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Off topic .. well kinda !!


Just found the perfect footwear for my aching feet! 🤪 Seriously, I’m always looking for comfy footwear and have every understanding of others too who have the same problem of needing wider shoes and support under foot, but this photo made me smile (and groan!) at the same time. X

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Oh defo - abs fantastic lol

Neonkittie17 in reply to KMC15

Only £1 each ! Car wash sponges 😝

Hi have you tried sketchers shoes I wear them all the time even round the house they are so comfortable an I’ve got a bunion I no a lot of nurses wear them

I’ve just seen a pair of red Skechers trainers in a magazine this afternoon! Coincidence! Looked very supportive and very attractive too! Not that that matters for comfort wear. I do have some boots and shoes made by the hospital orthotists but fancied something else too. I know Skechers are wider fit than most other trainers. Yes my nurses wear Skechers slip ons. Hope your bunion isn’t too painful.

😂😂😂FEET SHOES!!! Nightmare what works one days doesn’t the next . I would be much richer if I bought less shoes ... but I keep trying to find THE ONES.

Deeb2908 in reply to J1707

My new love is fitflops uber knit ballerina pumps. See how long this lasts for!

I have Flitflops too .. some fab wedgey ones, but the ballerinas are a bit low for me under the heel, but they are pretty. Would love to be able to wear those. I need a 2 inch wedge or small heel to be really comfy. Hotter and Uggs too low under the foot Even if wider fit. Clarks Unstructured and Fly of London are my current comfiest ones I can get on and walk in. Solomon waking shoes too worn as normal shoes! X

J1707 in reply to Neonkittie17

I’ve all the above too. Solomon I wanted too work so I could go on longer country walks 🥺but no not even with my orthotics.

Neonkittie17 in reply to J1707

Me too 😩

Pippy25 in reply to J1707

Same here, you think you've cracked it....then your feet tell you nope try again!

Neonkittie17 in reply to J1707

It’s like trying to find the Holy Grail !! 😱

😂. I’m still working on the right footwear. Constantly changes. Love your idea! 😂

Will be alright for the next month or so but chilly tootsies in the autumn and winter!! LOL.

🤣😂🤣 be glad you’ve just got the quest for perfect shoes - I’ve got quests fo so many things in my life - backpacks, shoes, bumbags, etc, etc. It’s annoying how quickly ‘perfect’ goes off 🙁

The shoes I’ve given away unworn .... argh! It keeps us busy searching for the holy grail .. err perfect pair of shoes etc! 💗

Love my Fitflops ballerinas (which I got extra cheap thanks to J1707 and her voucher talents 😊🙏) The weather hasn't allowed me to wear them much yet but they're still comfortable despite not being worn in. I've also got some surprisingly comfortable Pavers fur-lined ankle boots but I'm lucky because atm (whisper it softly) my feet are a little less sore than they were 🤞🤐

Much sympathy. I've lost count of the number of unworn shoes given away/donated. My shoe cupboard is still full to bursting and what do I wear? Birkenstocks. Ugly but comfy at the moment. Bunions, bunionettes, painful heels, the blooming things change shape almost daily and one big toe seems to be rotating. Grrrrrrrr

I live in my birkenstocks, they are always in fashion in my world ha 😁

They hurt my feet, the sole is too hard. Gave mine to charity long ago.

Gnarli in reply to Kikideelili

Aww. So sorry. An ex- husband grew quite jealous of my look of bliss engendered by new birkies

Kikideelili in reply to Gnarli

Ha ha. Men 🤦🏻‍♀️

They are too hard for me also. Remind of how Scholl sandals used to be. I get bad cramp if the inside of the shoe is hard.

KittyJ in reply to Kikideelili

Have you tried their soft footbed ones Kiki? I find the standard ones impossible but the soft footbed ones are much better. I’ve also got Moshulu ones and they are softer too 😊

Kikideelili in reply to KittyJ

Kitty I have orthotic insoles that I have to wear all the time so sandles are not an option now 😕

I'm not alone! Except if you have bought a pair of mayari. I couldn't get the blighters on my left foot which is becoming a very strange snd frightening shape. Don't tell everyone but* shhh*there used to be knee high Birkenstock boots

Neonkittie17 in reply to Gnarli

They are too low under foot for me.

Gnarli in reply to Neonkittie17

Understood. Any sort of heel triggers cramp for me. We're all so different

Neonkittie17 in reply to Gnarli

I’m better with some heel rather than hardly any. If I go too high I am in danger of falling over! If I go too low my achilles and back of knee pull too much. I need about 2-2 & 1/2 inches and preferably a small block heel or wedge. A supportive trainer where the heel part is raised higher too. x

Now that's really suave Nk. Just what every girl with aching feet needs. 😁😁 xx

Not very elegant, but who cares?!🤣 Used them for years. Presently have sale until 3rd August.

Recorder500L in reply to samjam

Me too, I have had widerfitshoes for years. They are quite expensive but with Rheumatoid Arthritis we do not pay the tax on them; works out about £60 - £80, but well worth it for the comfort and the extra width. I have had shoes made for me from orthotics but they were so heavy couldn't pick my feet up to walk. Take Care.

Where can I get some😂

😝🤣 LOL .. you could probably bounce along on the sponges, so no need to actually walk!

And wash the floor at the same time. 😄😄😄

Love it!!!! 🙈🙈🙈👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼🤗x


I’m gonna get me some of those!!’ 👍👍

Neonkittie17 in reply to Eiram50

We could start a new trend!!

I wear skechers, they are soooo comfy and they are wide fit , if you go on studio they sell them for £35 , wouldn’t wear anything else

As all of you’s I have so many pairs of shoes that I have in my wardrobe and think maybe one day I’ll fit into them so I keep them just to look at in hope

J1707 in reply to essexgirl

Hope!!! The RA key word

Hi I wear sketchers all the time love them even wear them round the house so so comfortable

I gave most of the unworn and worn a couple of times pairs to my best friend. I kept them for a few years then one foot started to be puffy regularly so there want much chance of getting my feet in those shoes! I’ll definitely be getting some Skechers.

😂😂😂 can you get them on a 5

You made a rainy Monday morning brighter and more cheerful with your photograph! I think we can all identify and are looking at this very moment for sponges and elastic bands. You are an RA Fashion Diva!!

Brilliant! I only buy skechers which have memory foam....however since having metatarsal heads Removed and a big toe fusion years ago my 1.5 and 2 size, wide feet make choices limited. 🤨

NK, those are inspired! And just think you’ll be cleaning the floor at the same time, so one less job on the housework list too!

My vote for shoes are Vionics trainers, they come in a wide fit, have soft uppers and removable insoles so I can fit my orthotics in too. Like others above, I spend a fortune on shoes looking for ones that will miraculously take all my foot and ankle pain away, but keep returning to the Vionics as my old faithfuls. I’d like to try FitFlops as many have recommended but I don’t think they would fit orthotics?

Are they available in other colours ?

Thanks for the laugh and for the revelation that I am not the only one who cannot find shoes that I can walk in. The only joy of shielding is not having to wear shoes at all. Even been gardening in socks! Spent fortunes on shoes. Thought I might try VivoBarefoot. Anyone tried them?

That's fantastic 😂🤣😆

I wear hotter. Birkenstocks I Love and Uggs and sketchers go walk. Fitflop I’ve a wardrobe full of heels which will be heading to charity shop when it reopens since I can’t wear them anymore due to arthritis in my knees 😭

Some of those (Ugg and Birkenstock) not high enough under the heel for me but are nice indeed. It is best to offload the shoes we haven’t a hope of wearing again. 😑 Sad as it may be. Someone will get good use of your shoe donations! 💗

Yes I had no choice but to get used to them. Arthritis in your knees don’t allow you to wear anything higher than a birkie daughter inlaw bought me some lovely kitten heels from Italy they comfy should I even date again lol

I’ve given up and use a variation of your sponges. Hunter wellies in winter - I live in a muddy environment and their footbed suits me - and plimsoles from Asda, half a size up, in summer. Both of them with the thickest memory foam insoles I can get!!

For best I wear a pair of Evans ballerina pumps in the right size, again with memory foam insoles. They’re super wide so accommodate them but look smart - well smartish - but I can wear them all day!

My problem is I have a skinny foot which is B-C width and the puffy swollen foot which is an E. I have often thought of buying two pairs of shoes in the two different widths to get a pair that fit properly!



Neonkittie, looking back on this reply of mine, I don’t know why I didn’t finish it. I must have been interrupted.

My laugh was because many years ago I had shingles on my left leg into my foot, the sciatic nerve. My foot was swollen. I DID buy two pairs of shoes of different sizes.

I hope you’re doing well and went ahead and bought two pairs for your comfort. 👟👟

I intended to do that last year with a pair of Clark’s shoes and they sold out of the wider width I wanted! It is sensible to do this bit expensive but you jeee to walk and have something you can get your feet in! Sorry to hear your foot was affected by shingles and hope that wasn’t a long lasting issue. I had shingles last year but it was on one area only near the top of the hip bone. I lost the feeling on the skin, but it returned to normal after a couple of months. Yes, doing alright thank you and hope you are too, x

The shingles were very bad and so painful. Misdiagnosed by three doctors. The fourth doctor sent me to a dermatologist who gave me a steroid cream to help close the wounds. It began to help almost immediately. And after six months I finally began to heal. I had permanent nerve damage which became peripheral neuropathy which went to the other leg as well. This was 15 years ago so I’ve learned somewhat to live with it but it became more complicated with the RA and now my knee surgery. Thank God I can still walk (with a limp and sometimes need the cane) but it’s all good.

PS I did not buy expensive shoes when I bought the two sizes. I bought cheap sneakers in black. Was so happy when I could throw them away. That’s when I found Crocs.

Have a good day! ❤️

Well done! And the floor can get cleaned at the same time, I remember as children our Mum used to put dusters on our feet, and let us skate around to clean the floor!

Have a fun day.

Neonkittie17 in reply to Rheumo

That’s what I thought .. can wash the kitchen floor in my new footwear! 😝🤪

Well, Neonkittie, what a smile you brought to my face! Or, perhaps, I should say a shriek of laughter. I'm not quite sure what the "footwear" achieves. At least, I suppose they would stop you stubbing your toes. They certainly win on width, but I'm not sure about comfort. Anything is worth a try, but somehow I don't think these, ingenious though they are, would be fit for purpose. But who knows?

Glad it made you chuckle! Maybe only to be worn indoors and in summer! 😄🤨

Like many of us, I find completely flat shoes very uncomfortable in that, like walking without shoes, there is a feeling of falling backwards. Also like one of your other posts my feet vary hugely in width - left foot narrow and normal; right foot a mess - but the right foot must take priority, so I'm slopping about a bit in the left shoe. My most comfortable shoes are a pair of Clarks in an extra wide fitting; they have a slightly raised wedge heel and a strap across the instep and they support the foot very well. The strap keeps the left shoe well-anchored. Can't remember the style name but they are very popular. What a huge subject this is, Neonkittie, but comfortable feet are essential. Good to share experience. Happy walking!

I have had days when that was a thought. But, since I found Brooks Shoes I rarely suffer from plantar fasciitis. I still get tendonitis and some cramping, but that is just the illness. For me, Brooks Shoes rock.

I will have a look thank you. 😍 It makes such a difference to have something supportive and comfortable on your feet. Agree that rheumatoid can make the feet so sensitive ... and painful.

Actually, I do not have RA. I am on both this site and the PMR/GCAUk site. I have both of those diseases, and boy, stuff sure moves around. I never know what I will wake up with. Feet, hands, neck, etc. Life is never dull. I thought this was that site, but no biggie. I think these painful auto immune diseases share a common bond. I have had foot problems as long as the disease 20 years now. Brooks shoes really help me.

I’m sorry to hear of your problems and sorry I presumed wrongly. I know it’s horrible to never know where these pains will surface next whatever their cause. 💗 I saw Brooks trainers and they look super comfy and supportive, so thanks for the advice. I always look for Clark’s Unstructured too. I’ve bought many of theirs but sometime there are not so many I can wear.

That’s so funny going to definitely get myself a pair. Although footwear hasn’t been a problem for nearly six months I’ve been barefoot around the house. I don’t need to worry about slipping over and only have a pair of extra wide garden cheap clogs for if I venture into the garden for fresh air. To be honest I’m getting accustomed to being able to feel the floor under my feet because it seems some of the sensation has returned 🤷‍♀️ The only other thing I can get on my feet is my husbands size 10 slippers when it gets hot and I don’t normally need the extra warmth then lol.

Neonkittie17 in reply to Leics

I haven’t had to wear my hubby’s shoes yet .. but you never know! I haven’t got enough balance in my knees or ankles and such flat feet now with the R.A. so can’t go more than a few steps barefoot without wobbling sideways! I even have my wedge jelly Flitflops on to get in the shower etc then slip them off one at a time to wash my feet. I love to take my shoes off if I’m sitting on a garden chair on grass and let my feet feel the cool sensation of it.

Leics in reply to Neonkittie17

Yeah being unbalanced and wobbly was a big problem for me too in the past but my big toes are now at a 45* angle upwards and my balance being barefoot for so long has improved somewhat don’t know why but it’s better for me to now feel the floor and I don’t feel I’m going to fall over anymore. Still have awful flare from hell so no pain relief being barefoot but it’s helped in other ways especially because the soles of my feet in the arches and my hands and knees and everything else are on fire atm too. But I’m on it lol. Still love the sponge idea made me laugh loads.

Neonkittie17 in reply to Leics

I’m sorry for your toes. Toes can be agony when there’s a flare. Do ice packs help you? I got some gel bead ice packs called Therapearls a few years back which aren’t quite as icy as regular ice packs and are for cooling down sprains and joints gently. They do work well for my feet if swollen but I then have to charge best I can to the loo as ice packs make my bladder sensitive! Hope your flare subsides soon.

Leics in reply to Neonkittie17

Thanks for the tip I will look into those it can’t hurt. Don’t usually find ice packs help much except for a cool down lol. Sometimes a peppermint foot rub can be soothing but generally I put up with it.

Neonkittie17 in reply to Leics

They’re not quite so intense as the regular ice packs. As I can’t reach my own feet and cannot stand anyone touching them (it’s almost a phobia .. I got to trust my orthotist who was very careful over the years I’ve been seeing her !) I can’t have anything rubbed on them, but can apply lotion myself etc with a little sponge on a stick thingy! I do have some peppermint foot bath which I can do! Sink my feet in a warm bowl of that whilst sitting on a padded stool in the bathroom! .. that does feel nice! My hubby cuts my toe nails and it’s a real ordeal and he’s slow and gentle with them, but I just can’t stand my feet being touched! I can emery board them myself with a long file attached to a ruler! 👣👀

Leics in reply to Neonkittie17

Ha the things we have to go through eh 🙄. I can’t bare my feet being touched or my legs either but that’s because when they touch my legs they lift my foot by the ankle and they’re excruciatingly painful. Had a pedicure once which was fine but then the beautician went to rub some lotion on my legs very gently and I screamed the place down lol. My nails looked nice for my daughters wedding though. I’m no wimp either my pain threshold is very good never bother with injections for fillings etc the dentist thinks I’m nuts 🥜 which I probably am 😂

Neonkittie17 in reply to Leics

Feet are so sensitive! If anyone brushes past mine it can hurt also. I had a rheumy that used to knock mine several times each visit to her, as she moved round the exam couch to look at me. It hurt all the way up my bad knee and into my bad hip. I’m right with you re the foot lotion .. I say a huge NO if anyone is touching my feet and won’t stop. I am scared of them twisting my ankles too as a physio do that many times with no warning and I had to stop going as he was harming me rather than helping!

Leics in reply to Neonkittie17

Yeah I will not ever go and see a physio for anything ever again and don’t ever let a GP or rheumy examine me unless it’s absolutely necessary. Having said that when I tore my ACL I did need to see a physio to get me back on my feet again and walking but only to show the exercises I needed to do and even then he had to show me not touch me lol. Sounds like I’m a bit of a wimp but my ankles knees and hips take the full brunt of R.A. more so than my hands however they have joined the party. It seems to me that if they examine me I suffer the consequences for hours sometimes days sometimes weeks it can put me in a terrible flare so who would want that to tick a box lol just take my word for it I don’t need to be prodded to see if it hurts or is inflamed.

Neonkittie17 in reply to Leics

I agree! I detest having my knuckles squeezed to see if they hurt. 😫

Heavenly feet shoes are amazing 😉

Neonkittie17 in reply to 2210

Sadly they don’t give me the right support under my heels. I know many people like these though,

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