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My understanding is that Mtx lowers your immune system, therefore you are less able to fight the virus.

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Swings and roundabouts....if your disease is active then you are more vulnerable to catching the disease, so all the reputable sources say to keep taking your medication. For most people the doses of MTX we take slightly compromise the immune system rather than suppress it. And even if it did make the course of disease more serious (which is not yet proven) if you stop if you have symptoms then it will be out of your body within days.

NRAS have a very good source of information about all medication used to treat RA, including MTX. It's always kept up to date. You might want to have a look, just for reassurance.

Not according to all clinical advice.....Mtx controls the immune system rather than lowering it.

Some people seem to catch everything going whether on a Dmard or not, & it’s the easiest thing in the world to blame whichever drug you are on.

I took Mtx for 7 years & didn’t even catch a cold.

So if Mtx suits you keep taking it until your rheumatologist tells you to stop.

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