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Hello I have RA and have been just found out I have Fiberomyalgia my Gp has given me Amitriptline but I’m still in an awful lot of pain has anybody else got this and what medication are the taking I would be grateful for any advice

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Hi i had it ,it did not help me with pain or touch pain Best to take at night

Can take upto a month to work if it helps you, usually used for sleep and muscle relaxation for fibromyalgia, does get given for pain though as well

Too early to tell

not sure if you have tryed pain meds already to see wot helps

Hi Beachgirl there is a HealthUnlocked forum Fibromyalgia Action UK that might get you more replies to your question. Have you asked there? 😊

Kitty's suggestion is a good one - I have both conditions and belong to both forums. Everyone is nice and helpful on FMA UK.

I was prescribed amitriptyline. It's often the first drug they try you out on. While it didn't really help me, I know it has helped lots of other people with fibro.

Many of the things you do for RA - like gentle exercise and eating well - are also helpful for fibro. So you will have a head start on that at least!

Take care x

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