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Signing up for Tesco/supermarket delivery (or click and collect) and the vulnerable letter.


Apols for length .. I’m typing fast today. Also sorry if this has been answered in other posts I’ve missed. I have looked through. What if the Government don’t identify all those who are vulnerable people? I am not sure everyone will get the letter they need for supermarket priority for a while. (Maybe other proof will be accepted.) I’m not wanting to be a glass half empty here as I’m normally a glass full person. I hope their liaison with Tesco works in doing this but seems it could take a while. Of course, understandably so.

Wondered can you join up just for the click and collect service as opposed to home delivery, as that wasn’t mentioned in my Tesco email? Would think it’s all together as one online customer whether you collect or have it delivered.

The main part relevant from the Tesco email is as follows:

“The Government has asked our industry to help people that they have identified as particularly vulnerable and who don’t have their own support network. We will prioritise orders for these people and will be in touch with them by email, as we receive the list from the Government”.

Obviously Tesco have been as strict as they can re admitting customers in their stores in limited numbers and social distancing, but o was wondering if I will not be allowed to be a home delivery customer as my husband can shop for us? We have no one locally who can help. Relatives all miles away.

Those vulnerable people on their own who can’t venture out if isolating and shielding will very rightly be prioritised from Tesco as they have said. It must be scary for them wondering if their food and supplies will run out. It did say if you weren’t in the vulnerable group then try and come in and let someone have a delivery rather than you taking it.

My husband is actually the Clubcard holder and not myself, but not an online/delivery customer, although someone has to go round selecting your groceries which takes considerable time of course for click and collect. I would think I’d also have to join up in my name if I get a letter from the hospital though and not use the Clubcard account in my husband’s name. Maybe I can just do that in readiness. Don’t want to over burden them though. Tesco have been outstanding. I’m sure many others too. I read in their email they have got so many more staff now to pick and pack orders. Just have to train them and get them up to speed in the next couple of weeks.

I’ve not had any letter from my rheumatology department as yet. I have Rituximab infusions and Mtx injections and Rtx is due mid and end of May. Unless postponed a month or two. I have hyperthyroidism and take long term Carbimazole and use Fentanyl Durogesic patches, but although I have a comorbodity with my thyroid, it is euthyroid (normal) at the moment. If I look at the Leeds NHS video and the chart showing RA meds etc, Rituximab is scoring 3. Even if your up to date/most recent bloods show you have low levels of RA inflammation and no RA disease activity, your immunity is still compromised on biologics.

I would prefer Tesco deliveries or at least click and collect. I’ve managed to sign up with a local dairy for milk, butter, youghurts, bread and eggs, but I can’t find a farmer’s produce delivery service for fruit, veggies and chicken, but at least the local dairy’s products will be very useful and gratefully received.

My husband’s sister is a Clubcard delivery customer since it started as she had three small daughters and was easier to not go to the supermarket of course. She has two more weekly shops by delivery and been told by Tesco she may not be able to get a slot easily after they end, and when they are prioritising vulnerable existing customers.

We shall see how it goes over the next couple of weeks re receiving letters and government liaison with supermarkets. Sounds like a really big job for them all to organise. I am due to speak to my nurse and she has requested I speak with her on another relevant health matter tomorrow or Monday so will ask re the letters and if the hospital are behind or if I didn’t get one as not deemed vulnerable?

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I'm on shielding so cant go out. My rheumy said he identifys his caseloads risk but a) the government changed the rules so he didn't start going through the case load until tuesday and B) he didnt know this identified us for things like shopping and C) he was moved to frontline duties.. I still havent had my rheumy letter ....

I think they are so stretched to get these letters out. Hope you get your soon too. Sounds like it could be delayed for many of us. x

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I got A letter yesterday...& although it was addressed to me was obviously a mail shot......Page 4 was a flow chart & you ticked boxes to decide where you fitted in.

Is that the letter everybody got?

I haven’t bothered my rheumy to ask what he advises......but I’m seeing him soon so will ask then!

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Yes similar from gp but until thecrheumy tells the government we cant get on vulnerable lists. Even then it will be weeks away. Our mp ( the chancellor lol) has started a list of local shops who will deliver and we have community volunteers.

I think mainly that's what you'll get anyway from the government, a shopping volunteer...

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My letter was from the local Health GP practice hardly acknowledge I have RA....let alone bother to write to me advising what I should do.... luckily I have great next door neighbours who shop for me once a week....

I have recently fractured two vertebrae in my spine & I had to wait 5 weeks for an X-ray- Because GP decided “the pain will probably settle down”....huh!!!

My local council are far more on the ball....they sent out info both on volunteering to help, & telephone e-mail contacts if you need help, a couple of weeks ago....I feel bad I can’t volunteer...but common sense tells me NO!

Thankfully my hoarding gene has finally paid off..I think I could feed the street out of my freezer & larder....if they do the cooking!

I do hope you get on some s/mkt delivery list soon.

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My neighbours all elderly here x

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I am very fortunate.....all my neighbours are under around 40.... So if Next Door get fed up doing my shopping I’ll just move along to next door but one!

A sure fire way to ensure they say yes is to offer to babysit for free when this is all over!

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That's lovely. Xx

I haven’t got a letter as of today.

Well as I said the letter I got was just a mail shot from my local Health Authority with a flow chart on P4 where you ticked boxes to decide which category you fit in.

From the replies it appears is is not the letter needed to get on the supermarket.’s vulnerable person register.....altho I don’t think there was anybody who had asked any supermarket.....or if there was I haven’t seen it.

I’m very sure the letter will confirm what we know about our vulnerability and medications and not much more.

It does have Your name, NHS number and your hospital number on it.

That is it....It doesn’t advise individually....,,,it starts off saying “Patients with rheumatological diseases requiring immunosuppressants and their families are concerned in light of the current coronavirus pandemic and wish to seek advice from their clinical teams“ .

It goes on giving General advice to questions like

“Should I stop taking my medication.“?

What can I do to reduce my risk?

Do I still come for my hospital appointment?

Then you answer yes /no to the Qs

On the last page there is a flowchart with boxes with YES;NO underneath ...and you just follow what ever your answer is, until you come to what they call the Blue Box where there are about 30 different drugs for you to decide you are taking.

YOU then work out whether you are high moderate or low risk... There is description of what each category means.

I don’t know if your hospital number and NHS number would be any good to join the supermarket list...but I doubt it.

So...Not much info we hadn’t already learned for ourselves really.

From what you describe, you are high risk. It’s good you can soon speak to your Rheumatology nurse. Hope you get the letter soon, wherever it comes from.

I’m expecting Tesco to email me with an update on when slots will be set aside... there might still be a big rush for them though.

The farm produce is a great idea. Hope it all works out for you.

Yes, Charisma, even though I am stable as such on my med. I hope you hear from Tesco soon. I haven’t emailed them. Wanted to see if a letter same first. I received theirs last week. I expect to get my farm produce little delivery next Monday or Monday after and I do know they have had a huge demand so are a week or two behind. My neighbour is going to use them too as they said whtn I texted her they couldn’t get any milk for a week. I wish she had texted me and asked as we had two spare litre cartons of long life lactose free in the cupboard which were there from before the crisis. We tend to have a spare or two of milk. I recall when I was a child a really excellent farmer coming round in his van with fruit, vegetables, salad, dairy and bread. Also meat and fish in a huge fridge in the van every Saturday morning and my Mum got the most amazing food from this lovely farmer. It was accessible and you walked up a tailgate of steps into it and all set out like a little shop. He was local a mile away and kept going back to his farm to stock up and drove back to sell more as he had so many customers. We need that now! Mobile grocer. x

Too right! I have great memories of mobile shops too. Bygone days... perhaps this crisis of COVID-19 will result in a better way of life. 🙂

I hope so and I won’t abandon the dairy when and if things resume to normal. I loved the mobile farm shop when I was a child. Fond memories!

One of our local scrap men who has a horse and cart is now coming round with fruit and veg! If you want him to stop you just tie a carrier bag outside your house

Fab! Does he come back round for his money another time?

There is a price list on fb. so I suppose they pay him at the time

I hope you have some luck getting on line shopping I really do. You certainly need to stay in and hope you can get something sorted. I have tried four of the big supermarket on line shopping sites and nothing. You can click on vulnerable, self isolating etc and it doesn't make a scrap of difference here. My friends who are either elderly or vulnerable tried ringing the helpline and no joy. I'm on my own, I've been told by my GP under no uncertain terms am I to go out, have given up hope of ever getting a letter/ letters, but on a good note a local fruit/ veg firm were able to deliver a veg box (with a little fruit) some milk, yoghurts and fruit juice. So I was grateful for this. So take care and I really hope you get the support you need in your area x

Glad you got your box from the farm, Pippy. As I said to Charisma it would be nice if we could get a little more from a farm delivery service to tide us over for main meals etc., but I’ll be glad of the basics which will come from the dairy soon. x

may depend where you are re Tesco and nhs letter ? I'm cat2 so self isolating and have managed 1 delivery so fa from them; for where i am tis only Sainsburys who will offer priority deliveries if identified via as vulnerable and they haven't sorted me out yet for registration for this, it's mayhem.. didn't recognise my nectar card etc etc. If i were you and u have online access i would get my own tesco card, etc... as fall back in case your husband can't shop. be aware uou may only get a delivery date 4+ wks awy tho. good luck

Thank you that’s helpful info. Sounds really frustrating for you re Sainsbury’s and hope it gets sorted out soon . We manage fine with one card usually and I can take and use his but easier to have your own. I was thinking that if I wanted to be on a priority list for delivery for the vulnerable, I would need my own, so I will apply for another one in my name anyhow.

also just received letter from hospital reducing blood test to 3 monthly [on truxima [rtx] and sulfa

My Rituximab is three monthly and has never been at lesser intervals since I commenced it in mid 2014. Have you been having tests sooner than three months? Hope Truxima is working well for you. x

3monthly bloods or 3monthly infusions? also meant 2say tesco are not asking for nhs letter or number etc here - are they in other parts of uk?

Just to echo what Pippy25 said, do check locally. Search on Facebook for local area groups, as many have people who will shop for you - a kind local picked up stuff for me, another has ordered something for me with her online order. You may have a town/area group or similar. Also check local shops - a couple near me in Surrey are doing deliveries, and my own employer, a patisserie, has started selling basics like eggs, flour, milk etc. Your council may know also. I have been so cheered by people's basic kindness, so don't be afraid to ask for help. Good luck!

Thank you for your help. I just didn’t want my husband to be going in the supermarket if we could get home delivery. Most farm shops near me, and I’m closeby to many farms, don’t deliver or have too many customers now already.

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It's certainly changed my outlook on the big supermarkets and while I know they are under pressure and have thanked the store assistants when I last went to the shops over two weeks ago now, I feel it's the smaller local firms who have stepped up to help in the community and the supermarkets have been overwhelmed with on line shoppers and have not been able to prioritise those regulars from the isolated, elderly and vulnerable and have simply allowed others to jump on the band wagon and sign up when they could as the government measures allow go once a week to shop (or stock pile in some cases). It seems they haven't the capacity to fulfil the demand and those who genuinely are in need are falling along the wayside.

Just got through past waiting list after 45mins for tesco to find no slots available. Sainsbury still dont recognise me as vulnerable and Asda have no spots . Just have to starve!! Thanks government ...

Hmm be interesting to know what Sainsbury’s deem vulnerable then! 🤨Sorry indeed to hear this. Can you find anyone to help you out living closeby until you can get slots in a few weeks. Can you get click and collect from Tesco at the mo or is that the same all booked up? 😑

Cant collect I'm 12 weeks shielding

Sorry I meant someone else collect it if that service is available, maybe volunteers, and it is only home delivery with no availability at present? I can’t go in a supermarket or collect either.

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Did you try ringing the number Sainsbury’s have put up on the page saying you have not been recognised as vulnerable? I tried for a few days and couldn’t get through , then tried again on Monday. Got through and followed the instructions. It took 6 mins and said at the end it would be 2 days before I heard anything. It did take 2 days, I went back on Sainsbury’s site and low and behold the booking slots came up but with nothing available . It did say something to the effect they did the slots daily so I kept the page open and checked back every hour and was able to book a slot for next week as one came up. I think someone must have cancelled. I was so lucky.

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It's all ideal when the government say in their daily bulletin that shopping on line for those shielding, isolating elderly and vulnerable....and in that ideal world the supermarkets rush round with that box of essentials placed on your doorstep when you need it to get you through this wait a minute Pip, wake up to reality this is a nightmare as trying to get food in any of these categories from a supermarket on line is just that a living nightmare. I really am going to change my shopping ways and habits once this is over and support more local business who have stepped up during all of this and only go to a supermarket when I have to in the future.

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u have to try try try .. i go one after 6 days of trying - for 3 wks time tho x

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Hi allanah - not sure if you have one near where you are but have you tried Morrison’s - they are the only one I am having any luck with at the moment. Also could try Iceland perhaps?

Letters not yet sent out round here. I randomly found a Tesco slot 2 weeks ago, due tomorrow. I am sharing it with neighbours who are also isolating. It would be good if we had a way to pool resources. A 'share' table on the pavement maybe. I hope you get sorted soon.

Sadly we couldn’t trust our next door neighbours as far as we could throw them,

Sorry to hear that. 🙄

Only the very high risk are sent letters. People that have had transplants, cystic fibrosis etc... I’ve given up on delivery slots or click and collect as it’s hopeless.

Do you have local shops, farm shop or similar. I would suggest calling them as they will more than likely deliver too. They need all the support we can give them now otherwise they won’t be there much longer which would be a shame.

You could call your local council as they have lists of volunteers now that will help. Two of my friends start today and are on the end of the phone to spring into action. Hope you get something sorted out soon.

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To be honest I've given up on these letters as they appear to have no worth from what some people are saying on this forum, I've been told by my GP three weeks ago under no uncertain terms am I to go out and that was enough for me. No letter as I know of but her word and the respect I have for her is good enough for me. In the future I will be supporting local businesses and you are right there may be some volunteers in the community who could help. Hope you are keeping as well as can be Cwendyn, keep safe x

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Think it depends on the letter and level. My colleague with Crohns who is flaring and has a temperature received the one with all the warnings on it and contact numbers to call if she got worse etc.... It's made her so paranoid, she is now addicted to dettoling the doorbell, haha. I haven't received anything. Probably as my RA is well under control and very little inflammation I would imagine.

Think I've been inside now for almost 3 weeks and it's fine really. I'm generally ok with staying in for ages anyway - ironically of course, now all I want to do is go out!

I'm sure you'll find help soon - it all happened so fast and councils etc...are not really used to speed :) Although, my friend who is now on the council helpline that started today, said they are doing longer shifts to cover longer hours now, so fingers crossed, help for you is coming!

Take care Pippy! x

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You too x

.. but if you are taking a medication or infusion which puts you in the high risk it will be such a powerful one that you won’t have active inflammation which is good and which is the hope, but the med is also going to affect your immunity., so you should have a letter but I doubt it will advise you on anything you don’t already know about from links here,

Nope. No letter. Methotrexate and Benepali. Phoned and asked and was told I'm not in the very high risk group. Pleased to be fair.

Thanks done that!

Hi. I really understand your concerns. There are lots of people in your position. My sister is in a wheelchair and has had Tesco deliveries for years. She is now unable to get new slots. She has a friend who is blind and in the same situation.

I am mildly immuno-suppressant with RA and am very happy to cluck and collect but really don't want to mingle in a Supermarket.

Whilst I totally don't want to take a delivery slot from an extremely vulnerable person there seems to be no provision for those inbetween

You can actually register yourself on the list. I haven’t had the letter yet either (my dad has but as well as lots of health conditions he’s also 82) my husband saw it on the TV and I also had an email from Ocado. The web address is

Just passing on ...For those of you shopping for yourselves, my neighbour is doing my shopping & he & other friends say if you wait until the afternoon to go to the supermarket they are almost empty.

Apparently everyone is rushing to shop early thinking they will get the best choice but he has found Tesco’s, Aldi and Morrison’s are all stocking up all day.....he even got toilet rolls yesterday....I hadn’t got the heart to tell him I am such a hoarder I have a pack of 9 in my garage!

I’m not going in at any time at the moment but yes we used to always go after the crowds or very first thing before them.

As both shielding and no one local to us when hubby goes to Tesco or Sainsburys at 4pm and onwards, he says it is empty too at shops in the afternoon. He does this once a week now and gets everything we need and no issues.

We found it was less full of people at 4pm but less full of items to buy! We used to go late afternoon early evening to shop before the crisis as it was less people.

My daughter had the shielding letter stating higher risk of been hospitalised if caught covid-19 stay away from other household members etc.... then a week later another saying we hadn’t signed up for any services please do so.

Went online and after going through to the last page where it asks what group you fall into I.e. current cancer other conditions etc... there wasn’t one for us to tick so it said we couldn’t register.

There is no helpline to call and ask so at the moment can’t register? Also some online shops simply ask are you a vulnerable person or isolating no proof needed and no priority given go and check Iceland’s delivery service for instance.

I believe registration for services will give you access to council etc but if you have a partner/mother/father/live in whatever who isn’t isolating or vulnerable they expect in the first instance for them to help you, that’s our experience so far.

Tesco or Sainsbury’s?

I didn’t get the standard twelve week letter but my rheumy nurse confirmed I have to shield over a telephone appointment and said they were in the process of sending out letters to patients. Apparently they were told it was being processed centrally - they’d just have to identify patients - then it was dropped on them they would need to process the letters themselves. I received a letter from dermatology yesterday confirming I’m in the shielding category with some vague guidelines but still no letter from the rheumatology department, but then they probably have a significantly higher number of patients to contact.

Tesco told me they are still waiting for the Government to pass on the list of extremely vulnerable people. Sainsbury’s have also said on Twitter they’re waiting for the list too but are taking registrations over the phone if you live in Wales or Scotland. My boss said his wife signed up on the Government register website two weeks ago so I think it’s really bad they’re not sending details over to supermarkets more quickly!

If you have any local butchers or farm shops they might be worth approaching until all of this is sorted?

I signed up to government site few weeks ago. I got a text/email other day saying would check and get back to me. Still waiting I live alone I’ve managed to get a booking off Iceland two weeks ago and Asda for next week. But I had to sit up till midnight to get one. Sat in queue for about five minutes. Doctors told me to shield three weeks ago still yet to get it in writing. Not received any emails from supermarkets about being vulnerable list. If expect you to stay home your on your own and no offers on help what you suppose to do. If you running low.

Glad you got some delivery and hope you can get more.

Yes I did hun god knows when will get new one lol like gold dust

Keep trying. Where are you? x

I am don’t worry 😉. Me I’m in my house 🏠🤣 no I’m in Yorkshire

Yorkshire here too! Just south of Leeds, my hometown/birthplace.

I’m in York not where I was born

My mother is 90 , has RA , and is partially sighted and has mobility problems. Because she did not receive a letter we cannot get food deliveries for her. What more does she need to be classed as vulnerable ?

A lot of very vulnerable people on their own are waiting. Those who live alone and vulnerable should be prioritised I would have thought.

in reply to Canderson

That's really not good. Do you have any community groups that can help?

I have SLE, Asthma and inject Metho trexate, I haven't had a letter!! xx

I haven't received any letter as of yet . I'm on RTX infusions & MTX plus a few more .

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