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Hi I have been on Humira for 6 months now I have had a few side effects UTI's, but it is great not to have any flares but has anyone had painful muscles I know it can cause this but I would just like to know if anyone else had this side effect, I will be asking my rhumy next week as it will be 6 month checkup X

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For me, it was Leflunomide that gave me pain in muscles. Adalimumab (Amgevita ie Humira biosimilar) did not. But I was only on it a short time as it failed to work for me.

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Hi Thank You for the reply I will see what rhumy nurse says about it when I see her next week X

I noticed that my knuckles ached but haven't noticed any muscle aches because of it. It's great not having the flares though!! That's for sure. =)

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Thank you for the reply yes it is great not to have flares let's hope it Humira keeps working for us.😄

It didn't work for me.I had both joint and muscle pain so came of it after about 10 weeks as Rheumy said it clesrly wasn't working.

Thank you for replying I am sorry to hear it did not work for you, I am just great full I do not get stiff and sore hands I does nothing for my feet and believe it or not the muscle pain has gone now the nearer I get to seeing my rhumy nurse x

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