric for a while but didn’t notice any difference. I tried cbd oil but it was like putting a fag end under my tongue 😝

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