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Pre paid gas and electric.


I would like to know if there is anyone on pre paid gas and electric tariff. If you are on lock down how do you top up?

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Phone your supplier and explain the situation... they should have a way to remedy this xx

How do you normally top up? I’ve seen people topping up in my local co-op and they are still open.

Hope this is some help

Some really good tips on his page for employed/self employed etc too 👍😊

On my local support group there is an official update. You need to ring your company they have contingencies in place whether pre-payment meter or smart meter.

I'm sure gas company said they will not cut the gas off if your vulnerable, you will have to tell them if they do not already know you are, you may have to try get help from someone to do it for you if you can,I know British gas is a nightmare with stopping the top ups at paypoints makeing it hard for customers as payzone only way to top up,the gas companys are usually z nightmare you would think they would let you run up credit no chance ,try see if yiu can get someone if possible

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