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On Plaquenil and MTX - now to start sulfasalazine - how was your experience on triple therapy?

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Hello All,

I have sero-negative RA. Was on plaquenil and MTX. Now MD wants to start sulfasalazine as well because I am having too many flares. Has anyone had a similar experience and how have you done on the meds. I know everyone has a unique experience to each med but just curious. Having anxiety about starting another med. Is there hope to get off these meds gradually if I can get the flare under control.

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Ive had RA since 2011 and had many different cocktails of drugs. Most have been very helpful and if i didnt feel right my rheumy tweaked them. Your doc will decide if you can change or not, mine wants me to stay as i am as whrn i change i flare but others can change with their advice.

But its great they are helping you and taking you seriously, now to get over the flare. You may find your doc treat sero negative exactly the same as sero postive .

Have you looked at nras.org.uk , very informative site and its got lots of advice on meds.

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Thank you. Will check out the site.

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I'm seropositive and also added Sulfasalazine to Methotrexate and Hydroxychloroquine and for me it's been great - I've had real improvement on triple therapy.

I built up the Sulfasalazine gradually and am now on 5 tablets a day. With each dose increase I had a few days of tummy unease but the only lasting side effect is the dramatically yellow wee! I'm particularly pleased that it seems to have a positive effect on my long-term IBSc.

I've recently had my Methotrexate injection reduced from 25mg to 20mg and am hoping that it won't affect my joints negatively. If it does, I'll discuss it with my team and try whatever they suggest. Personally, I'm just grateful that these medications are available to us and am willing to take whatever protects my joints and enables me to live as full a life as possible. 😊

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Thank you - that was reassuring to read. I guess I will just have to trust the medical team and proceed ahead and see if it's for me or not.

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I was only triple therapy for 8 years, and most of the time in remission. Sulpha did take a bit of getting used to, but after a few months was fine.

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Wow for 8 years ? That's great and hopeful to hear. Thanks

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I was on triple therapy within a year of being diagnosed. At one point my rheumatologist said that I may need to go on biologics if my RA was not controlled on triple therapy. After the third medication was added, it did wonders for me that after 1.5 years on triple therapy, my medications were slowly reduced and and eventually eliminated since summer of 2018. I am happy to report that now I only take 5 mg (2 pills) of methotrexate weekly. Don’t be afraid to take more medications, you cannot fix your joints once it’s damaged. I hope you will experience the same successful journey as me.

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Thank you for sharing - hope so too.

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