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When It Rains It Pours

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After my last rant, things got worse. When I thought my GP had referred me to a dermatologist as agreed she decided what she was doing was enough to get rid of these abscesses.

Only one abscess remained and antibiotics and penicillin hadn't worked. By now I had been on 8 rounds of various antibiotics/penicillin and was sick of it; then my nasty neighbors flooded my flat, I slipped, fell and couldn't get up. Pressed my pendant alarm, it took 4hrs before the ambulance arrived. I was soaked to the skin, cold, bruised and had a fractured wrist.

At A&E the doctor who treated me, saw the abscess and found another growing, suggested I see a dermatologist for hidradenitis and that he would write my GP. My blood test come back showing liver damage, after I have my cast done they send me home.

I have no electricity due to water damage, so I have to go to my mum. I call my rheumy nurse, tell her what happened and that my GP is refusing to refer me to a dermatologist, insisting that abscesses are treated with antibiotics and I will have to keep taking them until they find the one that works. My rheumy nurse wasn't please, she told me to stop all treatment until this was resolved and also because of the liver damage (Lft 186) not sure what was said or done after that conversation but the GP called to say I have been referred to a dermatologist and will see them at the end of the month. By now the three new abscesses, taking Clarithromycin, meant two burst, healed but one remained hurting as usual and getting bigger and bigger. It got so bad I went back to the GP who when he saw it had me taken into hospital and I was taken straight to surgery, it happened so damn fast, didn't even have time to tell anyone.

Still at mum's as still in a cast, wound has to be packed and dressed every day, feels like being set on fire, painkillers are my very best friends and I can't wait for this nightmare to be over.

Thanks to everyone who helped with suggestions, it really helped. I am at my wit's end, another autoimmune disorder is the last thing I needed and I know that's a rotten thing to say because I am not the only one suffering this way but I pray the dermatologist can end this nightmare

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I’m sending you a virtual hug. As I can’t think of anything else to do. The only positive is that you have eventually been referred to a dermatologist x

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Paisley58 in reply to Oshgosh

Thank you very much 😀

Oh my goodness! You poor soul that is all just absolutely terrible. Thank goodness you eventually got to the hospital and had the abscess fixed. I hope your doctor was shocked when he saw you because he should have been.I broke my wrist last January and boy did it hurt but to be left lying cold and wet just doesn’t bear thinking about. I hope things go well for yu from now on and the dermatologist can help and I hope yur GP realises the agony you are in with it all. 💐💐💐🍇🍇🍇 sending you virtual flowers and grapes t help you feel a bit better,

Thank you so much. The wrist is in a new cast as swelling eased down. Being a lefty makes me realise how much we rely on our dominant side. I hope your wrist has healed and doesn't give you to much pain. Yes, both GP's called my mum the day after I was admitted to hospital to ask for an update, she told me she reigned attendance on their heads😆 my mum is pretty scary on her hind legs. I have been given some great suggestions her in regards to diet so going to try those things and see if it helps to control the amount of abscesses. Sending you lots of love and light, have a great day.

I’m so glad things are looking better for you. You sound so much more cheerful now. Scary mum - everybody needs one of them on their side - I bet my grown up boys would say I could be a very scary mum.

Glad you’ve got a new cast - don’t be like me though, I think I kept my sling on for too long, to the extent that when I took it off I still held my arm like I was wearing my sling. I was told to ‘keep it up’ but no one said for how long! In the end I used to have to make myself put my hand in my pocket to stop myself from holding it up to my shoulder.

I did lots of finger exercises etc while I was using the plaster but when the plaster came off my actual hand was a mess. The wrist I broke healed very well but my hand was a mess because of the CRPS I ended up with 😟

PS - do you live in Paisley - both my boys were born there.

What a rotten load of luck you are having 😖Sending a virtual hug 🤗Try and take each day at a time and write a positive comment to yourself each day in a book. This will improve x

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Paisley58 in reply to Moomin8

I have been trying to keep up with the gratitude book because I was really down when I woke up in the resuss ward. I think I cried for an entire week. However, feeling a bit better, hopefully things will continue to improve. And very grateful for all the hugs, virtual and real, nothing better than a good hug🤗

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Moomin8 in reply to Paisley58

Morning 🙂Well done you for making that decision to try and continue to write an entry in your gratitude book regularly - 😇it's easy to say; difficult to actually stick to. Here's one for you: I always have people to chat with to share my successes, moans and worries with on HealthUnlocked, we're all here for you Paisley58 💕

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Paisley58 in reply to Moomin8

Thank you so very much, this space and people like you make everything so much better, bearable. Thank you💐

Oh my goodness, what an absolute nightmare you've been going through. I'm so sorry to hear what you've had to endure. I hope now that things will start to turn around for you and that this awful situation will be sorted once and for all. Good luck with the dermatology appointment. x

Thank you, hopefully dermatologist will have a bag of tricks, but in the meantime going to try some of the dietary suggestions I have received here. 🤗

I hope it works well for you. 🤞 xx

What a series of things you have had to and are going through Paisley. I cannot imagine how this all must feel for you. Although I am so relieved to hear you have finally been referred to a dermatologist and hope that this it the beginning of a way forward for you. Take care and let us know how you get on, some supportive wishes being sent out to you here. 🤞👍

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Paisley58 in reply to Pippy25

Thank you, sending love and light 🙂

You are such a strong person to have gone through so much and you've come out the other end.

I can't even imagine having to lie in the cold for hours with a broken bone .

So glad you've gotten that referral and I hope they can give you help you deserve and been asking for.

Hope your flat can be refurbished and the damage isn't too terrible.

Sending a virtual Turkish Delight bar

Thank you so much.🤗 the flat thank goodness the hallway and bathroom sustained most of the damage and the repairs are being done. Fingers crossed everything else will fall into place. Thanks for the bar 😋

Sending hugs and the here’s to things getting better when you see the dermatologist. 🙏🏻 You are due some luck now that’s for sure.

Thank you, sending love and light



Thank you 🤗

So much to put up with. Life doesn't give you an easy ride. At least your GP has seen the light and referred you. Wish the abscesses can be dealt with quickly and start healing well.

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Paisley58 in reply to stbernhard

Thank you, love and light

What an awful time you’re having - here’s hoping someone finds an answer soon - and that your reluctant GP has learnt a lesson 🤞🌷

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Paisley58 in reply to janmary

GP I believe has learnt their lesson 🤞Thank you hopefully everything else will fall into place.🙂

I can’t help I’m afraid but I can think of you and I will. Con amore Bx

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Paisley58 in reply to Batteria

Thank you, sending you lots of love and light

I hope you're feeling a lot better soon as you've been through a lot. Stay positive and hopefully the appointment for the dermatologist comes through soon. x

Thank you very much, sending love and light

You poor soul! What a nightmare you have been through. At least now someone is on your side! Get well soon 🌺

I can't tell you how furious l am for you. How dare a GP treat you like that.You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Thank you very much, sending you lots of love and light 🙂

Really hope you get the help you need soon and I hope the gp had a rollovers NG from the rheumatologist.

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