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Hi all just wanted to know about shared care and pharmacist involvement. When the pharmacy dispenses methotrexate are they supposed to ask about blood test monitoring and if the patient is upto date with it.

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Mine never did, but others may be different.

My pharmacist isn’t involved in my care other than dispensing... no questions... after all it is the gp/rheumy that signs off the prescription so why would a pharmacist push in with questions... although there are some neglected people who have struggled to get proper care and blood tests since Covid. Maybe the pharmacist could help those people ... if I was asked I would probably ask why they are asking ... that’s just me... I don’t like sharing that sort of information standing out one the shop floor’ so to speak.

I’m happy sticking with my GP and rheumy. They both issue the blood test forms but the rheumy solely dictates (not a nice word) the programme of testing and what meds to take etc.

Lloyd’s pharmacy used to ask about up to date blood tests when dispensing as they said it was part of there nhs care policy. What dose of methotrexate are you currently on?

AgedCrone in reply to bubblyalex

The pharmacist would push in with questions if the drugs on the prescription you were asking him provide, were incompatible with something you were already taking. In fact he would not give them to you.

There are so many similar drugs these days that pharmacists are much more involved, & much more qualified than they used to be...not prescribing of course, but monitoring.

In fact pharmacist often know a lot more about drug contraindications than GPs.

But I wouldn’t imagine that would include blood tests- us patients need to keep on top of them.

No mine didn’t ... but if he had I would’ve had to tell him I wasn’t!

Yes - both the hospital pharmacy (which dispenses Methotrexate and Sulfasalazine) and the local one (Hydroxychloroquine and Folic Acid) ask me.

Yes, my pharmacy always did, and checked that I knew the dose that I was on. I welcomed it, as it’s just another safety check on what is a powerful drug.

When I got mine from Boots I was always asked. A useful safety check.

Mine do ask if I have had a recent test. That’s all they don’t ask if everything is ok with the tests

Mine do too always check what I am on and when bloods done.

Never been asked because the hospital won't issue a prescription to Healthcare at Home without one

Mine don't ask.

It would appear either bad service by the different pharmacists or there is no rule/law for asking a patient about recent blood tests. I will make a note and ask my rheumatologist next time along with where do I take my purple top sharps bin doctors surgery and pharmacist don’t take them.

Shared Care is between your Consultant & your GP.

If you use a pharmacy attached to your GP practice ...they might possibly ask...but mine never do.

The Consultant decides the drugs he wants you to take ....once you are settled on those drugs ....the GP writes the prescriptions...but the Consultant is the prescriber.

The pharmacist dispenses those drugs ......unless if he sees contra indications ........ he would then contact the GP who would speak to the Rheumy for advice.

The rheumatology nurse is usually responsible for keeping you up-to-date with your blood tests....under the instruction of the Consultant.

Normally the pharmacist would not be involved any further.... unless they suspect a drug is not being taken correctly, or a patient asks for information.

It is always a good idea if you don’t use the same pharmacist all the mention what drugs you are already taking if you are given a new drug.

When I had regular pharmacist noticed I would have to stop one of my regular drugs, as they were incompatible with the using the same pharmacy who have a record of your prescribed drugs seems advisable.

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