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Who else has trouble staying awake during the day?


I seem to be okay until about 3pm. If I sit down any time after that then it's a lottery if I fall asleep. It seems to happen really quickly, I don't even notice. Most evenings I'll nod off in front of the telly, iPad in my hand.

I'm 73 so my age doesn't help me. But I was just wondering if anyone else is like this.

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Yep I’m 53 ... been happening for years worse if RA is active

I'm 55 and spend most days fighting fatigue. Last night slept badly so today even worse but I am doing a great impression of Churchills nodding dog!

AliceJ47 in reply to Deeb1764

Yep that's me to 🤣 you ever get that feeling like you're falling and you jolt yourself awake.

Deeb1764 in reply to AliceJ47

Yes I get that too so you are not alone x

I am also like that. I jerk really hard and it is a horrible feeling.

I seem to go through phases of doing this - it's not caused by anything different that I have done. I can't stay awake in the afternoon then I'm dropping off watching the TV at night and invariably can't get to sleep when I go to bed. That lasts for about a week or so and then I'm fine. Crazy!

AliceJ47 in reply to springcross

It's very frustrating! I hate lying in bed at night unable to sleep. Usually after an hour I'll head off back downstairs and make myself a cuppa.

springcross in reply to AliceJ47

It is frustrating and it drives me mad sometimes as I feel really tired but can't drop off!

Yes I need a nap most afternoons! (I'm 47).

Yes I usually want to shut my eyes after lunch or sometime in the afternoon. I fought it today and made myself go out for a walk. But usually I give in!

Actually it's worse at the moment because my biologic drug (Rituximab) is wearing off after six months so my fatigue levels are higher. And if I don't sleep well the night before I often need to go to bed for a nap in the afternoon.

Yup from me too ... 49 and conk out left right and like others it’s certainly worse when disease is more active.

I totally agree and my sleep pattern is all over the place at the moment. I'm 56 and I go from being Lady Macbeth by night being up and down, wandering the house trying to sleep to Rip Van Winkle by day and could sleep on a washing line so to speak. I never used to have problems and have tried all kinds to no avail. I'm not a night owl and would much prefer to sleep at night but at the moment am having to go with it. xx

Can you add me to list, when the RA is out of control same I can’t get to sleep 😴 at night, come to after lunch I’ll fall asleep drop of a hat, I did laugh out loud at some of your descriptions. It least reassuring I’m not lazy 🤦‍♀️ 49 feeling lot older 🤭😂

SNAP !!! Hello Alice, I’m 68!. Often in pain and often exhausted . I don’t think it hurts to have a little sleep in the daytime .

I know the feeling. I've starting doing a really annoying thing. I wear my glasses on my head, just so I know where they are, but when I’m dropping off on the settee my head for some reason is tipping backwards with a jolt which is quite painful on it's own as I have cervical spondylosis. But the really annoying thing is my glasses topple over the back of my head & clatter on the floor waking my h!

I remember my Dad doing that and we used to laugh about it, but now I think it was a shame that we did that.

I know what you mean. I did the same & regret it now. It flipping hurts & the annoying thing I can do it 5 or 6 times. It's as I’m dropping off & relaxing. Daft really, I should take myself off to bed when it happens as I obviously fall asleep afterwards. 🥱😴

lucymead in reply to nomoreheels

Hi I am having problems with my neck too. Wen I lay down it feels painful and as though something is moving in my neck. During flares it is very stiff and my shoulders hurt too. Iam sero positive. Is ur neck anything like this?

Another for the club, here. I often have a nap...complete with a little drool... in the early afternoon (I’m 38). But I’m awake every night on and off from about 2am to 7am.

And don’t get me started on period week. Awake all bloomin night with being too hot, horrendous cramps and generally feeling like a big hormonal mess 🤦‍♀️

holly-willow in reply to LoneEra

I remember those days and am so glad I am finished with them. I always used to feel as if my whole body was sort of being pulled downwards during that time as well.

I find this a most annoying thing and put it down to an age thing! If there is a particular programme that I want to watch on TV I can then find I can really fall into a very deep sleep, not what I want but seem unable to control. I then wake and have slept so deeply I sometimes don’t even know what time of day it is. This sleep usually lasts only about 15 mins. Thank goodness for catch up on TV.

Just had another night of no sleep so I reckon there'll be a granny nap this afternoon.

I find audio books good at night if I can't sleep. If I set it to stay on for 20 mins I usually have to rewind later

Hi I’m only 49 and I can fall asleep anytime after 2pm if I sit down 🤦‍♀️

I never used to fall asleep in the daytime until I was about 46 or 7. I took my son to the cinema one afternoon and it was to see Star Wars. I have to admit that I was bored to tears with it and could feel myself drifting off to sleep. I had never fallen asleep in the cinema before but suddenly I was woken up by my son to tell me that it was the end of the film. I said that I hoped I hadn't been snoring and my son said that I had. I must have looked horrified because he said "April Fool Mummy, you weren't really." I had forgotten it was April Fool's Day.

Yes. If I wake up to an alarm in the mornings then I have to go back to bed but I go in the morning rather than afternoon. If I wake up naturally then it's much better. Half term last week so had no alarms and it was much better. It doesn't make any difference to how active RA is either. I have severe fatigue even if it's ok. I always vowed I'd never sleep during the day when I got older like my parents/grandparents but that was before RA.

I'm OK during the day but cannot get past 8pm at night! So frustrating.. can't stop myself nodding off- then lie awake for a few hours in the night, up at 6 then repeat!

That's me. Am the same fall a sleep anywhere and I've just turned 50😀

There was a report recently which said that a nap during the day improved‘productivity’ and mental acuity in the afternoon.!!

Doesn’t work for me - if I nod off in the day I feel absolutely awful for hours, and then feel lively again just when it’s bedtime!

Yes, I’m 72 and it can happen to me quite easily if I’m sitting down reading.

I can feel the drowsiness coming on and if I want to keep reading I try to fight it, but most times I nod off.

I remember from years ago my father was exactly the same, but he just regularly went for an afternoon nap, so I don’t think it’s unusual for people of a certain age to have afternoon naps!

If I know that I need to sleep well that night because I have to do something the day after, I force myself to be active all day usually by finding a task or going outside, but otherwise I go with the flow. Your body will adjust. One of the main triggers I find with lack of sleep is stress, which in the present circumstances is not easy to avoid.


Me too,I can have a nap at 10am and 4pm, not sleeping well atm, but even if I do sleep I still can’t help napping. 😴


Totally know where you're coming from.. I am 60yrs old and have dealt with this since I was diagnosed at 45 yrs. Even worse at weekends, I take Methotrexate on Fri evenings, my weekends are now pointless to do anything, as I have absolutely no, control on my sleeping.

Hi I am 46 and never used to nap during the day until RD came along.

I am fatigued most of the time, but when I am feeling bad I can nap during the day from 30 mins to 3 hrs then sleep for 10 to 12 hrs straight at night, then it can flip to not being able to sleep at night at all, to tossing and turning and only sleeping a few hours, eventhough I am tired. Crazy I know exactly how you all feel. And having not enough sleep also makes my pain so much worse. Working full time does not help either.

For me ? Nodding whist early morning driving on motorways is dangerous so Sue drives. Before I retired, I got there previous day.

Hi, don g worry about that. I m almost 40 and it happens to me right after noon .. everyday thus being followed by sleepless nights. I should be worried at my age , although I have daily chores I still can t manage to sleep at night , must be this depression episode I m in Bcs of my RA condition.

I have always been a night owl, ever since I was a child. But I get so annoyed with the fact that I can't seem to watch a whole programme or film on TV without going to sleep. In the same way, I can't seem to read without nodding off. Reading all these posts from you have made me feel better because I know I am not alone in this. I have just had my 70th birthday and I remember that when we moved to this house, I thought it was strange that the old lady opposite to us had to go for a sleep every afternoon. However, I once worked out how old she would have been then and she would have been about 65 and younger than I am now and I wouldn't refer to myself as an old lady.

My impression of an old lady was always one of a person with tightly permed grey hair and wearing tweed pleated skirts and listening to boring music such as Susan Boyle and Daniel O'Donnell, not at all like me with my jeans or trousers and fleece tops and going to rock concerts when I am well enough.

Yep and me😃

I think you have lots of company. Including me 😀!!!

Yeah agree that I have to fight most days with fatigue this was going for many years even before I knew why.

Yep just turned 41 and I always fall asleep if I sit down to relax in the afternoons!

I’m 65 and have never been able to fall asleep in a chair. When I was having an RA flare I had to go to bed. However it all changed after I’d had my first Covid vaccine. I was very tired for 3 days abs dozed on and off through the day, and since then every day I have dropped of at different times of the day and evening.

If it wasn't for this site we would all be in the dark about any of this Hell we go through. No one in Rheumatology told me anything about it. Most of the time I thought it was just me. 7 years I have had this horrible disease and still not found the one that works.

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