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Preliminary research info on Covid-19 in rheumatology patients


Hello all,

I just saw a tweet about the findings from the Covid-19 Global Rheumatology Alliance. I'll paste part of the 'Key Messages' section here as it explains better than I can:

"Due to underlying immune system dysfunction and the common use of immunosuppressants, there is concern about poorer outcomes in [people with rheumatological diseases] and uncertainty about medication management during the pandemic.

What does this study add?

Moderate to high dose glucocorticoids were associated with a higher risk of hospitalisation for COVID-19.

Biologic therapies, NSAIDs and antimalarial drugs like hydroxychloroquine were not associated with a higher risk of hospitalisation for COVID-19.

How might this impact on clinical practice or future developments?

This study demonstrates that most individuals with rheumatological diseases or on immunosuppressive therapies recover from COVID-19, which should provide some reassurance to patients."

There's a lot more detail in the paper itself which is linked here:

Other key points were that DMARDS alone/+Biologics do not seem to increase risk of hospitalisation, and anti-TNF seems to reduce risk of hospitalisation.

Usual disclaimer - I'm no doctor, and this is obviously only one paper, but it was nice to read something that seems to hold a small amount of good news for a change.

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Thank you 😁

Interesting, thank you and absolutely, any hint of good news, is a positive x

Very interesting indeed, thanks for posting! Especially interesting that DMARDs and Biologics don't appear to increase risk, particularly the latter. Got to try and get myself of these damned steroids!

Very interesting and thank you for posting it.

Thanks for posting this. A little glimmer of light is always welcome right now x

Thank you. I am currently tapering my steroids and it has been so very tough recently. I've been on high doses since 2015. You've just galvanized my resolve to keep tapering and get on as low a dose as possible.


A very good post and a lot of common

Thank you for this.

Thank you so much for posting this, it seems 10mg or more of steroids is what put you into that very high risk group. Very good to know and gives people a clear target to work towards.

Thanks for taking the trouble to post. I think it reflects other early impressions so reassuring

Interesting and cheering but remember that association is not the same as causation. Smoking is associated with less exercise but one doesn't cause the other

Thanks for the information dawkin.

Very informative, thankyou.x

Very interesting

Thanks, that's very interesting😊

That does seem like good news!

Preliminary results, presumably, but encouraging if we have no other health issues.. 🙂

Thanks for posting, nice to have some positive news. Xx

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