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Anyone use a leg exerciser machine??...

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Due to getting very breathless I can’t walk too far these days, so, when I had the opportunity to purchase a leg exercise machine thought great, this is just what I need.You just plug it in and place your feet on the pads provided, and it gives you the same exercise as if you’re walking , only, you remain seated , so hooray , no breathlessness

Wnile watching TV that night I decided to give it a go and Hey presto ,,it was great watching my favourite programme and getting exercise at the same time.

That night in bed I experienced the most excruciating painful cramp , locking and unlocking in both legs. I put this down to my new wonder machine and haven’t dared use it since

It is possible that I over used it but it doesn’t say anything about timing in the instructions . Has anyone else on here bought one of these machines?..if so, would love to hear your experience s and perhaps some helpful advice.

I did take a photo of the machine in question but cannot seem to load it on here

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No but I had been looking at those for boosting circulation, so am very interested too, but also have just got an ankle bike .. one of those chair exercycles as such.

Hi Lostitat. Have you tried to load it in the comments box?

It worked,,,,,,, THANKS

👍 x

Got the pic loaded. Now you can. See what I am on about

Machine in question

I use a pedal exerciser. It can be used for legs or arms, but I only use it for my legs. It's nice when I watch TV and use it. I so wish I could ride a bicycle. Yet last time I was on one, a 3 wheeler about 3 years ago, I was swerving all over the place. So I appreciate my pedal exerciser and my couch is much comfier than a bike seat.

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I was a dead keen cyclist in my youth and used to bike everywhere.Now that I have just reached 80, I panic , even when I get onto my scooter, my mobility scooter that is. I think as we get older and wiser, (or so they say), we lose that confidence in ourselves , plus the fact that although the mind is willing the body is weak😀😀😀

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Klutzy in reply to Lostitat75

Very true! And we lose our inhibitons. I think of some stuff I did in my 30s, like cliff jumping into lake. There’s no way I’d do that again in my 50s. Plus I’d trip before running off the cliff. 😀

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I take it that you’ve never suffered from vertigo then..I panic when I’m just two steps up on the step ladder😀😀😀😀

The majority of these machines do carry an advisory to check with your doctor before you use them.Maybe you should check up now?

I haven't but I would think that you would need to start of very slowly and for a short time, as with all exercise. I think you have probably overdone it. You didn't say how long you used it for but I would say continue with it but just do 5 or 10 minutes a day and gradually build up.

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Yes you are possibly right. I was so comfortable while using it ,and , watching telly at the same time , It just didn’t seem like exercise, so I got carried away Going to start timing myself now and then see what happens.

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Klutzy in reply to Lostitat75

I’m not familiar with your leg machine. Is it an automated then, like a food stepper thing? Mine is manual, so no electronics, but I can change the resistance on it.

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Lostitat75 in reply to Klutzy

It is automated. After you plug it into the electrics it slides up and down but there is no vibration. It has two speeds which I can hardly tell the difference from , and that’s about it

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Klutzy in reply to Lostitat75

Thanks. Sounds interesting.

You are not allowed to use one of you have a pacemaker..They say that that the very small writing at the bottom of the adverts

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Lostitat75 in reply to KAISETH

Thank goodness I am pacemaker free👍

I bought a circulation booster and had similar problems to you. I only used it for 3 minutes for two or three days and it really didn’t do my knees any good at all made them ten times worse in fact. I know some people would say I didn’t give it a fair crack of the whip but I sent mine back for a refund. Wouldn’t try one again couldn’t stand the pain and yes it was on the lowest setting.

Does it have a control to reduce the intensity ? Start using for a few minutes, increase slowly.

These type of machines have to be increased gradually.

Hope this is helpful.

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Lostitat75 in reply to vwtopaz

It has two speeds and no vibration. Just slides gently up and down like walking, Quite relaxing actually.

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vwtopaz in reply to Lostitat75

Sorry I thought it was a machine to keep your muscles from atrophy. yes think possibly over done it, have a gentle stretch before and after, massage your calf muscles after.

My physical therapist gave me exercises bands which I find quite good combined with seated exercises. Breathlessness is so limiting.

Wishing you well. Take care.

What is the name of the machine and where did you buy it from? I could take a look on line.

All sorted now. I over did it on its first time use. It only requires 15 to 20 minutes on a low setting. I found it so comfortable and must have had it working for over an hour.😙😙. Lesson learned. So much wiser now 😀😀😀

I am think of buying one myself. Where did you get the machine from? What is the machine called in order to find easily? Thanks very much

The newer version of this machine is available on Amazon. It is not cheap it’s priced around £145. It does have a remote control with it and has three settings. Mine just has a switch on the side to make it stop and go and has just two settings which seem to be the same speed to me. I was lucky to purchase this machine from a friend who hardly used it and paid nowhere near that price .

Is there a name for the machine so that I can google please? Thanks

My machine just has Legexerciser on it,I think it’s an earlier model.

The new ones are manufacturered by homemedics and are a bit pricey in my opinion.

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