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Thrush on Orencia


I have RA and Lupus. I am on Plaquenil and have tried, Embrel, Humira, MTX, and Xeljanz. All make me sweat so bad I had to change clothes 3 or 4 times a day. Now I'm taking Orencia ClickJet. After a month I got oral thrush. Doc said to stop for a week gave rx for nystatin to get rid of the thrush, which is not listed as a side effect. Has anyone else had thrush while taking Orencia or any other biological?

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I've had thrush for the past 10 days or so. It cleared up with daktarin, but has come back since I finished the course.

I take daily prednisilone and Baricitinib. Amy immunosuppressant drug raises the chance of thrush, it can be a problem.

I did, twice. I used a mouth rinse for it and it cleared relatively quick.

I was on Orencia for four years, it helped a bit but now on to other Biologics.

I have tried all of the same ones you have tried and also have Lupus as part of my UDCTD diagnosis. It was a side effect for me.

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