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Blasé attitude from youngsters

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Hi everyone

I think one of the most disturbing things about this situation is the way most young people are so blasé about this Corona situation including my own children

My daughter a few weeks ago just said Oh it’s just like flu but you don’t hear about that all the time Having said that she is taking it more seriously now after hearing from her friends Mum who works as an intensive care nurse in a London hospital that there’s currently a boy of 25 in there with no previous health problems dying of multiple organ failure due to the virus !

My son on the other hand (who is a food delivery driver going to multiple households) is just not taking seriously enough at all We had a big argument yesterday because instead of washing his hands straight away he came in the kitchen and put all his dirty work jacket etc on the table that I had just disinfected ! I explained about mine and his Dads conditions and about the young lad in hospital and he said What’s that got to do with me ! I just despair 😩 It’s this sort of attitude that is making a bad situation much worse What will it take to make them realise that they are not invincible?

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Some people dont seem to realise, or care ? That it is not ust about them .... it's about us all. Noone has the right to put other people's health at risk.

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Pippy25 in reply to Mmrr

Sadly for some, including some youngsters they have the attitude it wont happen to me or feel they have this 'super' immunity/ immortality and naturally wont be affected. Not so. I got up very early to go to the shops to find many others thinking the same. Open coughing and pushing past, it was horrible and worrying being on my stick. Again while I have admiration and respect for those on the front line so to speak I do not have respect for some carers in the community who are clearly not using safe hygiene practices and are putting those they care for at risk. Shame on you. Today I saw a home carer in her uniform walking round Home Bargain in a blue plastic apron. No use saying anything to her as she was from an agency we had very bad experiences with when my parents were alive and she would only give abuse if tackled. Again someone in my road receives care on a day to day basis and lately I have found used rubber gloves rolled up and lying in the street. All I can say is while the vast majority of carers are doing their best to keep people safe, there are always the rotten apples in the barrel that give others a bad name. I feel around here my opportunities to go socialise are getting less as I've seen a change in people's behaviour over the weekend. I am already distancing bit by bit and am thinking as the week goes on will escalate this as the mood is changing where I am. I will try and get a few rides out in my car to the coast near by but will review day by day. My great niece took it upon herself to buy and pack for school a hand sanitizer, tissues and things to make sure she was not only looking after herself but making sure she was looking out for others. She is a thoughtful and sensitive young lady as is her younger sister which heartens me in respect of they are aware of the impact this has.

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Sue4983 in reply to Pippy25

I do think girls are better and more considerate in general My sons a lovely boy but he doesn’t seem to understand just how serious a threat it is especially to people like us I am actually thinking of living with my Mum for a while only because she’s not going out and the risk of having the virus brought in is much less I know it’s a drastic measure but I would feel safer The only thing is we just don’t know how long this will last and my relationship with my Mum has never been the best !

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Shalf in reply to Sue4983

Why should you move out? Set rules with your son and if he doesn't comply then tell him to move out. Its your health, your life and presumably your house!

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Sue4983 in reply to Shalf

No I don’t have to I just think my risk would be so much lower at my Mums Even though I’m hardly going out I’ve got my husband delivering to hotels in London and my son delivery food to multiple households so they could still bring it on the house Whereas at my Mums there would only be her and ages not going out anytime soon

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Pippy25 in reply to Sue4983

I think we are all going to have to make decisions we never thought we would have to make as the days go by. I think that having our liberty to go where ever and when ever is going to be difficult in the coming days and yes people are adapting and still trying to get out but it's that sense of loss of freedom to socialise, interact, connect that is slowly gaining momentum to the point where people are questioning should I go, should I see or visit....hence our liberty, freedom is gradually shifting. I hope whatever choice you make as to where you feel is best to stay, keeps you safe and well Sue and I am sure your son is a lovely chap too. Take care x

Yes that’s a very irresponsible attitude your son seems to have. Unfortunately if he gets most of his information from the social media sites most youngsters visit there’s a lot of the “it’s only flu” rubbish on there.

If you can’t get through to him (please don’t stop trying) then let’s hope his employer will!

I think it might be down to information overload, much like the stop smoking campaign. I'd not be too anxious as they might be being careful but thoughtless when it comes to reassuring you. I'd suggest asking them to wash hands just in a casual way and statistically they are very likely to get the mild illness but still need to protect you. And if that doesn't work ask for your door keys (just as a precaution mind) and answer the door so they have to sanitise.

Young people, particularly young men , have little comprehension of risk , thats why they take part in activities that could put them in danger. My own sons are the same , the two who live away promise me they are being careful but I worry so much . All we can do is keep repeating the information and hope it will sink in eventually. Best wishes, i hope you keep well 🌸🌸

The young think they are invincible and live in a selfish society so this is normal for them. I have 3 children the oldest are 27&30 and live in Canada now and a 16 year old. My house my rules hard I know but as I said to older boys when they lived at home. I have clean standards and if they can’t live with that then they work have money so they can leave . Both eventually did but the 27 year old is coming home to live and go back to uni in July I’ve told him it still applies at 27 my house my rules.

It is that shared sense of responsibility that is needed from all ages and walks of life to get us through this as best as we can. Sadly there will always people in life who don't feel this way.

I shouted at my husband at the weekend for putting his coat on the dinner table.

His reply was that I was over reacting. 🙁

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KittyJ in reply to Angjoplin

Sadly Angjoplin I’ve had “am I expected to wash my hands and wipe the door handles every time I come in the house? “ Duh!!! Yes 🤷🏻‍♀️

I know that’s why I’m seriously thinking of going to my Mums for a while It will give her company and I think I’m safer there anyway Neither of us will need to go out and we’ll get food delivered I am very aware that both my son and husband have jobs where they are very exposed and although I’m not going out I’ve still got the risk of them bringing it in I am also getting stressed with the way they are dealing with it Hard decisions !

Totally agree Sue4983

A chap where my daughter works proudly exclaimed....he doesn’t need to worry because he is 30 and this is for old people! Well I think he said it to the wrong person - he was soon left to look like the fool he is.

’Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something.’

Keep well

After this afternoon’s announcement let’s hope he finally understands his responsibility to help save his nearest and dearest and the rest of the population.

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Sue4983 in reply to Lolabridge

Yeah I think it’s finally sinking in He even said to me just now maybe you should go and stay at Nans for a while to keep you both safe

Im not sure its just young people. My hubby went to the local supermarket today and it was older ones telling the cashier that its 'nothing to be concerned about really '!!! And standing within breathing distance of others in the queue.!

Some of the online and community support organisation has been started by the young techno savvy members of the public too .

I think it really boils down to individual attitude

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