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Hi, has any one had a reaction to Covid vaccination? I have rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia, and was just interested to know, if there was any reaction?

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Hiya, there are very few side effects noted apart from the obvious sore arm, fatigue , but theres big data to say its not any worse on our drugs .

I was fine, i had bit of a sore arm . Some people obviously felt worse but I always think if that is a small dose of the illness what would it have been like getting the reall illness 😄but the main reaction is ,of course, getting good antibodies to covid hurrah x

Hi Allanah, I just put on a post then read your message and you mentioned getting antibodies to covid. I am wondering if this is the reason my Rheumy asked me to have the anti CCP blood test. I will discuss it with him when he calls me March 2nd. Just curious, I had to pay for the blood test which I am happy to, It must be a specific test, some tests the Cdn Govt don't cover. Hope you are keeping well, I find your messages very helpful and informative.

Take care, Sue xx

That's kind Sue xx we are mixing our antibody reply here. I meant it was good to get antibodies to covid 😂😂

the anti ccp test is a test to see if you have these antibodies for RA and if positive it can show you are more likely to develop RA, thus sero ( blood) positive RA . However the test is shown not to be comoletly good as even ifpositive you might not develop RA and if negative ( seronegative) you can still get RA..... I know weird! I'm sero negative but boy do I have RA .

Does that make sense? There is advice on

Thank you allanah, it certainly does, I was diagnosed with RA over 30 years ago, last October/November my ear and CPR results were both in 70 range at a time when I was in a flare up. I am in low single digits and the last test came back seronegative. It has happened before. My previous Rheumy said that I have to stay on Rituxan or try cbd oil. My new Rheumy said Rituxan didn't work 200% and the cbd oil doctor agreed that the cbd oil gave me side effects and I should stop it for 3-6 months. I was on Kevzara 2 injections when I got psoriasis and my RA meds had to be stopped until the psoriasis has cleared, which is why I have a flare up now. I am under a top specialist Dermatologist who I will see in March. My new Rheumy is great and doing all kinds of test due to being unable to have see him in person. He has done more for me than my previous Rheumy. Thank you Allanah, I appreciate receiving your response. Take care, Sue

Thank goodness your old rheumy said what 🤯🤯🤯unbelievable .. poor you. I was lucky and had an amazing rheumy. Got very sick sunday, after climbing a hill saturday , saw him in hospital tuesday, started meds !! I was lucky a way!

My previous Rheumy was great for about 3 years, I was singing her praises but she renovated her clinic and they included a company to give infusions. She took on new staff and you just couldn't get an appt or speak with her. Finally, one morning she called me and said I thought I should give you a call as we haven't spoken for a LITTLE WHILE, so I replied, it has been over a year and I have tried several times to speak with you. I also said my family doctor had asked me 3 times to call because my white blood cells were very high. Her reply was oh I just dismissed that and that was why I decided to look for another Rheumy.I made the right decision.

Take care allanah, I look forward to chatting with you again, I need to start making dinner, we are 5 hrs behind the UK.😊🍁

I had no reaction at all, not even a sore arm.

Soundofmusic52 in reply to Mmrr

Same here no reaction at all no sore arm nothing 😷

Mmrr in reply to Soundofmusic52

I'm not sure whether to be pleased or concerned as I am on prednisolone and a TNF and a DMARD 🙂

allanah in reply to Mmrr

Pleased, it's still working . Xx 😀

Not for me.. I also have RA & Fibro and had the Pfizer jab..

No reaction whatsoever .

Some people have and some people haven’t. There was a post asking the same recently, if you scroll back you will find it, there were quite a few replies 😊

I have to be honest, I have been very fatigued, shivery first day and sore throat, but much better than getting it and with my RA, I have a low immune system to fight anything. Only been three days too.

Teatrees in reply to Teatrees

I had the Oxford and most people I know it was only feeling a little under the weather for a few days :-)😊I must say the headaches were the worst. All will be worth it.

I reacted in a “lively”fashion to first dose, but was all gone within 2 weeks.

Best description I have heard and I was very much the same

Just felt as if i was getting a cold the next day. Did not last.

Had the vaccine a week ago and had a sore arm for 24 hours and felt very tired for about 6 days afterwards. Definitely glad I got first vaccine

I had chills and body aches about 12 hours after vaccination. Didn't last that long but quite intense. Next day few days I had a headache but nothing more. No sore arm though!

I had Pfizer. No reaction for me either. Not even a sore arm. Nothing.

Thank you for all replies as I have the same question. My husband took ill after the vacccine but he had pancreatitis. Ended up in hospital for two weeks. Now waiting for gall bladder operation.

My problem is I need to care for him so I can't afford to be fatigued or ill. So I asked if I can have the vaccine later when my husband is better.

Have I made the right decision.?

Sorry your husband isn’t well. I’m not sure myself about the vaccine yet, so I can’t advise you. Hope everything works out well for you. X

allanah in reply to annie1954

Can we help you decide?

allanah in reply to Nain68cariad

So if you have protection against covid surely that's safer for both of you. His illness was not due to the vaccine. That's the way I see it.

Nain68cariad in reply to allanah

I agree allanah thank you.

allanah in reply to Nain68cariad

I hope he gets well very soon , sending love 😍😍😍 xx I had the vaccine no tiredness , my husband had his, no problem ,and you know, you dont want to end up in hospital too 😂😍

Nain68cariad in reply to allanah

My husband is 85 and needs a lot of care at the moment. Soon as he gets a little independant I'll have to go for the vaccine.

allanah in reply to Nain68cariad

Good for you, look after yourselves xxxx 😍have you managed to get any help or support?

Sorry to hear about your husband. 💗 I would want to have the vaccine and not delay it. Don’t be put off by anyone’s reactions posted here as we are all different and mine were mild compared to what some have reported here but the majority of people don’t have very much of a reaction apart from a sore arm which wears off quickly. Mine was like that. Three days and back to normal. Didn’t stop me doing anything. My pneumonia jab was more painful as the nurse did it too high. I do understand your worries though but want you to protect yourself. Was just reading St Bart’s NHS Q&As online and a consultant there said that most people don’t have any reaction at all. (Doesn’t mean either that of you don’t have a reaction that the vaccine hasn’t worked.) If you need reassurance re the vaccine (as we aren’t medics, although many of us now had our first vaccines) do phone and ask to speak to your GP or rheumy. Hope your husband is soon on the mend.

Sorry too for those who have had some side effects and hopefully they’ve gone and all feeling better and certainly do for going and having the vaccine. x

I had mine three weeks ago, felt a bit sick the first two days and very tired besides that fine.

Ive rheumatoid arthritis and hypothyroidism. I had the vaccine 3 weeks ago. Sore arm like the flu jab

Hi, I haven't had the jab yet a couple of people I know have had the jab but they don't have RA or Fibromyalgia. My nephews partner had the Astra Zeneca jab and she felt really bad. I'm in Canada and they are going to start with the 80+ soon I have no idea when I will be called to get the jab. I am going to get a tel call from my Rheumy on March 2nd as I am still trying to fight off psoriasis. He requested a Anti CCP blood test? Not sure what that is but he said it would give him a better idea why the new injections (2) possibly the cause. I checked on Google it said something about antibodies, I am no doctor and didn't understand what was written. I need to find out if I can have the jab as they Rheumy and Dermatologist have both stopped my RA meds. Sorry to go on a bit I am doing my best to stay safe and only going to appointments. Take care everyone, stay healthy and safe. xx

See above! And theres very very few conditions where you couldnt have the jab, even with allergies you can have it under supervision now .

I hope they can do the same in Canada. Thank you.

Reaction to vaccineI was very tired for a few days

Thank you so much for all your replies. It is very reassuring.

I had a painful arm and tiredness but that seems to be all and itbwas bettervthe next day.

Sore arm and felt "unwell" for 24 hours but not enough to stop me doing anything. I had the Pfizer vaccine, the Astra Zeneca one may well be different.

I had the AZ jab side effects, other than a sense of relief.

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