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Going through a flare in my left shoulder, down my arm and hand.

Worse thing apart from pain is the inability to lift my arm up above shoulder,

soooooo painful unable to lie on that side to sleep.

Trying everything to deal with it but little is having an impact. :(

4 Replies

When I had a terrible flare, out of the blue, in my hand and wrist I rang 111 who got me into a GP surgery at my local hospital that day and they gave me prednisolone (steroid) tablets. They eased it. Luckily I was seeing my RA consultant within a few days and he stopped the pills and gave me an injection. This worked although it took a week or so to get the full sensitivity back in a couple of fingers. You can't believe the pain can you. I'd ring your RA clinic and ask for help. You'll get past it. xx


Good morning Happy5,

OMG I am so sorry that you are going through this pain.... I can understand and sympathise with you....

Last year I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my right shoulder, the same pain that you are describing now, I used to take zapain like they were going out of fashion just to knock me out so I could try and get some sleep, like you say it's trying to get into a comfortable position and I'm not very good sleeping on my back... Anyway month's of waiting I had an Ultrasound guided injection.... It was fantastic, my pain subsided for about six month's, then at the beginning of August this year I started with the most horrible pain in my left thumb joint and wrist with shooting pain going up my arm, went to GP, diagnosed tenosynovitis and RA flare....And along with that the horrendous pain back not only in my right shoulder, but the left too... So I really can sympathise with how you are feeling, it's horrible isn't it??

So into Sept I contacted rheumy team about the shoulder pain and could he please refer me back, I'm waiting for an appointment now.....

You are not alone love, I bought one of those v shaped pillows to try, which kind of works, and zapain, which takes the pain away a little...

If you haven't already done so, leave a message on your rheumy line....

I wish you all the very best of luck 🤞

Sorry about the long response... It's only taken me half hour 😂 haha 😂

I hope that you get some relief from your pain....


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It is hideous! Had it in both shoulders, collarbones, neck, down arm etc etc

It all subsided with oral steroid tablets which I was prescribed to tide me over till biologic drug might take over, so it is uncontrolled RA that caused it for me. Hideous pain in the back of the neck meant my pillow felt like a hard brick!

Hope you get relief soon.


I agree it's hideous and not being able to raise one's arm above the shoulder is so debilitating. Hair washing, showering, brushing hair, and getting dressed are very difficult, especially if both shoulders are affected.

When it happened to me I rang my patient helpline and got a rapid response telling me to go to the Rheumatology department for help; they even sent patient transport to get me there. Steroid injections into my shoulder joints (done by my consultant) started to work very quickly (within a few hours) and gave me relief for many weeks. I suggest you ask if you can have one.

Good luck!


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