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Reasons to be hopeful...


Just thought I would share this article, as it always inspires me to see how hard some doctors and researchers are working out there in the world to find better ways to treat the problems we have. And so nice to hear of how a child now feels better!

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Wow, that is very cool - so nice to see her happy and active, too.

Lovely to see her so

Definitely the way forward for lots of autoimmune conditions. Hope this kind of research continues. Strangely enough I'm taking Abatacept too.

An amazing and moving story. Thank you.

That’s quite incredible.... and it was just one tiny little fault.

Thanks for this link. It really does hold out hope for a future in which treatment is tailored to individuals from the start instead of our present trial and error.

Thanks so much for sharing this. It was so lovely to read how well the treatment is working for this lovely little girl. x

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