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Sick notes


I spoke to my rhuemo nurse on Monday,she advised that i’d be better to self isolate.anyone know what I do about sick notes for my employers,forgot to ask in Scotland.

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You don’t as you’re not sick but following medical and government advice re social distancing and self isolating. If you can work from home (I appreciate that your job type may not be suitable for this) email to let your boss know what you are doing and what advice you are acting on.

Then let them know what you can/are doing, set ‘work hours’ and ask for further advice on what they want you to do in the coming weeks.

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Hi I'm in Scotland too and you can go online and get what they call an Isolation Note. You just need to complete some personal details including your email address and within about 30 mins you will get a letter emailed to you to give to your employer. Fit for Work Cetificates (sick notes) are not being issued across the UK for any cases of self isolation or Covid 19 symptoms.

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Thanks , that is good !

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