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Self isolation


Hi I am taking methotrexate 25mg and adilumabab injections. Mixed messages about I should be self isolating ? Thanks

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Hi fidget , I think it's difficult but if you look on the pinned posts or NRAS website it gives a list of drugs that you would be at higher risk. Biologics are on that I believe.

I think the terms used are difficult though my perception is

Shielding is: very high risk those on biologics steroids low immunity, stay indoors for 12 weeks, and 2 metres away from family and wash hands and clean surfaces, try to use separate bathrooms and bedrooms if possible, separate towels, this is to shield yourself from anyone carrying.g the virus.

Self isolate is when you have the virus or suspect you do, you go into another room completely, try to use separate bathrooms and use separate towels

Medium risk or low risk you can be in the same room but they still suggest using separate towels bathrooms bedroome etc if possible!!

Then social distancing for those without health issues, the ones boris told to stay in and o lying go for shopping or a walk and keep 2 metres apart.

Theres a really good programme on Chanel 4 about " self isolating" although it covers all groups of distancing.

Fo look up pinned posts on here and the NRAS website.

For me avoid it by the biggest things you can don, hunker down for 12 weeks and we will get through it !

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