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I draw comfort from the other leading epidemiology group in the country who believe that with all the data available; it's a fair assumption that up to 50%of the population may already have been exposed to the virus and. The only way to tell is to crack on with antibody testing; which should start in the next week.

Let's hope,

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We can certainly hope that many NHS workers have developed antibodies. It is very worrying that they are being exposed without proper precautions.

My son in law is a biomedical scientist in a coronavirus lab, they are waiting for the green light to increase testing, all prepped up and ready to go.

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That's great. Its sitting here being a bit fearful that does me in sometimes.

In the beginning, it was always emphasised that the vast majority of people would have only a mild illness. I would think this is still the case and therefore a large number may have had it without realising.

Currently we are seeing a lot in the news about some people who are suffering really badly from it, which makes it look very scary, but it's probably quite a small proportion. Similarly, initially it seemed that all the deaths were among old and highly vulnerable people with existing serious conditions. Now we are hearing about younger people and a few with no underlying health problems. I wonder if the emphasis is on these to drive home the seriousness of the situation, to stop people thinking that because they are young and healthy they don't need to keep to the rules.

I agree we need the antibody testing asap, but it will still need to be emphasised to people that they can still pass the virus on, e.g. on their hands after touching a contaminated door handle, even though they have had the disease are are not personally at risk.

If anyone would like to help with research being done at King's College, London into the symptoms and spread of the virus, a GP friend has circulated this link: .

It's an app for people to record their symptoms (or lack of symptoms) daily. It's purely for research and not for people to self-diagnose. The data will not be used for commercial purposes.

The more people take part, the more accurate the research can be. Thank you.

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