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Anyone else feel a flare coming on the back of the crisis?


Oh well.

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I'm in quite a bit of pain, but I might hsve overdone it on allotment. Resting today in the hope.

Do hope things improve soon for you.

must admit you beat me to it , i have had quite a few flare up since i have been off waiting for the specialist to say yes you can go to work see here next wednesday

No and I wish you didn't. Here's hoping it all settles down quickly 🤞

Oh Yes! Thought I might be alone in this but the distress at seeing all unfold before us is quite something. I am often too empathetic and less than resilient when faced with such sadness. This is my first flare and feel wiped out. Just used the two charts published by BRS and one by BRS / consultant. Get very different results, find the flow chart a 'finer' tool. Hope your flare settles soon, we will adjust and find new patterns to see us through. Keep safe.

Yes, but I am desperately trying to ward one off, my hands are very swollen but I have been following an exercise regime online for 3 days now and although my joints hated it I felt better afterwards so I'm trying my best to stay positive in this situation and not let it get to me. I think positivity is the key :), my joints may hate me right now but I am determined it wont own me in the isolation right now.

I'm trying to ward off a flare too but without success. My next Truxima infusion is going to be delayed too and I'm beginning to worry how I will cope. The worry will bring on the flare for sure. Catch 22!

Me too - reassuring to know I’m not the only one though as the Forum seems to be full of people who are handling this crisis better than I am! I know from when I have been stuck in the house with flares before, that it has a negative effect on my mood so not sure how 12 weeks will go, plus now there is the added pressure of trying to home school two kids whilst dealing with a flare.

Hope everyone feels better soon. X

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